Friday, December 14, 2012

Hoot Hoot...

Monday night I had my Open House for my new business that I started.  I am selling Living Lockets with Origami Owl!! It went so well and I just loved every part of it...except for the order part because that totally stresses me out!! I love that these lockets tell your story...who you are...what you have been through.  I have always said that a picture tells a story and that is why I love photography...but oh, this locket.  This locket that hangs so close to my heart tells my story too.

A story of redemption...of rescuing.  I was so lost in this dark world and Christ rescued me out of it...He changed me...gave me a new purpose in life.  A calling!  Man am I ever grateful for the cross of Calvary   My most important charm is the cross, because without the cross...oh without the cross, I'm not sure there would be anything in my locket.  I have an "R" in my locket and that represents my sweet husband, Ric.  I love that man, I do. He is the Godliest man I know.  He is my love, and without him, I wouldn't have the next four charms.  Those charms are my children's birthstones.

 My first son, Charlie who has such a sweet soul...I look at that sapphire and remember how he made me a mom first...and I think of what a great kid he is and I pray that he does great things in his life for Christ.  The next stone is for my aquamarine, and I think about my sweet brown eyed girl that is such a little momma.  She is the little girl that I thought I was going to lose when I suddenly went into labor at 25 weeks...and I just remember praying...God, would you just let her stay safe inside of me.  And He did....and she is such a blessing to have in our lives and I know God has huge plans for her.   The next stone is for my Shelby, its tourmaline and such a pretty pink...and isn't that fitting because I named her after Shelby in my favorite movie...Steel Magnolias.  Pink was her signature color!!  It reminds me of my smart and funny little girl. She has more random facts memorized than any person I know...but oh how that little girl lights up the room and brings a smile to any face.  She has a true gift...and I pray Christ uses that. The next stone is my's an aquamarine too. He was born two days before his sisters birthday.  It reminds me of my fun loving little boy who always lives life in a big way.  He is uber athletic...funny...and is just so stinkin cute!! He is still my "baby" and I can't wait to see what God does with him.

I have a "6" charm to represent my family.  I love numbers...always have and six is special to me because it represents the Blazi 6.  My family is so important to me and it's what I do.  I am doing this business on the side...I don't have to have this...I don't need it to make me feel give me a give me girl time.  This is so I can help our family down the road with be near)...weddings(even nearer).  But my family comes before this.  Christ is the most important thing in my life...he called me to be a wife and a mom....and to serve my church.  Those things will ALWAYS come first....always.  I can't imagine not serving in my's just part of me and who I am.  So that number is to remind me of my family and my honor Christ in all I do as a wife, mom, church member....the list goes on.

I have a camera because I love taking pictures.  A picture tells a story and I love being part of people's stories...I have cried several times when I pull a picture up to edit.  Not because of my magnificent, it's because of the story!  I have a sand dollar to remind me of my favorite place on earth...where we go as a family every year...St. Simon's Island.  I call it my happy place and it truly is.  We hunt sand dollars for hours as a family and love seeing who can find the smallest or biggest's just a symbol of a great place for me.  I also have an owl and its to remind me of this new venture in that I pray God uses me in.  I don't just hope to make money...I hope to make an impact on every person I come in contact with...for the cause of Christ.  I pray that my story will plants seeds in the lives of the women who buy lockets from me...oh God, would you use me.

That's my story...and why I believe in this new venture in life.

If you would like to look at the website it is and you can see how awesome this stuff is!!  Go tell your story!!

On a side note...we are in full swing with the Christmas Season and I started a new Advent book with our kids and we are loving it.  It is the Jesse Tree by Ann Voskamp....I love everything this woman writes.  She has such a neat way about her and I just cling to every word.  Her blog is amazing...just punches me in the gut every time I read a good way of course:).  Every night we read the advent story and place an ornament on our Jesse tree. Each picture represents something in the story of Christ and I have just loved...LOVED...doing this with my kids.  I know its late in the month, but you can always start today....go here for the book!

This is my story...This is my song...praising my Savior...all the day long.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How do I send a text...

I found this post that I wrote this summer...and for some odd reason I never hit "publish".  I chuckled when I read, seeing as I am trying to learn how to use a "dumb" phone since giving up my glorious iPhone a week ago.  I think the words out of my mouth were..."how do I just make a phone call" when I began learning my "dumb" phone!!! on, even though this was written about 4 months still rings true!!

