Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday ramblings...

I'm gonna ramble today, yep I am. I am in a contest at church (Biggest Loser) to see who can lose the most I have been tracking every calorie I eat and exercising. I do Zumba with my friends on Monday night...we can't dance...ok one of us can, but the others are funny(including me). Our daughters score us...and they are honest. I am doing the Shred and Bob Harper's kettlebell workout the rest of the week...I could barely walk last joke. I am craving junk...bad. I hope to see big results...well, I really just wanna get in shape if we're keepin' it real!

The kids are as busy as ever...playing ball...going to school...dumping tubs of toys out in the living room know usual business. I have loved coaching basketball this year...a friend asked me last Saturday if I was going to have a class on how to jump around and act crazy while coaching...I must be funny to watch. Jesse is getting better with his potty training(not that anyone but me cares...ok, maybe his Sunday School teachers do too). Ric is preparing for Ecuador. He leaves in April for 8 days...he went and got his passport done so it's official now! He is stoked...I am already thinking about 8 days by myself...should be interesting:), but I am so excited to see what God is going to do in this next step of our lives.

I have some photo shoots coming up...winter is slow. I am doing a couple of babies and I already have several shoots that are lined up for spring so I am anxious for stuff to start blooming around here. I love crazy love it, so I am trying to learn all I can. I need a bounce case you cared. 

I miss my family in Virginia. I have felt so alone lately...wish I had my family to call on when I needed them. Wish I could go get coffee with my sister and mom...taco's with my brother...just hang with my dad. I miss my niece's and nephews and seeing them grow up. Sometimes I just want them here so they are a part of my day to day life. I have been gone 10 years now...and I miss them.

We are supposed to go skiing next month...still working on child care so I can go. We wanted to take kids like we did last year, but since Shelby had the flu and missed a bunch of school that option is out. Hope things will work out with that one. I love to ski...not good...but I love doing it.

Got church tonight...I love worshipping with our teenagers. We have been singing some good songs...Ric has been bringing it from the pulpit...I just love these kids. My little ones get to wear pj's tonight to Awana...I wonder if it would be inappropriate for me to wear mine...even though I don't do Awana! We have been taking my friend/neighbor's kids with us and they are too cute.

My phone got replaced. I dropped it down the steps...Apple gave me a new one. I could have hugged that dude behind the genius bar...but then when I asked if I could keep me old one for the kids to play on he looked at me like I was a little nuts...truth be told. I want an iPad too...but still need a new car. Guess the car may win out this time...we'll see!

That's about all I got going on in my noggin right now. Thanks for bearing with the ramblings of Genie...on a Wednesday...while it's cold and rainy.

Monday, January 24, 2011

In order...

You ever wonder why the letters on a keyboard aren't in alphabetical order? I hadn't, until several nights ago(more on that in a minute) I did some research to find out why the letters are the way they are.

In 1868, Christopher Latham Sholes patented the typewriter that we commonly use today. He first had the letters in order, but when one typed fast the letters would get jammed...because the most used letters were beside each other. So Sholes, based on research by Amos Densmore, rearranged the typewriter keys out of order so that the most used letters were farther away from each other. This slowed typing speed and helped to prevent jams. Sholes patented the QWERTY keyboard in 1878...thus the modern day keyboard. Now you want to know why I did all this research?? Just read below!

That night I had a come to Jesus meeting with my daughters over the condition of their bedroom and bathroom.  There was a trail of dirty clothes from the floor in their room into the bathroom where their hamper lives.  I was frustrated with them for the mess, and they knew it.  We made a dent in the disaster zone...I went to tuck Jesse in, and then I headed back down to the girls room to give them hugs and kisses. 

