Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day...and the stomach bug

Today is Father's Day. I am awake now at 2:30 in the morning because the stomach bug decided to rear it's ugly head. Is this a good time for the bug to come out???...oh no...we leave in about 29 hours to head to Panama City for our youth retreat. I am supposed to be taking my kids to their grandparents after church this morning...which I will not be able to attend now:( As I heard Shelby screaming, I ran in there and saw what had just transpired and I whisked her away to her bathtub to clean her up. As I am standing there with her over the tub...I look in the bedroom and there is Ric....trying to help clean up the unfortunate evidence that the bug is here...once again. I told him he could go back to bed...but he didn't. He cleaned it up..... even though I don't know what he did with her comforter, he cleaned it up. Why do you ask? Because he is Dad.

Daddy is the one who can truly make all things better. As Shelby snuggled up to him in our bed...on top of trash bags and a towel(comfy right)...I thought about this man that my four brown eyed children love. He knows just when they need a hug, a kind word, a high five(or pounds), a sweet prayer...or really anything. He is so aware of our children and their different needs. I love him for that.

They all sport his brown eyes...two have his brown hair...Jesse definitely has the nose guard shoulders...Addie has his dark skin...and they all have compassionate hearts....just like their Daddy. They are his...and he is theirs! I pray that as much as they look like their Daddy, that they love Jesus like their Daddy...that they love others like their Daddy! That they realize that putting Jesus first in life is key. I hope they pray like their the Word like their dad...witness like their dad...and I hope they minister like their dad!

Ric Blazi is an amazing man. I have watched him over the last 8 years as he has developed into fatherhood. He went from a nervous guy holding his firstborn, to being a seasoned pro at "all things baby". He has sat beside sick babies and held their little hands as he prayed for them. He has stayed up all night just to teach a newborn how to sleep through the night. He has cried over them...laughed at them....disciplined them...prayed over them...cherished them. He loves his kids with a love that could only come from Christ. He may be stretched as thin as humanly possible...but he still makes time for them. He always reminds our kids how special they are and why he is proud of them. He will say to them "Why am I proud of you?"...their response is always...."Because I am just Charlie". I love this man that my four brown eyed kids call Daddy. What a blessing he is to me and to our family. The kids wrote him a note back at his birthday and I wanted to print them here so he would remember how much his kids love him.


I love you because you are sweet and kind. You give us ice cream and play with us a lot. You take us on bike rides. You make me feel special by loving me. I like when you wrestle with us and draw with us. You teach me about the Bible and about Samson and David and Goliath. You are special because you are just Daddy. You keep me safe. I love you!


I love you so much and you are my Daddy! I love the family what we have. Thank you for getting drinks for us and fix snacks for us. You jump on the trampoline with us and we go to church with you. I love what you do for me. I like you. I like to play with you and you can jump higher than us. I love you so much. Daddy you are going to be 34 on your birthday. I like to play on your computer. You teach me about Jesus and think about Jesus.


I just love you cause you hold me and sing me and make me laugh. I know when day when I grow up you will keep telling me about Jesus...and I love you for that too! I can't wait to play football with you one day!


Dad you are funny and you are a fun person to play with. Thanks for jumping on the trampoline with us and playing football with me. You teach me about the Bible and about Jesus and how He died on the cross. You teach me about school. Dad you are really good at preaching and teaching me about the Bible. I love you because you are just Daddy!

Why do we love him......because he is just Daddy!

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my sweet Daddy too....I love this man and he has been a constant...a rock...a whole life. He is a man of few words, but speaks volumes with his life. He is a special man and I could not have asked for a better Dad. I love you Daddy! Thank you for raising me and instilling so many wonderful things in my life. I am truly who I am today because of your guidance and love!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Show us Where You Live....Playroom

Every Friday, Kelly over at Kelly's Korner, does a show us where you live day. It has been a lot of fun and I love looking at other people's decorating ideas!!

I didn't have a playroom in our old house and it was a must have when we were looking at floor plans. This room is actually an office/guest room....but for now with four little ones it serves as our playroom. I love it! I love the cool turquoise color we painted it, the built in that our friend built for us, the red accents, the cute little checkered curtain. I love it all...and so do my kids. They have definitely gotten great use out of my "office"! This room is right off our family room...which my husband hates...he would rather them be upstairs and one day in the next few years I will move it all upstairs. For now, I love them down here where I can hear them, see them, referee them, and most of all....laugh at them. Take a peek at our playroom...and know that it is not as clean as I like...but at least I vacuumed the floor:)

Here is my son in his usual position....