My dad is riding his bike across the country over the next few weeks.  They aren't going all the way across...just to Colorado and then back.  I texted him the day he left and told him to have a good time and be safe.  He texted me back that it was super hot and the wind was blowing crazy(not fun when you are on the back of a Harley)...that the scenery was beautiful...and then he signed it...Dad.  As if i didn't know who it was from, so I thought that was super cute.

My dad just got his iPhone about 3 months or so ago and he has just cracked me up with it.  He came to visit shortly after his BIG upgrade and Ric, Mom, and I were all telling him cool apps...all the tools that he had...right at his finger tips.  He sat there for a while, soaking it all in and then said "I got one do I send a text??".  I laughed...really hard...and then went and showed him how to send a simple text message.  It tickled me so, because we were showing him all this awesome advance stuff and downloading app after app...and dude didn't even know how to send a text message.

Isn't that just how we do life sometimes?  We try to complicate things by doing the hard stuff before we master the simplest tasks.  Whether its in our seems like I always take on a major project in the midst of simple cleaning...and then my simple cleaning has turned into a ginormous mess!!  With our kids...we sometimes try to get them to do flips off the diving board before they even know how to swim...that's a joke, but some may do that!  We want our kids to be so "advanced" and be potty trained...and sleep trained...and doing all the big stuff before our friends kids(cause isn't parenting a competition??).  I jest, but sometimes we look at things that way. 

Spiritually, I think we sometimes overlook the simple things that Christ has called us to do...commanded us to do, and we dive into the "bigger...flashier" stuff that gets us noticed.  We get so caught up with wanting more knowledge(which is so important...we should always be growing in our Faith) that we don't live that knowledge out.  We aren't being the hands and feet that God has required us to be.  We want to know all the big words...and read all the "in the know" people's blogs...and have the latest books and commentaries and yet we are so busy that we forget that whole "love your brother" part.  All those "extras" are not bad in and of themselves...they are great things, but if we are so bombarded with all of that, that we don't do the simple stuff, then we have for sure missed the mark! 

I have been reading through 1 John and am beyond convicted over the words he penned.  2:9-11~"Whoever say he is in the light and hates his brother is still in darkness.  whoever loves his brother abides in the light and in him there is no cause for stumbling.  But whoever hates his brother is in the darkness and walks in the darkness, and does not know where he is going, because the darkness has blinded his eyes".

1 John 3:11~For this is the message that you have heard from the beginning, that we should love one another"

I have decided that I am going to sit back and focus on this...that I am going to love my brothers and sisters in Christ.  That I am going to encourage them when they are down...that I am going to point them to scripture when they are in need...that I am going to pray for them earnestly...that I am not going to judge people the way I have in the past...that I am going to love the way Christ called me to...that I am going to purposefully share the Gospel with my strangers.   I can learn all the "big" stuff but if I don't love and tell of His love, then it's all for naught. 

I am thankful for that day in my living room when my daddy showed me this lesson...sometimes we just need to pull back and figure out the "simple" stuff first.  And see...My dad knows how to send a text now!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


A few weeks ago I received a package that I had been waiting on for months.  I had finally ordered a Living Locket from Origami Owl and it was here.  I opened it so carefully... oohing and ahhing over the packaging and when I pulled it out, I think I gasped.  It was beautiful and everything I had hoped it would be.  I gently set it on the table...took pictures of it...instagrammed it and just couldn't wait to show it off.  I was most excited to wear it, because soon I will be selling it and I just couldn't wait for people to see it and want one. I was being so gentle with it that I didn't even put it on.  I just looked at it over and over!!

We went on about our night and after dinner and family devotions I pulled it out to look at it and I noticed my charms were messed up.  I looked closer at the locket and there it was...the back of my locket was cracked.  It is made out of glass and somehow it was cracked.  I automatically went to the girls because I knew they had looked at it.  Both said they didn't do it...and as I looked at their faces I knew which one was guilty.  I also noticed missing charms and when I inquired about that...the truth slowly came out.  

Earlier in the evening, Shelby had wanted to look at my locket, and I told her I didn't want her to mess with it.  It was special and she could look at it here at the table, but I didn't want her taking it anywhere.  Sometime that evening she took it.  She went in private and looked at the locket and decided to open it.  When she opened it all of the charms poured out and panic took over.  I can see her now shoving those charms back inside the glass plate and then trying to shut the locket back.  Evidently she didn't have the charms laying flat so when she ever so gently(enter sarcasm) tried to shut the locket she broke it. 