Addie was reading and Shelby was playing on her play laptop that she got for Christmas.  I bent down to hug her first...I said "I love you ...even if you are Miss Piggy and have the messiest room in the tri-state area"...she giggled and then I saw something in her hands.  I asked her what it was...and she said " I just like them in order".  I looked at her hands...the laptop...and figured out that she had keys from the keyboard. I quickly told her that she can't take the keys off the computer...that she will break it.  She looked at me all confused...she said "Mom, all the letters are out of Alphabetical order and I don't like that.  I'm just fixing them."  I looked at the keyboard, and sure enough across the top of the keys instead of QWER was ABCD!  I was dying laughing...I mean dying!  Shelbs looked at me and said..."I don't like them out of bothers me!".  I just shook my head and told her that's the way it's always been and if she hits that new A it is still gonna be Q...and that she needed to go to I walked out of the room just a laughing!

Shelby took something that in her eyes she viewed as messed up...and she tried to fix it.  She was going to pull off everyone of those keys and put them in order!  I thought about Shelby and her venture to reinvent the keyboard...and how so many times in my life we try to fix things to be the way that we think they should be.  We try to finagle circumstances so that in the end I get what we want...we think we know best...we think we can control things.  Every time I do that....guess what?  I bomb.  My plans fail...things don't go as planned and I pout...I  get down....and I come up with a new plan.  Just like Shelby and her keys...we like to move things around to be just perfect...but guess what?  IT NEVER WORKS...or at least not for me.  Oh, it may for a short time...but in the end, someone elses plan always wins out(kinda like that A that can't be a Q)!

God has a plan for our lives friends...yes, He does.  It's a good plan...a trustworthy plan...and way better than any plan that I can concoct.  The bible tells us in Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope".  WOW!  God has plans for us...He really does.  He tells us that they are plans for welfare or good...which doesn't mean that we won't face trials or troubles, but those trials will produce good in our lives.  The things that come our way aren't for evil....and they are too give us hope.  Hope...the bible also says in Romans  5:5, "Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us".  Praise the Lord!  I am so glad I serve a God that not only has a plan for my's the best plan and it's for my good!  Praise Him that He promises me that His plan is to give me a hope...and then He assures me again in His scripture...that that hope will never disappoint! 


Trust His plan today...quit moving your keys around to get the outcome you want.  His plan is far better than one we could ever think up.  If you are a child of the King, I encourage you to trust Him with your life wholly.  Every square inch of it.  If you don't know Jesus, I encourage you to give your life to Him...He has an awesome plan for your life....I promise, but better yet, He promises!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Keepin’ it real…

I want you to weigh in…no not on a scale (thank the Lord)…but on your opinion of the usage of Facebook/Twitter/Blogging in today's society. How is it used for good…how is it used for bad? Which side do you side with more? I have been thinking about this for several weeks and as I took my bath tonight, after a long day's work, I thought about keepin' it real. I sure enough don't tell my facebook friends that I stayed in my pj's all day and just now got time to take a shower…that no one really like the dinner I cooked tonight…and that my house looks like a F4 just came through.

Over Christmas, my mother and I got in a discussion about Facebook and just Social Networking in general. Keep in mind that my Mom doesn't have facebook, doesn't have a clue what a tweet is…this precious lady doesn't even text…so we will just say that she really isn't in the "scene" of social networking. I love that about her…but I did disagree with her that day. She said Facebook was only used for bad, that everyone lives out some fabulous life on there…and really, "who cares that so and so is going on their lunch break and then getting a mani/pedi after work". I argued the point of reconnecting with family and friends…sharing prayer requests…promoting your company…connecting with our teenagers. I have seen the hurt that facebook can cause too…friends that are hurt through someone's words…statements that are made…the stupidity that some people show by living their lives out on FB for everyone to see…it's quite interesting. People try to call a brother or sister out and completely surpass Matthew 18…and that drives me bonkers!!

It's not just Facebook my friends. There are some blogs that I read that I wonder how that mom has the time to take pictures of the food she prepares at night…all the while her perfectly dressed kids play at the kitchen table and home school at the same time…and I can't even get a shower people!! I do wonder how they keep it together…how their kid's socks match every day…how their hair and makeup are always done (one of the reasons I am rarely in the pictures on my blog)…and why can't I be more like them? Some writers "keep it real", don't get me wrong…and I love those honest sincere posts…but it's such a fine line. Who wants to come across whiney…complaining about life…frustrated? I think there is a way to be real without crossing the line of divulging too much info. Where do we draw the line with over sharing? I can remember writing posts (especially during my study through Radical) that I felt vulnerable…weak…struggling…but that to me was what I believe God wanted me to share. I think there is the right kind of vulnerability…not when we are keepin' it real by saying that we think "so and so is a no good loser", but when we are vulnerable and bear our souls…our hearts…struggles…when we are relatable.