These are cool letters I got from Pottery Barn well as the pulley system and the curtain. I love that store!

This is the built-in that our friend Brian made. I had seen one in the Pottery Barn but didn't want to pay thousands for it. I gave him a picture and got what I wanted. I love it and will so be ripping it off the wall if we ever have to move.

I did chalkboard paint and cork board on my cabinet doors...the kids love writing on the chalkboard!

This is Shelby's kitchen that the girls love to play with and cook us glorious much fun

This my friend's is Sharkey and Sally...our beloved turtles...we got them when they were the size of a quarter! Seriously, they have really grown. We have had them for 2 years and we love watching them swim! They are high maintenance though and boy the tank is a pain to clean....they may need to be set free really soon!!!

Picture my mom made for my oldests nursery. I painted the frame red so it would go with all the other red in the playroom!

These are bins I got from Target on sale and I love how they look....we are somewhat organized in that what it says on the bin is what goes in the bin! No playroom is complete without a box of costumes!

Looking into the room from our family room!

Thanks for stopping by...I love my home and so thankful to the Lord that He blessed us with.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tiny Truth's Thursday....the cup of juice

Addie is my oldest middle child. A child that is quiet when she needs to be, and vocal when she wants to be. A child of simplicity...but yet can be complex in some things. She is a diva when it comes to clothes...thus resulting in 90% of our battles...and usually at 7:15am when we have to leave at 7:30am! She will call you out in a second....especially if you are wearing something that she doesn't think is appropriate. She is a l over of all things grand. I love this little girl that lives with me. From her dark brown hair and eyes all the way down to her....well, what's inside. She teaches me things with very few words.

Addie is a very affectionate child and hug, squeeze, and sometimes even pinch, to show her love to anyone. She hugs on me, Ric, siblings, family, church friends, teenagers,, I am just kidding about the stranger part, but she is just a sweet little girl. We have called her Boo since she was a toddler, because she always looked like the little girl from Monsters, inc. People love Addie and I think I know why!

Addie isn't a little girl of many words. She is not my deep thinker(like Shelby) or a playground preacher (Charlie), but she is a little girl that sees needs in people. She notices when someone is sad, upset, or hurting. She wants to fix it and will try to do anything to fix the situation. She has something that I think I need a little bit more of. She has compassion, empathy, and love.

Last night we had a meeting for the youth teachers at church, and all of our kids were playing on the playground(yes, unsupervised unless you call two 8 year olds watching them supervision) and buddy it was HOT. When we called them in to go to church....they were nasty...seriously I thought I was going to have to give them one of those baby wipe baths...y'all know what I am talking about. Well Shelbs is walking down to her room and when she gets to the door of her class....she just starts to screaming and throwing in between those screams was a "I am so thirsty I am going to die....I don't want to go to my class.....I am hot". Well I "gently" took her into the stairwell to giver her a "talking to" so that she would calm down. We came back in the hall and Shelby walked in her room(still screaming...the talking to wasn't too effective) and there was Addie with a cup of juice...for Shelby. It warmed my heart to see her thinking of someone else's need. She told me she had fixed Shelby a drink(which she really isn't allowed to do at church...but I will let this one slide) and could I give it to her. I walk in the room and Shelby by this time has snot, slobber, and tears all over her face. I hand her the juice and told her Addie made it for her and guess what....she quit crying!!!

Addie didn't have to do that for her sister, but she did. She taught me last night that we need to see needs in people's lives and try to help them. Whether it is with a hug, a kind word, a prayer....or a cup of juice. I love that God put these children in my life so that I can learn from them. So that I can see things in a new light. May I have the compassion for people that my child does!

Tiny Truth's I learned from this day~

That kids get really sweaty when they play outside on the playground

That kids still cry when you drop them off at the nursery...even when they have gone to the same church since conception

That we should love people more

That I should see people's need...more than I see my own needs

That sometimes a cup of juice is all you need

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Broken Road

I was reading a girl's blog yesterday and when I did it brought forth a flood of memories and emotions. She was writing about her struggle with being single for so long....I think she was 30 when she got married. I went through the same struggle...even though I was only 25 when I met me that was old!

