Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday ramblings...

I'm gonna ramble today, yep I am. I am in a contest at church (Biggest Loser) to see who can lose the most I have been tracking every calorie I eat and exercising. I do Zumba with my friends on Monday night...we can't dance...ok one of us can, but the others are funny(including me). Our daughters score us...and they are honest. I am doing the Shred and Bob Harper's kettlebell workout the rest of the week...I could barely walk last joke. I am craving junk...bad. I hope to see big results...well, I really just wanna get in shape if we're keepin' it real!

The kids are as busy as ever...playing ball...going to school...dumping tubs of toys out in the living room know usual business. I have loved coaching basketball this year...a friend asked me last Saturday if I was going to have a class on how to jump around and act crazy while coaching...I must be funny to watch. Jesse is getting better with his potty training(not that anyone but me cares...ok, maybe his Sunday School teachers do too). Ric is preparing for Ecuador. He leaves in April for 8 days...he went and got his passport done so it's official now! He is stoked...I am already thinking about 8 days by myself...should be interesting:), but I am so excited to see what God is going to do in this next step of our lives.

I have some photo shoots coming up...winter is slow. I am doing a couple of babies and I already have several shoots that are lined up for spring so I am anxious for stuff to start blooming around here. I love crazy love it, so I am trying to learn all I can. I need a bounce case you cared. 

I miss my family in Virginia. I have felt so alone lately...wish I had my family to call on when I needed them. Wish I could go get coffee with my sister and mom...taco's with my brother...just hang with my dad. I miss my niece's and nephews and seeing them grow up. Sometimes I just want them here so they are a part of my day to day life. I have been gone 10 years now...and I miss them.

We are supposed to go skiing next month...still working on child care so I can go. We wanted to take kids like we did last year, but since Shelby had the flu and missed a bunch of school that option is out. Hope things will work out with that one. I love to ski...not good...but I love doing it.

Got church tonight...I love worshipping with our teenagers. We have been singing some good songs...Ric has been bringing it from the pulpit...I just love these kids. My little ones get to wear pj's tonight to Awana...I wonder if it would be inappropriate for me to wear mine...even though I don't do Awana! We have been taking my friend/neighbor's kids with us and they are too cute.

My phone got replaced. I dropped it down the steps...Apple gave me a new one. I could have hugged that dude behind the genius bar...but then when I asked if I could keep me old one for the kids to play on he looked at me like I was a little nuts...truth be told. I want an iPad too...but still need a new car. Guess the car may win out this time...we'll see!

That's about all I got going on in my noggin right now. Thanks for bearing with the ramblings of Genie...on a Wednesday...while it's cold and rainy.


Steve Finnell said...
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Chad Miller said...

If I'm ever thinking "I don't have any ideas for a good blog", I can come back to this and realize that just putting together random status updates with pictures makes for a pretty decent blogpost... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I've been a blog reader for a while. I just don't usually post. I re-did my blog not long ago and used some of your kids bio's as inspiration for my own kiddos :) Just keepin' it real. It sounds like our girls would have sooooo much fun together.

Anyways I just started doing Bob's inside out. {cardio and burn} Holy cow is it ever a good workout! I've done the Shred off and on for the past year and Bob's makes it look like a warm up. Keep it up!!!!

I just got a flash to do indoor photos and it's made my business pick up a lot. Good expense if you can swing it.

Love your blog! I'll comment more often ;)