Monday, July 20, 2009

Not my Child.......Monday!!

Mckmamma over at is hosting a "not my child" day today! Every day in the Blazi household is a "not my child day" so I figured I could jump in the fun. Hope you enjoy some of my "fun" experiences with the greatest kids ever!!

Today we went to the splash pad at our local state park to meet up with some of Addie's friends from school. They had a blast and the kids loved being in the water on a hot day...even though the water was freezing...they were literally shaking!

It was not my child who seriously drank about half of the water from the splash pad....lake water people...yeah I know...nasty...but it wasn't my son so who cares!

Thank goodness it was not my girls who laid out their towels and laid in the sun like a bunch of diva's.....I don't know who these girl's are ....but I am glad they are not mine!

It was not my child that fell asleep in the front row of church a couple of weeks ago and snored so loud the preacher heard him....nope not mine.

It was not my child that told her beautiful, pregnant aunt that she weighed "a lot" when she overheard said aunt say "I wonder what I weigh" ..whose three year old would say something like that??? Thank the good Lord it was not my kid!

It was so not my child who just came downstairs in her cheetah print...velour sweatsuit...zipped 87 degree July weather.....nope, not mine. I am so glad it was not me that just let her keep wearing it either. Some moms are so lazy!! Ok the other child that is not mine came down in matching cheetah pants....and a stripped sweater!!

I have never had to deal with kids cutting their own hair either.....thank the Lord for that. kids know better than that!

If you would like to read more wonderful stories of parenthood, go check at mckmamma's blog!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Monday!


Christian Newsome said...


Love the sight - Danielle and I just got done looking through it. Wish I was savvy enough to have my own. Happy 34th Birthday tomorrow!!!

Christian and Danielle

becca said...

hey mrs genie!

this site is so cool! i love the whole scrapbook feel and the inspirational stories. i could sit here and read them for hours.
(oh and happy birthday tomorrow! i hope you have an awesome day!)

becca heramb

Chad Miller said...

As per usual, your blog is the bomb diggingest blog I read. I'll have you know, young lady, it's because of your blog I've now started subscribing to a bunch of different ones (dead serious)... yet I still come back to the Blazi gang every time I see a new feed pop up. Heather and I love your family more than you know. Happy 29th birthday!

Frank Gillespie said...

Great blog!

Have a wonderful birthday!

Anonymous said...

Mrs Genie,
this is a really cool site you have! your kids are so cute! happy birthday tomorrow!! have a blessed day!

Kathy Poole said...

Happy Birthday!

Melissa said...

The Splash Pad looks like a fun place! You have a beautiful family and a fabulous blog, I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Lanie Procuro said...

aww i love your blog it so cute :] you're such a blessing to prays mill and im so glad you're now my sunday school teacher. I hope you have an amazing birthday!!! And im going to have to start reading your blog more often i love it!


Kelli Lands said...

Hey Genie,
I love your blogs!! They are funny, cute and very encouraging...of course you know I love your children. Charlie and Addie hold special places in my know it is a very fashionable young lady you have there, She always let me know if my outfit, make-up and hair was up to par (and if not, why and how I should fix-it!) can't wait for Shelby to be 5! I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Keep doing your blog you are soo good at it!

Kathy Poole said...

Okay, I had written a whole page of things and it didn't work so that is why you are getting this separate from the 'Happy Birthday!', sorry. Leave it to me to mess up something simple. I love this blog!!! You have done such a wonderful job with this site! I, like many others, can spend hours getting lost in reading it and looking at your pictures. God has given you a gift missy. Keep using it to His Glory. I have said this before and I will say it again and again and again until the Lord calls me home, you are a special lady Genie Blazi! Not only are you a blessing to your family but your church family as well. Thank you for all that you sacrifice for us and our youngins, not to mention what you sacrifice for your own family. Well I could go on and on, you know me, but I will end with this: Have a blessed birthday and we love you!

Amanda said...