Growing up, only I ever wanted was to be a wife and mom. I never had huge career aspirations. I went to college to get my "MRS" degree! HaHa! I just wanted to love someone and be loved. The journey to get to my hubby was definitely a broken road. One with many exits, u-turns, and major pot holes. I had failed relationships. Relationships that left me hurt and hopeless. I began to realize that my way was definitely not the right way...I wrote about it briefly here!

I began to dive into books and God's word to find out exactly what He wanted me to do in the area of dating. I began to pray for understanding, direction, discernment, and for my future husband. Some may think it is weird to do that, since I had not even met him, but I knew God would hear my prayer and eventually draw us together in His perfect timing. Here are some of the books I read and I just learned a lot from them.

I learned something different from each of these books that I started to practice in my life. I began to search out God's word to see what it said about my desire for marriage, how I should date, how to guard my heart.....and so many more things! I focused on my relationship with God and I fell in love with Him! I grew more in those last couple of single years because Jesus was my focus...and I was just waiting on God. Don't get me wrong...those days weren't filled with just peaches and roses. I struggled, I cried, I looked at friends that were married and felt sorry for myself. I struggled to find my place in our I dove in and taught 4 year old Sunday School and spent time with single friends and family. I coached high school basketball and invested my life into those girls! All through that, I trusted that God had an awesome plan for me.

I remember reading about praying for God to guard your heart and to keep it....only for your husband. I remember beginning to pray that prayer on a consistent basis. I went out on dates, met nice guys...but I knew quickly when I went out with someone if they were the one or not. How did I know that. Because I had literally spent so much time in prayer over my dating life and my heart. I could go out with someone once or twice and know they were not the one. Not that they were bad guys...just not the one for me.

Ric and I were set up on a blind date by my brother in law and Ric's best friend. Ric happened to be here working at our church for Christmas break while I was still in Virginia. We, meaning Ric and I, were told of our impending set up right after Christmas...but he wasn't coming back to Virgina until the middle of January. I remember writing in my journal about Ric and praying for him before I even met him...spoke to him...anything. I just prayed that God would prepare my heart to meet him.....I knew he was cute...ok "hot lovin" (those were my exact words when I saw his picture the first time) I wanted to pray REALLY hard that it worked out:) Seriously though, God had impressed that on me to be in prayer for Ric specifically!

The night I met my husband, Ric, I went home and told my mom that he was the one. I wrote in my journal that night..."God, you have finally opened my heart". I had prayed for God to hold it for so long...that when he opened it...I just knew. We talked about getting married on our third date...crazy right(and yes I was driving and almost ran off the road)! We got engaged within five weeks and were married about five months later. God had brought the perfect man to me in His perfect timing. I found a love that could not even compare to anything I had experienced before. It is so cool when you do things God's way and He knocks your socks off!

I went through a lot of heartache and tears to get to where I am today...but thankful for every step...God truly did bless my broken road....that lead me straight to my husband!

Proverbs 4:23 Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Well, it's Friday and Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is hosting "Show us where You live"....bathroom style. I must say that my bathrooms are the last thing I get into decorating...although I have finally started the downstairs bathroom. We have four full bathrooms so needless to's a whole lota bathroom to decorate. I don't have pictures of the master on here....#1 because it is not all...and #2 I would seriously embarass myself because as of right now it is a big mess. So I will leave that one out!!
Here is my downstairs bathroom...the one off the living room and play room. It was supposed to be a nice neutral tan color...but when they painted, they painted the bathroom the same color as my playroom. Aqua...great color for playroom...bathroom...not so much. I left it though and am actually pleased at how it has all come together. I still want to frame my mirror out with some white steps:) I got my towels at TJ Maxx for super cheap...the lamp from Dollar General for a penny...yes you heard me right...a penny. I had my husband print out the "B" for our last name to frame because we have a hole behind that picture..and no we aren't hiding our money in said hole. We just had some plumbing issues. I like this bathroom and it still makes me smile:)

The girl's bathroom is cute but still needs a lot of work. They funniest thing about their bathroom is this's a resin Boyd's bear. When Shelby was a baby that bear was in her room. When we moved her to her big girl bed at 15 months old, I would find that bear out in the hall, outside her door, on the name it...anywhere but in her room. When I asked her about the bear she would "shiver" and say "es mean bear...rrrrr...he scare me Mommy! So the bear was banished from Shelbs room and now sits on her sink! They have butterfly towels from Pottery Barn Kids...well, everything else is just a Walmart special. Addie picked the color purple for's a Jill and Jill bathroom and I love it...except when Shelby makes a mess in there!

