Friday, June 12, 2009

Well, it's Friday and Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is hosting "Show us where You live"....bathroom style. I must say that my bathrooms are the last thing I get into decorating...although I have finally started the downstairs bathroom. We have four full bathrooms so needless to's a whole lota bathroom to decorate. I don't have pictures of the master on here....#1 because it is not all...and #2 I would seriously embarass myself because as of right now it is a big mess. So I will leave that one out!!
Here is my downstairs bathroom...the one off the living room and play room. It was supposed to be a nice neutral tan color...but when they painted, they painted the bathroom the same color as my playroom. Aqua...great color for playroom...bathroom...not so much. I left it though and am actually pleased at how it has all come together. I still want to frame my mirror out with some white steps:) I got my towels at TJ Maxx for super cheap...the lamp from Dollar General for a penny...yes you heard me right...a penny. I had my husband print out the "B" for our last name to frame because we have a hole behind that picture..and no we aren't hiding our money in said hole. We just had some plumbing issues. I like this bathroom and it still makes me smile:)

The girl's bathroom is cute but still needs a lot of work. They funniest thing about their bathroom is this's a resin Boyd's bear. When Shelby was a baby that bear was in her room. When we moved her to her big girl bed at 15 months old, I would find that bear out in the hall, outside her door, on the name it...anywhere but in her room. When I asked her about the bear she would "shiver" and say "es mean bear...rrrrr...he scare me Mommy! So the bear was banished from Shelbs room and now sits on her sink! They have butterfly towels from Pottery Barn Kids...well, everything else is just a Walmart special. Addie picked the color purple for's a Jill and Jill bathroom and I love it...except when Shelby makes a mess in there!

Mr. B's bathroom...aka an underwater type thing. He has lots of sea animals and whales...all kinds of neat stuff that makes me sad because he is growing up. He wants a bulldawg bathroom. I told him we would have to take down the vinyl sea creatures..he simply stated Oh no Mommy...leave those up, I like them, they aren't babyish! It was is his nautical bathroom and he is still hoping for a bulldawg nation..... up in here...up in here! Right now he will just have to keep swimming with the jellies!!!

Thanks for checking out my bathroom's...head on over to read about all of her adventures!

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