She cried...oh how she cried.  She was so upset...I was so upset.  I was upset that something that I had waited for for so long was broken.  How was I going to show it off...get interest in the product when it was broken?  Then my husband so gently said "it's just a locket Genie...this is your daughter".  I love that man for his honesty...even when it hurts. Grateful that those few words changed my heart from being selfish to "how can I best help my daughter".  

I took Shelby Jean to the scene of the crime and we had a good heart to heart talk about what had happened.  I looked at her swollen puffy eyes and told her I wasn't upset about the locket.  She looked at me with shock...and then I said "I'm upset that you went behind my back and then lied to me".  This broke her  fragile little heart (much more fragile then a stinkin' locket) and it was torn in two over her sin.  She repented and told me how sorry she was over and over.  I explained to her that she had broken a commandment.  She broke the 9th because she lied to me...she had also broken the 8th because she stole something that belonged to me....that she broke the 5th because she didn't honor my wishes...and she had broken all of those things because of the 10th...that she had coveted my locket.  I then looked at that broken little girl...looked at my broken locket and I told Shelby that I loved her and she said "you still do...even though I did all that stuff wrong?" and it was as if God had laid a golden opportunity for me to share the Gospel with my child.

I told Shelby that I loved her so much and it didn't matter what she had done, I was her mom and I loved her.  I then told her about God's love and how He loves me...a wretched sinner.  How he forgives me when I make mistakes...when I break His law.  That He still loves me...because I am His!  I explained to her that      " If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."(1 John 1:9 ).  It was a moment that I would give 100 broken lockets for.  A moment that the Gospel was so clear for my broken 7 year old.  I explained to her how precious we are to Him...and that we are His children  "Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God"(1 John 3:1).

We hugged and I reassured her that Mommy was fine...that this broken locket could be fixed.  She prayed and so sweetly asked God to forgive her for lying to me and taking something that didn't belong to me.  We went for a ride up to the Dollar General...just her and I and spent some good time talking and she told me "Mom, I have $10 you can have to fix your's all the money I have, but you can have it".  I told her I didn't think $10 would be enough to fix it...even if they could fix it.  The next morning we took it to the jeweler here in town and he examined it and said "yeah I can fix will be $10".  I just smiled.

"In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his grace, which he lavished upon us, in all wisdom and insight making known to us the mystery of his will, according to his purpose, which he set forth in Christ as a plan for the fullness of time, to unite all things in him, things in heaven and things on earth."(Ephesians 1:7-10)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

After 11 years...

Today is the day I have dreaded for the last 11 years.  The day that I sit at home...alone...with nothing but quiet...and I am sad. 

Last Monday the big kids started school.  Charlie is in 5th grade, Addie in 4th, and Shelby Jean is in 1st grade.   They were excited to get see their friends and to learn(well everyone but Charlie...he loathes learning).  Jesse had another week at home before his Pre-K started.

We spent last week doing fun stuff...spending good time snuggling on the couch...feeding ducks at the pond...playing with blocks.  It was a glorious week that I didn't want to end.  We sat yesterday at the duck pond and I cried...big ol' tears, and Jesse asked me what was wrong.  I just answered him "Mommy is gonna miss hanging out with you".  Little did I know...

We got up early this morning.  Spiked his little hair just his lunchbox out...put his backpack on him and we headed out.  He was excited as we pulled in the parking lot...even telling me he didn't need me to walk him to his class.  We took a few more pictures and then made the walk down to Mrs. Jill's class.  He did great putting his things up and then I felt it...the death grip on my legs.  He had started to panic a little and I leaned down and he said what I didn't want to hear..."Don't leave me here mommy...please take me home".  I held it together for him and told him he was going to love it...that it would be so much fun.  He looked at scared that I wanted to scoop him up...grab that Avengers back pack and go home.  I looked at his teacher and said "I'm leaving...he's going to cry".  And he did.

I walked out the door and around the corner and I laid my head back on the wall and just cried.  I could hear him saying "I want my Mommy" and I began to pray for him.  That God would calm his heart, that God would send him comfort, that he would have fun and love school...and that he would stop crying.  A mom that I don't know walked by and without a word patted me on my shoulder. I kept praying as I heard his little cry...and then God answered my prayers.  A dear friend of mine...a teacher at the school (she actually taught my other kids in pre-K and this year moved to a different position) and a fellow pastor's wife saw me crying.  She walked down to me to see how I was and I just looked at her with tears and mascara streaming down my face and said "he's crying".  She walked in that class and hugged on my baby...told him it was going to be ok, that mommy was going home to do a few things and would be back to pick him up.  She promised him that she would come back and check on him and he quit crying.  She came out and reassured me and told me she would keep checking on him.  I turned and walked out and cried all the way to my car.  I cried in the parking lot as my husband hugged me and I quietly prayed for my sweet little man, that he would love school.