Mr. B's bathroom...aka an underwater type thing. He has lots of sea animals and whales...all kinds of neat stuff that makes me sad because he is growing up. He wants a bulldawg bathroom. I told him we would have to take down the vinyl sea creatures..he simply stated Oh no Mommy...leave those up, I like them, they aren't babyish! It was is his nautical bathroom and he is still hoping for a bulldawg nation..... up in here...up in here! Right now he will just have to keep swimming with the jellies!!!

Thanks for checking out my bathroom's...head on over to read about all of her adventures!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tiny Truth's Thursday

Well, I have decided that every Thursday I am going to blog about some truth or bit of wisdom that I have gotten from one of my children. I know that I usually do that about every time that I blog, but I wanted to set one day aside for these tidbits of wisdom. Yes, kids say the wisest that a word???...and I have learned more from my sweet young 'uns than I can begin to write about. It is not always serious.....but sometimes it is!

I am excited about this venture into a special day and hope that down the road I will have other bloggers writing about the truth's that they have learned from their kids! I believe God uses our kids...big and show us things that we would normally not see. To give us understanding, insight, knowledge....and well, just a fresh perspective on life in general.

Tonight as my kiddo's were hitting the hay, my hubby hollered down for me that Charlie wanted to talk to me. Charlie is 7 going on 3...seriously people he is so afraid of the name it. He is utterly scared every night at bedtime....but yet will still watch Monsters, INC. and howl with laughter! I thought he was wanting me because he was scared. I went in his room and laid on the bed next to him and he grinned his missing teeth grin and said "Mom, tell me your part about how you and dad met". You see last night Ric told Charlie our love story....he is starting to "like" little girls so Ric had a talk with him. Is he going to kill me when he reads this later in life??? Oh well! So I told him my side of our love story.

I started off with the fact that before I had met Daddy I had other boyfriends, but that one had hurt me pretty bad and after that I decided to date God's way and not the world's way. He looked at me very serious and said..."why did that guy hurt you mom? That is not nice at all!" I think he thought that this guy had like hurt me he had given me a black eye..gave me an Indian burn and put me in the figure four. I had to explain the "hurt" part. It made me smile and say"no, it wasn't nice but God used that time to show Mommy that I need to guard my heart and keep it for my husband"! He then told me he didn't like that guy that hurt me.

Charlie sat and listened to me for a few more minutes and then he said...."Daddy told me he asked Popa(my dad)if he could take you on a date before he ever took you...did he do that?" I told him yes and asked him if he knew why Daddy did that. His eyes got all big and he said very matter of factly "Uh...cause it's just the right thing to do Mom. You have to get permission from the dad!!"

We talk a few more minutes and I fill him in on our romantic proposal...the wedding...all these great details. He is literally hanging on every word people...down to the lilac color of the flowers. I finally finished and looked at him and asked very sweetly...."why do you want to know about this Charlie?" His response...."Cause I like Sally(yes, I changed her name for anonymity cause if her Momma read this she would die:)!!! There you have it my friends. I pour out my heart about meeting my soul mate....just 'cause he likes a girl and wants to make sure Mom's ok with it!

Truths he taught me....

- people that hurt us are "bad"

- that it is always best to go to the Dad when you want to date their daughter(I might need to call my friend and warn her and her husband that Charlie is going to talk to them...haha..not for like 30 more years though!

- that details are important...even the shade of lilac in your bouquet

- that boys will always be boys....and I love them:)

- that I am so not ready for my little boy to grow up

Lots of tiny truths on this Thursday!!

