Friday, June 19, 2009

Show us Where You Live....Playroom

Every Friday, Kelly over at Kelly's Korner, does a show us where you live day. It has been a lot of fun and I love looking at other people's decorating ideas!!

I didn't have a playroom in our old house and it was a must have when we were looking at floor plans. This room is actually an office/guest room....but for now with four little ones it serves as our playroom. I love it! I love the cool turquoise color we painted it, the built in that our friend built for us, the red accents, the cute little checkered curtain. I love it all...and so do my kids. They have definitely gotten great use out of my "office"! This room is right off our family room...which my husband hates...he would rather them be upstairs and one day in the next few years I will move it all upstairs. For now, I love them down here where I can hear them, see them, referee them, and most of all....laugh at them. Take a peek at our playroom...and know that it is not as clean as I like...but at least I vacuumed the floor:)

Here is my son in his usual position....

These are cool letters I got from Pottery Barn well as the pulley system and the curtain. I love that store!

This is the built-in that our friend Brian made. I had seen one in the Pottery Barn but didn't want to pay thousands for it. I gave him a picture and got what I wanted. I love it and will so be ripping it off the wall if we ever have to move.

I did chalkboard paint and cork board on my cabinet doors...the kids love writing on the chalkboard!

This is Shelby's kitchen that the girls love to play with and cook us glorious much fun

This my friend's is Sharkey and Sally...our beloved turtles...we got them when they were the size of a quarter! Seriously, they have really grown. We have had them for 2 years and we love watching them swim! They are high maintenance though and boy the tank is a pain to clean....they may need to be set free really soon!!!

Picture my mom made for my oldests nursery. I painted the frame red so it would go with all the other red in the playroom!

These are bins I got from Target on sale and I love how they look....we are somewhat organized in that what it says on the bin is what goes in the bin! No playroom is complete without a box of costumes!

Looking into the room from our family room!

Thanks for stopping by...I love my home and so thankful to the Lord that He blessed us with.


Jodee Leader said...

I love your Pottery Barn letters and art holder!

Sailor and Co said...

I too steal ideas from Pottery and as for your sons "usual" son Dorian did that for a while..he would cry when he had to stop playing...SO we kicked the video games and the t.v. right out of our house :)
my bedroom is teal :) with orange accents :) I LOVE COLORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tara G. said...

It's fantastic! My landlady rescues turtles. She has over 100- they're in habitats all over her backyard. My kids love it, of course, and there are even three named after my children.

Julie P said...

Hi Genie! I just wanted to wish you a terrific birthday and to let you know that the time and work that you and Ric put into our community is very appreciated and priceless. God Bless and Happy Birthday! Love Julie Pounds

J.Messer said...

You and Ric are very special people. Ya'll have touched so many lives for our Lord. Have a great Birthday.
Jim and the Messer clan.

danielea said...

what an awesome family you have. Christy and I were very blessed by ya'll and we miss you very much.