Monday, July 13, 2009

Small Town Saturday Night

I live in a small town....and I love my small town. Saturday night was the annual "Whitesburg Block Party". We had hot dogs...pony rides...and just good people! You know you live in a small town when your kids automatically know that their school friends are going to be there...just 'cause there is nothing else to do on a Saturday Night....except go to the dirt track races....that I hear every Saturday night from our home.

The track is about half a mile behind my house...I don't even know if it is that far. Can't see it but you can hear it. If we are playing outside on a Saturday night....we stop and show respect when the national anthem is sung...since we can hear it and all! I told Ric a few weeks ago..."wow that girl can really Leann Rimes good"...and he said "it is Leann...on a tape!". Too yes people, I love my small town!
Back to the block party...the dirt track got me off track! We took the kids and loaded up our van with blankets, chairs, bug spray, drinks, popcorn, and more bug spray and headed up to the park. To be such a small town....the fireworks they put on where great! You can totally tell that it is a bunch of local guys that are doing it because there would be breaks in between each set where I am sure one of them was yelling at the other..."hey, where did you put the lighter at". Just kidding....well not really, but seriously they were the best we have seen this year. Last year when they ended, one of the pyrotechnic "techs" yelled "That's It". I was hoping they would do the same this year...but I was disappointed. How does a small town like ours afford such a display...I don't know for sure but I leaned over and told my husband that he had helped fund this here display of fireworks! Our town is a speed trap......'nuff said! For his defense, he has been clean for a long time. The deputy's call him "Preacher" too. Isn't that a hoot!! It is seriously Mayberry!

We are getting big time though...a hot dog stand is cream shop...and a new Antique Store opened called Antiqueloco...and it is seriously to die for. I could really get in trouble there. Gorgeous stuff! I love our small town...hope to keep raising my kids in this small's good enough for me!

Here are some pics from our Small Town Saturday Night!!!

And no Small town Saturday Night is complete without some good ol' rolling down a grass hill kind of fun!


Amy said...

Hey Genie! Very cute blog and I LOVE the chick family on the foyer post below!

Keith Chandler said...

Genie, what a wonderful way to influnce other families with this blog. Your display of a Christian family is just wonderful. I enjoyed learning that your family is just "normal". By the way Happy Birthday. I so enjoy the time at Prays Mill and getting to know you and Ric. God's blessing on you and you family on this special day! Keith Chandler