Saturday, July 14, 2007

Back from the Beach

Chuck and Shelby on the beach

NaNa and Charlie at dinner. Charlie kept eating her shrimp!

PoPa and Charlie checking stuff out

Two wild and crazy girls!!

I don't like all this sand

Crazy Uncle Joe, Gracie and Jared

Uncle Paul, Aunt Tana, T-Dog, and baby:)

Boo and Aunt Dena hanging out

All of us hanging out at HarborTown

The Girl's Club

Addie, Ty, Shelby, Gracie, Jared, Bennie, and Charlie

We just returned from vacation in Hilton Head Island. We spent time with my family from Virginia and had such a great time. The kids loved the ocean and swimming in the pool. Charlie played his first round of golf and scored 1oo....for nine holes. He thought he was hot stuff. Out of all the great stuff we did, the best was just spending time with my family. The kids love them so and just like hanging out with them. I am grateful that we are all so close. Ric will be heading to Kentucky for a missions trip on Monday with the youth group. We extended our family while we were I'm not pregnant. We bought two tiny turtles named Sharkey and Junior(yes the kids named them). Hated to leave the sand, sun and fun but glad to be home in our beds:)

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