Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day...and the stomach bug

Today is Father's Day. I am awake now at 2:30 in the morning because the stomach bug decided to rear it's ugly head. Is this a good time for the bug to come out???...oh no...we leave in about 29 hours to head to Panama City for our youth retreat. I am supposed to be taking my kids to their grandparents after church this morning...which I will not be able to attend now:( As I heard Shelby screaming, I ran in there and saw what had just transpired and I whisked her away to her bathtub to clean her up. As I am standing there with her over the tub...I look in the bedroom and there is Ric....trying to help clean up the unfortunate evidence that the bug is here...once again. I told him he could go back to bed...but he didn't. He cleaned it up..... even though I don't know what he did with her comforter, he cleaned it up. Why do you ask? Because he is Dad.

Daddy is the one who can truly make all things better. As Shelby snuggled up to him in our bed...on top of trash bags and a towel(comfy right)...I thought about this man that my four brown eyed children love. He knows just when they need a hug, a kind word, a high five(or pounds), a sweet prayer...or really anything. He is so aware of our children and their different needs. I love him for that.

They all sport his brown eyes...two have his brown hair...Jesse definitely has the nose guard shoulders...Addie has his dark skin...and they all have compassionate hearts....just like their Daddy. They are his...and he is theirs! I pray that as much as they look like their Daddy, that they love Jesus like their Daddy...that they love others like their Daddy! That they realize that putting Jesus first in life is key. I hope they pray like their the Word like their dad...witness like their dad...and I hope they minister like their dad!

Ric Blazi is an amazing man. I have watched him over the last 8 years as he has developed into fatherhood. He went from a nervous guy holding his firstborn, to being a seasoned pro at "all things baby". He has sat beside sick babies and held their little hands as he prayed for them. He has stayed up all night just to teach a newborn how to sleep through the night. He has cried over them...laughed at them....disciplined them...prayed over them...cherished them. He loves his kids with a love that could only come from Christ. He may be stretched as thin as humanly possible...but he still makes time for them. He always reminds our kids how special they are and why he is proud of them. He will say to them "Why am I proud of you?"...their response is always...."Because I am just Charlie". I love this man that my four brown eyed kids call Daddy. What a blessing he is to me and to our family. The kids wrote him a note back at his birthday and I wanted to print them here so he would remember how much his kids love him.


I love you because you are sweet and kind. You give us ice cream and play with us a lot. You take us on bike rides. You make me feel special by loving me. I like when you wrestle with us and draw with us. You teach me about the Bible and about Samson and David and Goliath. You are special because you are just Daddy. You keep me safe. I love you!


I love you so much and you are my Daddy! I love the family what we have. Thank you for getting drinks for us and fix snacks for us. You jump on the trampoline with us and we go to church with you. I love what you do for me. I like you. I like to play with you and you can jump higher than us. I love you so much. Daddy you are going to be 34 on your birthday. I like to play on your computer. You teach me about Jesus and think about Jesus.


I just love you cause you hold me and sing me and make me laugh. I know when day when I grow up you will keep telling me about Jesus...and I love you for that too! I can't wait to play football with you one day!


Dad you are funny and you are a fun person to play with. Thanks for jumping on the trampoline with us and playing football with me. You teach me about the Bible and about Jesus and how He died on the cross. You teach me about school. Dad you are really good at preaching and teaching me about the Bible. I love you because you are just Daddy!

Why do we love him......because he is just Daddy!

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my sweet Daddy too....I love this man and he has been a constant...a rock...a whole life. He is a man of few words, but speaks volumes with his life. He is a special man and I could not have asked for a better Dad. I love you Daddy! Thank you for raising me and instilling so many wonderful things in my life. I am truly who I am today because of your guidance and love!

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What a special family and daddy you have :)