This is great... full of life, humor and love. I see that Ric is a very lucky guy and you are all blessed. Good luck with your writings and have a VERY happy birthday!

Dick Mullin said...

Happy Birthday Genie! You have a wonderful blog and a terrific family. This wish comes from someone who knew your husband's father as a ten year old in Harrisburg, PA, way back in the 1950s!!!! I remember going to Eric's house on Halloween and his father Charles (Ric's grandfather) would be handing out full-sized SNICKERS bars. That memory is just as fresh at age 63, because who doesn't love a good SNICKERS bar?
Good luck with the blog -- I'll stop back and check you beautiful photos again soon. DICK MULLIN

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Genie. Are you turning 29?

Mike Gentile

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the site. Ric was Aspen's basketball coach last year and hopefully he will be his soccer coach as well. Both of you are very bless to have one another. The pictures of the family was really nice and the whole blog was really touching that you could really feel the love for your family and the passion to write. Thanks for sharing. May God continue to bless you and your family.

Robbie Sykes & Family

Shelly said...

I love reading your blogs! I need to be in the bed, but when I noticed you had something new up, I had to read it! I'm still sayin' you need to write a book! I'm just sayin'! Everything you write is so inspirational....and encouraging..because it shows me that I'm not the only one that has some of these same feelings or just know how to explain things so well! God uses you in a powerful way! (God uses your whole family!) I am so blessed to know such a GODLY lady! You've touched more lives than you will ever know! Happy 34th birthday! You are so young! Have a great day and remember how special you are to so many!

Stephanie Burke said...

Hey Mrs. Genie. This is a really awesome and neat blog you have. I love it. :) Especially all the "not my kid" stories. Lol. You and your family are a great inspiration to me. Thank you so much for being there for me as my youth teacher. Hope you have a fantastic birthday!

Love you,
Steph :)

Anonymous said...

What a creative and blessed child of God you are!!! I LOVE the "not my child" funny...I could fill a page and I only have one child, I can just imagine the fun you have trying to narrow down what to put on the site since you have 4 beautiful angels. :) May God OUR FATHER continue to bless your family as HE has provided you yet another year with them...Happy Birthday my dear, I know it will be a good one!
With Love,
Carly Stanley

Linda Addy said...

what a wonderfully devoted site to your family. i enjoyed the pics of your home. do you have a cricut to do the stenciling?

FeFe@Good Intentions said...

Hi Genie! Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Birthday! I enjoy reading your blog. Would you believe I found it through Kelly's Korner? We must read some of the same blogs! Enjoy your day! ~Fay W.

Anonymous said...

Genie! I love your site! You are so creative and talented in so many ways. I absolutely love your children and miss them already. I can't wait to see you all again! I love you and hope you have a wonderful birthday.

Kim Sexton

Robyn K said...

Great blog. We have 4 children as well- 2 boys and 2 girls and your article could have been written by me. Kids are wonderful aren't they. I hope you have a wonderful birthday today!

Lisa Doe said...

I love the "not my kid" stories. Actually, I love all the stories, but this one was really great. Thanks for sharing all your great thoughts. It's like I live right next door even though we only get to see each other once a year. Oh, and by the way, it was not my 3-year-old kid who shouted, "Hey, mom, she looks like she eats too much food." as we stopped at the McDonalds drive through window to pay the not-so-pleased cashier. Love ya, girl!

Melissa Lafferty Bucala said...

Genie, I just love your blog! Your kids are so beautiful and it's easy to see how much you love them. I have bookmarked your site and will come here often! Oh, and Happy Birthday!!! Your husband sure does love you : )

Karen Seale Beverly said...

You have such talent, Genie, and I think it's wonderful that you're able to showcase it here. Keep it all coming! It's a pleasure to read. Have a great birthday today!

Sharon said...

Happy birthday, Mrs. Genie! I hope you have a wonderful & blessed day. Make Bro. Ric wait on you today, you deserve it! Your a blessing to
P.M. B.C. and we are glad you & your family are here. Love you, Gerald & Sharon

Kathy Rainwater said...