I'm gonna give you my positives now, since I feel like I have been more negative. I have reconnected with old friends that now feel like some of my closest friends. In college I knew a girl named Jen that we were brief acquaintances and seriously now she seems like a kindred spirit. I have read blogs that have encouraged my faith…stretched me beyond belief….given me hope on some pretty dreary days. There is a network of prayer that I can't even explain. I pray for people that I don't know…have never met face to face…but I am burdened for them and pray them because of a blog or tweet. I will come across someone's scripture post and it's just what I needed at that moment. I have made friends…I have poured out my heart…I have learned…and I'm grateful for it.

I pray that I don't come across as having it all together…but I might. I pray that others don't think I don't struggle…cause I do. I pray that I am vulnerable…real to the people that come across my status updates or blog posts. So here is where I want you to weigh in…so suck it in and take your shoes off…what is your opinion on social networking…is it positive…negative…both? What would you like to hear/see more of…less? What is your opinion of "keepin' it real"? I'm just wanting opinions…just trying to work through some thoughts going through my head.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Snow days...

Last week was the big snow/ice storm of '11!  We were snowed in for 4 days and it was pretty sweet.  There have been crackeling fires, hot chocolate, snowball fights, homemade soup with friends, movies watched, and lots of sledding. It has been a fun week with Ric home and the kids all here....almost like another Christmas break...without the presents!

We have the honor  ,misfortune on most cases, of living next to a huge chert pit...which is basically a big red mud hole where they dig for dirt.  I hate that it is there on most days...last week is not included in those days.  We took anything we thought was somewhat capable of sliding down a hill and headed over the ridge with two families that live near us.  We had boogey boards, storage bin lids, inner tubes, and a sandbox top(which didn't work so good).  The kids LOVED sledding down the frozen hills...over and over again.  They honestly didn't tire of it, except for Jesse who fell the whole time because he was too light to crack through the frozen snow when he walked...and Addie who had a near fatal crash with her bestie Sydney!!  After the crash, Boo was done!

We had been out there for a good hour or so when she crashed, when the boys found a new hill to go down.  It was AWESOME!  It was tall...steep...and even had two jumps in it.  I had the honor of taking the trial run(thanks Trav)...and boy, it was sweet.  Ric was up top with the kids and he was trying to get Addie to slide down the hill...she was still traumatized by the last spill and didn't want anything to do with it!  Ric was assuring her she would be fine, but by the death grip she had on his arm, she was thinking otherwise.  So what does any good Dad do?  He lets her death grip stay in place...he lays on his stomach...and he slides down that massive hill right next to her, reassuring her all the way.  Her face went from fear to sheer excitment faster than you can say bodysurfingdownasnowbank....and she loved it! And I loved her daddy even more for it!

It reminded me, that my job as a parent, is to love...nurture...hold their hand when fear rears it's ugly slide down ice covered hills on our stomach's.  I love being a mom...watching my husband be a dad, and being a parent is always a fresh reminder of the Father's love for me.  His love reached way farther than a snow covered stretched to a mountain called Calvary...oh, what a Savior!  So as I reflect on this past week and the snow/ice storm we had...I will remember lots of things.  I will remember the fires we sat by and played Sorry, the hot choclate that was consumed, the good times we had with friends and neighbors, the good food that we ate....and Ric and Addie going down the hill together...death grip and all!  I will also choose to think about Jesus...and how good He is to undeserving sinner!

Bearing shame and scoffing rude,
in my place condemned he stood;
sealed my pardon with his blood.
Hallelujah! What a Savior!

*and no, I am a terrible mom and so didn't take any pictures of my kids sledding...the terrain was just too dangerous to carry my precious T1i over the ridge...just sayin'!

Friday, January 7, 2011

For the love of the game...

