Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tiny Truth's Thursday....Jesse doesn't give up!

Tiny Truth's Thursday....Jesse doesn't give up!

Well, I have officially written a tiny truth about all of my children but Jesse. I know there is not much material since he doesn't say anything…….ever, except when he screams MOMMA or DADA at the top of his sweet, little lungs! Even though he can't speak he taught me something this week.

Last night Ric spoke about Moses in the youth group and the things that took place throughout his life. It was an awesome service and if nobody else needed to hear it……I did. He talked about leadership and also about when we fail. You see sometimes I feel like a big flop…that I can't get anything right, and then yes I beat myself up about it. Ric told us that is fully human to fail. He told us that just because we fail…it doesn't make us a failure and that we are not a failure if we get back up. Moses failed in his life…he ran from things after he had killed that Egyptian man. He didn't obey God in several areas . God took Moses, with all of his failures and He used Moses in an awesome way. He took Moses…a man born in Poverty, raised in royalty, who lived in obscurity and He brought him out in victory!

When Ric asked the teenagers what they thought a leader was , we all heard a ton of different answers. The one quality that I voiced was that a leader is someone who doesn't quit when things get hard….because they always do! Sometimes in life I want to throw in the towel….when times are tough…when the kids don't listen….when the house is a mess and I need to cook dinner and change a diaper all at the same time……yes, the thought sometimes enters my mind that I want to quit. God gave me four children to mother and whether I like it or not….to lead. I can either lead them in the right direction or the wrong. I can either quit when things are tough, or I can keep plugging along.

Where is Jesse at in all of this you ask? Last night when we got home, I had put his PJ's on and was getting ready to lay him down and he found a "new" toy. It was actually in our yard sale and no one bought it so I gave it to little man to play with. It was a Little People's Noah's Ark. He couldn't figure out how to get the roof of it to get the animals out so he just kept sticking his fat little hands through the windows until he could squeeze the animals out. Once he got each one of them out and inspected them he wanted to put them back in. He would maneuver those little animals in every direction so they would fit back through that little window. Sometimes it seriously took several minutes for him to get one back in. He was so persistent…patient….focused….and he didn't quit. Some kids would have just left the toy alone after the first failed attempt…but not Jesse. He gave his best effort, and he didn't quit. He played there for about 15 minutes and I just had to get pictures of how cute he was with the animals. He never did figure out how to do it the easy way….and I decided to not show him….I would rather he do things the hard way sometimes….just like God wants me to do the things that are hard and not take the easy road out.

So now I will go clean my house, change that diaper, discipline my kids, stick things out….because God wants me to not quit. I know I will never be anyone of great importance in this crazy world…but I know four little ones who look up to me…so no, I won't quit!
Jesse showed me, in his own little way, to not give up….and I am so in awe over God's perfect timing. He taught me the same lesson twice in one night. How unbelievable He is!!

Tiny Truth's for this Thursday

-I am going to fail

-That Jesse seriously needs to learn to talk

-That God's timing is perfect

-That Little People animals can fit through the ark window if placed just so

-That I can't quit…and by the Grace of God I won't!


Lisa Holland said...

WOW!!! Genie!!! I needed that today.... Sometimes I just wanna quit.
alot of times here lately I feel like everything I taught my boys never sunk in there heads or hearts at all and it was all just effortless!
I see things in there lives that just breaks my heart and I think, "Did I raise that?"
or "Where did I go wrong" or "What did I forget to teach them?"
As a Mom I tend to let things like watching wrong decisions that my sons make, etc. effect me and I tend to blame myself and how I raised them for how they are acting now. I know they are human, they are not perfect, they are going to make mistakes.
I still love them when they do all of these things, and what is even better is God still loves us when we make wrong decisions, when we make mistakes, and that is so comforting to know :)

So I just want to say thank you for sharing how God touched your heart and how God used little Jesse!

May God continue to bless this blog and bless my heart as you write!!!!
Luv ya,
Lisa Holland

Chad Miller said...

How did I miss this one? Nevermind... I was in Savannah trying to find the Gump bench (which was ultimately a failure... but I didn't quit!).

I sent Ric a message Wednesday night about his sermon. It was exactly what I needed to hear that night and I left very blessed, and ended up making a decision that I believe will help me be a better leader.

Very good stuff, as usual. Those pictures were a GREAT visual for the story. Bless his heart... I truly love the personal "truths" about your kids. However, don't worry about him not talking yet. Poor Christian is almost three and is barely understandable at all. Little guy is starting to get embarrassed about it and it's becoming a serious concern for us. My heart is breaking for him because all the other kids, even younger than him, are communicating well and he just can't get his little tongue to work. As everyone around him knows, he loves to talk but it's so hard to grasp much of what he's saying, and I'm his Dad who is supposed to have "the code". He has so much to say but I feel like I'm ripping him off by giving him the "yeah, ok buddy" as us adults tend to do when we can't understand the gobbledygook. The poor guy can't even say "Daddy". It comes out "Da-ee", missing that middle consonant. :-(

But he doesn't quit... He keeps on jabbering along and one of these days I trust he's going to put his tongue into submission, if the Lord wills it.

The Doctors are going to finally evaluate him next month since they wanted to wait until he was 3 (which makes no sense since it's obvious he's had a problem for a while). I've been working with him more and more lately one on one, but it's hard because he starts feeling insecure about it and wants to skedaddle.

Anyway... sorry to miniblog on your blog, but it made me think about it and I have a hard time keeping things in at times. ;-)

Keep it up, Mrs. Blazi. God uses the Blazi's to impact lives, more than you know.

Chad Miller said...

Also, do you have any idea how hard it was to figure out how to spell "consonant"? I had to do to to figure it out... :-D

Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs. Genie.
You and Jesse have helped me a lot in this little story. I've had some tough times here lately but thanks to you and your son I have learned that I can't give up and that I need to trust in God. Thanks so much!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Genie! I am so glad you had such a good birthday. I can't figure how to do these blogs or leave comments, so that is why I left you a message on facebook. I really enjoy reading your blogs. You are a great writer and communicator. Thankyou for taking the time to do this! We have alot in common as far as kids go and all that. I will try to read this more as I have time to keep up with you and see how you are. I miss you, friend! I like especially when you "keep it real" girl, I know exactly what you b talkin about!=) Love you! Julie Choat.