Genie, I enjoyed reading the blog "not your child." You have such a sweet family. I miss you all!

Pops said...

Happy Birthday Genie!!!

From Eric "Pops" Blazi

and Ava "Nemaw" Blazi

Jennifer said...

You are such an awe inspiring lady! Thank you for always having a smile on your face (that is why your kids do too because of you!) Your family means a great deal to me especially how much you love the LORD! I am glad to be a part of your family's life and see your kids grow up. Have a wonderful and blessed birthday - you deserve it! :)

Malloy said...

Happy Birthday Genie!! I hope you have a great day. I really like your blog and your creativity with it! Miss you and hope to see you soon.

Calley said...

Hi Genie! Happy Happy Happy Bday! I love's so much fun! It will take you anywhere and let you inspire and meet some amazing people you would never meet! XOXO! The Pate Family!
Calley AKA The Eco Chic

Anonymous said...

Wow! I didn't even know you could comment on a blog...learn something new every day. :) Every time you post a story on FB, I click on it and read your awesome blog! So nice to keep in touch this way over the miles and to read about you and your family. You are so blessed, Genie!! Have an amazing birthday deserve it!

Sarah Burton :)

JATMAH said...

Happy Birthday Genie! We do not know each other but I went to High School with your husband. I love to read blogs that are so true! Thank you for sharing your life! Have a Wonderful birthday! And my God bless you even more!

JATMAH said...

Sorry Genie I did not tell you who I am! I am Abby Sanders Hunt. I still live in Warner Robins and am friends with Ric on Facebook.

Travis said...

Hey my friend.

Once again you made me laugh and realize my kids are not the only crazy ones on the planet. You are such an awesome writer and bless me everytime I read your blog. Maybe I can hire you to set one up for the Haines' clan. Happy Birthday my friend. Hope it is a good one.

Love ya!! Tonya

Mrs Genie,
Happy Birthday!! You are my favorite. Thanks for letting me come over and spend the night.

Love you!!! Trenton

KColglazier said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Genie!

This is a great site.

You are such a blessing to our family.

We love you!

The Colglazier Family

Jeannine said...

I had always wanted a granddaughter-in-law and when Ric and
our Lord chose you, it was a great day. What you and God have wrought in your short thirty-four years on Planet Earth is truly FINE. May you have many more happy years. I love you.

msjmom said... were my daughter BBall coach 2 years ago...Have a great birthday! The Jackson Family

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I love ya Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brooke said...


I love the website!! Just got through looking at it, I would never have the time to keep one up though!! Just wanted to wish you a Happy 34th Birthday!! Not sure if you remember me from last year this is Kaleb's mom, he was on Ric and Charlie's soccor team. Hope to see you guys again this year!!

Jen Carroll said...

Hi pretty girl!!!

I just wanted to say hi and wish you a very Happy Birthday!!

I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs!! You are so inspiring to me and make me strive to be a better Christian, and especially a better mom!! You crack me up with some of the stuff you say! Seriously!! You are an amazing person and role model. I love your sweet smile and miss seeing it on a daily basis more than you can possibly know. It was so refreshing to see you come in the office with your positive attitude!! You would totally make my day every time you came through there!!! I love you and your family with all my heart. You are so blessed and it is so kind of you to share those blessings with others.

Please tell your sweet family I said hello, give them huge hugs from me, and tell them I miss them all terribly.

I hope this is the most FaBuLoUs birthday EVER for you!!!

I love you so so much!!
Jennifer Carroll

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! -

The 5 Powell's said...