This is a re post from last year...but with us starting basketball season tomorrow I wanted to post it again...for the love of the game:

It has been a busy couple of months in the Blazi house. We have ended soccer and basketball is now starting. The three oldest will be playing and Ric and I are coaching all three of them. WE are so excited, but know that it is going to be mayhem around our home! We love being involved in the sports program at our church is crazy rewarding to be able to share Christ with these little ones...and teach them the best game that was ever created!

When I was in the third grade something happened the day I picked up that leather  basketball. I fell in love with the game. I lived and breathed all things basketball. I decided that year...yes, at the ripe old age of 8, that I was going to play college basketball...Division 1 at that. I set a goal and was going to do whatever I had to do to reach it. I worked hard...and I mean hard. Every summer was spent away at camp just trying to get better. Early mornings were spent on the track and afternoons in the gym...just so I could play ball in college. Little did I know that God had a  perfect plan layed out the whole time! I ended my career at my high school and went on to sign a full scholarship with Liberty University in Virginia. The school that I never wanted to go to...that I made fun of...the school that was literally 7 miles from my house...was where I went. I woke up one morning and knew that was where I was supposed to go. I could have gone to several other schools to play, but for some reason I knew I was supposed to go to LU!

I went and didn't play much my first year and decided that summer that I was going to work my hind end off to get a starting position. That fall I got saved...Jesus took me off the path to hell and put me on the path to heaven. I surrendered my life to Christ on the basketball court during a convocation service in the gym...the very place that had been my god for so long was where I surrendered my life to God . Not only did my life change...but so did my outlook on the game of basketball. No longer was it just a game, but a tool to reach the lost. I wanted to play ball and share the Gospel with my opponents. I wanted to glorify God in not just my life, but my basketball as well.

Needless to say, God used my basketball ability to give me the opportunity to share Christ with a whole bunch of people! I shared after games....during press conferences...with children in Spain.....and now with the kids that I will have the opportunity to coach.  Every practice I have the blessing of teaching these kids(most of them are unchurched) God's word.  We are learning the Ten Commandments and it's way cool. It's amazing how one game can do so much in a persons life! I will forever be grateful that I picked up that leather ball in the third grade! That I was a determined young girl...and that God used the game to change my life! I pray that me teaching these young kids about the game...will not just point them to basketball, but to a Holy God!  And I do what I do, not just for the love of the game...but for the cause of Christ!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

In a nutshell...

I have taken a little of a blog break over the Christmas holidays.  We were out of town for Christmas and the week after and I had limited Internet service so it gave me a great excuse to take a now I have some catching up to do!! 

We had a very blessed Christmas indeed.  We spent time with our closest of friends and both of our families...the first time we have been able to do that in the 10 years we have been married.  We had a big Christmas Eve birthday party for Jesus at our home and then the next morning we woke up in our home(only the 3rd time ever since we have been married).  It was so relaxing...the kids opened gifts, I cooked breakfast...they played, and played...and played.  It was a fun morning for sure.  We left later that morning to head down to Ric's folks.  Ric's family lost a dear cousin on Christmas Eve to cancer, so it was so good to just be able to spend time together and comfort one another on Christmas day. It snowed...for the first time ever too!  We then headed to Virginia the next morning to spend the week with my family...what a beautiful drive it was.  The entire drive was snow covered and just beautiful.  The kids were SO excited to have snow on the ground and couldn't wait to play in it.  After 203 questions of how much longer...7 movies...endless chatter...we finally got there to celebrate with my family.  We had a great time hanging out...playing with of charades...wii battles...playing in the snow...and eating!!!!  Ric flew down to his cousins funeral and spent some good quality time with his extended family...Bebe was such a neat of those people that you meet and feel like you've just known forever.  We will all miss her a ton! 

It was sad to leave and know that we had to come back and go to school, but boy am I ready for some normalcy...if there is such thing in my household...ha!  Here are some pics from our Christmas Vacation...and no cousin Eddie didn't come...and no, we didn't get a jelly of the month club...but we had a great time, indeed we did...and that's the last two a nutshell!