Heart breaker you get the best of me!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Path

I went to take pictures of my kids up at the train tracks in town last week and just love the results. I borrowed my good friend Tonya's awesome Nikon D50 camera....and got majorly spoiled by it. I am so having a yard sale this week in the hopes of selling enough "junk" to be able to get one of these babies!

I have been wanting to do these pictures ever since Jesse was born, but I wanted to wait until he was walking. How ironic that he is sitting in the majority of them! The kids were awesome and in the 85 degree heat wore their jeans like champs....although they did start sweating towards the end. As I took these photos, I thought about what a blessing each of their lives have been and how God has done a major work in each of their lives. It seems that each child has overcome a physical ailment...only by God's healing power.

Charlie was hospitalized at the ripe young age of 30 days for running a fever. He was poked and prodded...spinal taps, iv antibiotics, and blood tests galore...he had so many holes in his tiny little body. His fever had raged to over 101 degrees and for a newborn that was too high. He laid in that big 'ole crib with wires and tubes hooked up to him...and there was nothing I could do but love him and pray for him. He stayed in the hospital for about 5 days as they tried to figure it all out...only to find nothing...and the fever subsided.

Addie was hospitalized twice before she was a month old. The first time was because of seizures that she was having...I wrote about that time here. The second time...a week later....was because of the same thing that Charlie had..a high fever. I think she may have caught something while we were in the hospital the week before, but I will never know. Same song...second verse. She too had more needles poked in her than I did the whole time I was pregnant. She stayed another 4 or 5 days and then was released....without them finding anything wrong with her.

Shelby Jean was born and guess what...I didn't take her anywhere for the first 31 days because I was determined that she wasn't going to end up in Scottish Rite with a fever:)! She was so healthy and strong and rarely in the doctor's office. Right before her second birthday she started having these dizzy episodes where she could hardly walk. It was so scary that it made her cry because she couldn't control her own body. She had about 3 or 4 of them before I took her to the ER. I had spoken with her pediatrician when she did it the first time and he told me to just watch her. Well, I did, I thought I was nuts....and then a friend saw her do it followed by Ric seeing it happen. The day of her 2nd birthday she went to the ER and had several tests run and then we followed up with the Neurologist. He decided to do an MRI to check her brain as closely as they could. I was convinced she had a brain tumor....from the first time I had seen her do it. You know how us moms can think the worst...but that was what I thought. It was just so strange. We spent the next month praying for Shelby and in December when they did her MRI, they found nothing!

Jesse was born and boy was he struggling. His respiratory rates were off the charts and he had to spend some time in the NICU to monitor them. His respiratory rates were in the 140's...and normally should be between like 30 and 60. His little chest was just pumping so fast. Over the next days his rates went down to the 80's and the doctors felt he was in a controlled state....and they never found anything wrong with him.

I told you all of those things because I finally get it. As I was looking at my sweet kids on those train tracks...I realized that God has continued to show up in not only my life, but the lives of my children. You see, too many times when things like this have happened...I chalk things up to medicine, the doctors, or me just being a hypochondriac and that there was never really anything wrong with them. After Shelby had her MRI and the scan came back clear, I said "whew, there really wasn't anything wrong with her." My aunt said "well praise the Lord, God chose to heal that sweet little girl". My heart broke because I failed to see the miracle in it all...and when I say all...I mean all of the above. I believe now that Shelby had a brain tumor...and God chose to heal her. I believe now that Charlie and Addie's fever were healed by God and God alone and not antibiotics. I believe God healed my little Addie from a seizure disorder. I believe God healed Jesse's lungs so that he could breathe normally. I believe that my God is still in the business of Miracles...if I would just open my eyes to see them.

As they walked down those tracks, I thought about the path that they would be taking in the days ahead. A path that I pray is filled with the blessings of God! A path that is filled with conviction and standards. A path that is filled with His love. A path that is straight and steady. A path that leads others to Christ. A path that His healing power continues to be present.

May they never have the blinders on their eyes that I have. May they see HIM in all things...because Great is HE! May they chalk ALL things up to His greatness!

Take a look at these pictures of my kids on the tracks....or path...and remember that HE is the one who directs our paths if we acknowledge HIM!

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Decade

I can't believe it has been 10 years. No I haven't been married ten years....I haven't even know Ric that long! This month marks Ric's tenth year at Pray's Mill Baptist Church.