My children never come down in the "dead of winter" clothes despite the 110 degrees outside. My children never drink half the water at a water park & give themselves enemas with the water sprinklers/spouts. My children never crawl through a store (mainly Target) as if they are dogs - literally panting & barking. And I never just let them do it b/c it's easier than fighting with them to walk like humans. My children have never commented on a person's weight, looks, height, acne in a loud voice right in front of that person.
I AM SOOOOOO glad that it's not (just) my children!
I love reading about your life...and seeing your beautiful children!
I promise to comment more...b/c I do read it...I just don't normally comment!
Happy Birthday!!!!

jana said...

happpppppy birthday mrs genie i hope you have anawesome one

love jana



Beth Wilson said...

Happy Birthday girl! This story was great and made me smile :) I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day....what a beautiful family you have.

Anonymous said...

Can't think a single other person (outside my immediate family)that I hope has the most terrific day ever! Happy Birthday, Patty & I love you more than words can express.
Having a daughter married to a minister of God, I know how many sacrafices are made by you that others will never know about, the undue and undeserved verbal abuse, the feel to hold your family to a higher standard, trying to balance your private time with the family and still support the ministry that you share with your husband. Girl, I think of all that you do and all that you stand for... you are such an inspiration, your radiant smile and attitude are so encourageing. You're such a pleasure to be around, please don't ever change and have a really, really great birthday!
In Christian Love,
C.J. (Patty's husband)

Nakitta said...

Genie, I love reading your blog and seeing how God is working in your life and how He is working in your family. I also love seeing the pictures that you put up. You have a beautiful family and there will always be a special place for y'all in my heart. You guys have impacted my life and walk with Christ more than you will ever know. God is using you guys in a mighty way in so many people's lives. Keep keeping on!

Nakitta Norton

Lula! said...

Your kids are gorgeous...and so are you!

Happy Birthday, too!

Anonymous said...

I love this blog and always have. I enjoy reading it cause it always makes me smile, and it makes me look forward to the days when Thomas and I are in seminary and sharing special moments like these with our "one day" children. I love you, Mrs. Genie you are such a blessing! Happy Birthday! :)

The Coleman Family said...

This is an awesome site. You have a beautiful family and I love the stories. You write so well. I hope you have a wonderful and terrific birthday. Praise God for another full-filled year of family and fun.
Happy Birthday!:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Genie!!! Happy Birthday!! Your blog is the best!! You'll have to help me with one-someday!! Love ya, Angela Roper

Lisa Holland said...

Mrs. Genie,
I want to wish u an awesome and blessed Birthday! You are a very special lady indeed :)
you have blessed me in so many ways, more than you will ever know this side of Heaven. Your children are so precious and each one of them are very unique in their own way, just the way God made them. I am blessed every time I read your blog, and you are gifted indeed by God. Keep it up because God is using you in a mighty way to bless others and to glorify Him.
I love you and your family very much!

Love in Christ,
Lisa Holland
Romans 8:28

Chad Everson said...

Hey you! Wanted to tell you I love you and your family and pray that the Lord gives you a wonderful birthday!


Chad Miller said...

I would also like to add that you are the embodiment what a Pastor's wife should be. When Heather and I think of Pastors wives we've known throughout the years, you clearly stand out from the crowd. You have a heart for the Lord, your family, your Church family, and you put it on display for all of us to not only see, but to experience first hand. Not in a self promoting way at all, but simply because you have a heart overflowing with genuine love for your Lord and His people.

Anonymous said...

Genie Happy 34th birthday! I know there are at least 34 ways to celebrate your birthday in Whitesburg! However, I would suggest Rick take you to Callaway Gardens instead! Glad to see you and Rick doing well!

Ben Anderson

Coty said...

hope you havea good one!!
cool site btw
Coty jett

Kelly said...

Happy 34th Birthday!! Thanks for all your help with the shower you were great!!

abigail said...

happy happy birthday!! :) you inspire me and all the youth girls and we love you so much!! :)
-abigail w.

caitlin golden said...

Hey Mrs. Genie!!!! I hope your birthday was awesome. :) You are amazing. I love you sooo stinkin much!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Love the blog!!

Anonymous said...

lol, forgot to put my name, duh!
Happy Birthday again!
Ashley Maddox

Anonymous said...

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