Ric and I were talking the other day and he told me that it was his 10 year anniversary at our church. I of course said "shut up...has it seriously been that long". We started talking about how long it had been and all that we have seen take place over the last DECADE. Decade people...that is a long time to be at a church!

When we first got married, we thought we would be at Pray's Mill for maybe 4 years. We figured we would be here for a while and then either move back to Lynchburg, or to Warner Robins to be close to family. We never thought we would last to see kids that were in 2nd grade when we came...graduate. That so makes me feel old!! It was never that we didn't want to stay's just most people in the ministry jump around...a lot! We knew that we may be doing the same thing. This was his first full time church and we just didn't know what to expect.

Well, I sit here ten years later(10 for him and 9 for me) and I am so grateful God kept us here. We have seen kids grow up right before our eyes! We have seen them mature in their walks with Christ, we have seen kids saved, surrender to the ministry, start FCA clubs, the list could go on! We would keep setting a goal...."we just want to see this group of kids graduate", or "if we could just make it until....". I remember when he said he wanted to see one group graduate that had been with us throughout middle and high school....ones that had been with us for 7 years. I thought he was crazy...we would never be here that long. It was an unbelievable blessing to be able to see that take place. Most youth pastors are only at a church for about 2 years...and we had been blessed to see a class start with us and finish with us.

God has shown me that first and foremost, it is nothing that Ric or I have done to be here that long. We aren't special by any measure. God has just chosen to keep us in one spot...for such a time as this! Why you ask? I don't know...but what I do that because God has chosen to keep us here, we have developed relationships and bonds with these teens, their families, our church body....that makes this feel like home. Like we are family! I am ever so thankful to be part of this crazy life called ministry. In a world that is so filled with darkness....I am thankful that I am in this journey beside a man who is trying to be a light!

Happy 10 Years Ric...and folks if you think youth ministry is easy...take a gander below and see what it will do to a grown man!!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me Monday!!!

So in this crazy adventure of blogging, I found this amazing woman's blog. MckMamma has the third cutest little boy ever(first two are of course my own), Stellan, that I have been praying for since before he was born. He has been through a lot in his short seven months so head over to her blog and check out why I love reading her blog so much. On Monday's she does "Not Me Monday". I love reading it and so today I decided I would join in on the fun...because I had a lot of "not me's" today!!!

I love to be outside in the summer and love to take the kids anywhere that water is involved. Seriously, they don't think it's "summer" unless you are in a pool 24/7 or at the beach. Oh, the spoiled life they live!! I am vigilant about sunscreen...well, at least on my kiddo' I don't know who in the world drove 1.4 miles to the water park this afternoon with her four kiddo's to play and....gasp....forgot the sunscreen. And instead of turning around and driving 1.4 miles home, she let them get out and play for about an hour....nope, NOT ME!!! And I so did not take 123 pictures while I was there...not me, again!!

I know that wasn't me who let her baby drink a caprisun while at said water park...where was his mother????

There is no way I took pictures of my little man while he was eating lunch...just 'cause he looked so cute...nope, not me!

There is no way I let my girls, Addie and Shelby, dump out a bucket of 1000 pieces....all over my floor...with my 14 month old crawling around in it....did I mention the small pieces....nope, not me. They had the best time making necklaces, rings, bracelets, and Jesse....well he just kept picking them up and thank the Lord, putting them down. None were eaten that I know of...nah...that wasn't me!

There is no way I let my 14 month old sleep until 8:47 this morning. I am a super scheduler....I would never break his routine...even for an extra hour and 47 minutes of quiet...nope, not me!

I most certainly did not get moved to tears last night over a song we sang at the point of having to go the altar to thank God for being Jehovah-Shammah (God is present)! Wait....yep, that was me and I will fess up to God's moving in my life on Monday and any other day of the week and thankful that He still does. I am so grateful that He knows my name!! This was the song we sang and I just loved the words so much I wanted to put them on here!

I have a maker
He formed my heart
Before even time began
My life was in his hand
He knows my name
He knows my every thought
He sees each tear that falls
And hears me when I call

I have a Father
He calls me his own
He'll never leave me
No matter where I go

He knows my name
He knows my every thought
He sees each tear that falls
And hears me when I call

Go to to read more about MckMamma and her sweet family!