My heart is broken this morning...if I'm being honest, I'm a little lost.  I don't know what to do with myself.  There are no cartoons toys being thrown around.  Where do I go from here?  All I ever wanted in life was to be a stay at home mom and now they are all in school.  I just love my kids and being there mom(don't get me wrong they can drive me nuts).  I know most moms would say...freedom, but some reason I don't feel free at all.  I am praying this morning that God would just surround this broken girl...that He would redirect me and show me His purpose for me...that His Word would bring me encouragement....that my little boy would feel safe.  Thankful for a God that cares about this broken Momma's heart...and identifies with my pain...He is good...good indeed.

For the LORD is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations".  Psalm 100:5

Friday, May 11, 2012

Test scores and grace...

Today the kids brought their test scores home from their CRCT tests.  It's a test that they have to take every year to see where they are and it also helps determine whether or not they move on to the next grade. Addie showed me her scores and she either met or exceeded in every area.  I was so proud of her and excited that the stress of those scores was behind her...she hates tests and I was so blown away by the scores she got.  Charlie showed me his and I immediately saw two scores that were below the "meet" line.  I took a deep breath and looked in his eyes that were starting to brim with tears, and said "it's okay just missed it by a few points".  He was obviously upset and not happy about his scores so I talked to him. 

I told Charlie that one test doesn't define who he is as a student...that Mommy wasn't  upset that he didn't pass...that life would go on and it was going to be just fine.  I hugged him close to me and felt him breath a huge sigh of relief.  I think he was scared to death for me to see his scores.  I am so grateful to God that when I saw them, I didn't freak out or panic...that I didn't get onto him...that God gave me the words to say to my worried son.

I had Ric call up to the school to see what we needed to do about him retaking the test. Ric spoke with the principal and she proceeded to tell Ric that Charlie had great scores...that there had to be some kind of mix up.  After some investigating she realized that they must have written someone elses scores down on Charlie's paper.  Ric wrote his correct scores down and came in the kitchen and said "Charlie you are never gonna believe what happened.  He told us the story and we looked at his new scores...They were FANTASTIC!!! I laughed and we high fived each other and we were so excited!!! Charlie was grinning from ear to ear!

After much celebrating, I went back to preparing dinner and prayed a silent prayer of thanksgiving.  Not just for the test be honest, they never really mattered.  I thanked Him that I held my tongue...that I was cautious with my words with my son...that I made sure that he knew that I loved him no matter what a test score said...that I didn't get mad at him(because if I'm being honest, I have reacted that way many a time)...that my son felt safe in my arms.  It was all God for sure, because if left up to me...I may have gotten upset.  It was all God for sure, because if left up to me....I may have yelled.  It was all God for sure, because if left up to me...I would have failed my a mother.  Thank you Lord for your intervention...what you are teaching me daily...the conviction you have placed in my life in the last two weeks.  God you are good and your mercies endure forever!!! 

So I passed or failed tests...because we all learned something today.  Just because a circumstance in our life doesn't quite go the way we want that we just take a deep that it's gonna be ok...and that we know that  one failure doesn't have to define who we are!!

They have to get 800 to meet the performance expectations and 850 to exceed.

Chuck's scores:    
                            Before                        After we talked to the principal
          Reading:      834                                              834
English/Lang         841                                              841
              Math:       797                                              844
          Science:       794                                              870
Social Studies:       802                                              845

Addie Scores:

Reading:          831
English:           843
Math:               824
Science:           866
Social Studies: 804

These pictures were my kids goofing around at a photo shoot I had at church...they crack me up!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Baby outfit and what matters most...

Yesterday started out like every normal day here in the Blazi house. My iPhone alarm went off...I hit snooze a few too many times...and then I proceeded to wake the 3 big's to get them ready for school. I had laid all their clothes out for them and had flipped on lights and told them to wake up. 

Charlie and Addie are up getting dressed...Addie in the dark because she doesn't want any lights on when she is waking up. I can hear Shelby climbing out of her loft bed and then it comes...the crying, the moaning, the lamenting. Shelby has seen her clothes and is not a happy camper. She cries and says she doesn't want to wear's a baby outfit...that she wants something else. I get frustrated and tell her she has to get ready and she has 5 minutes to do that. I go downstairs to get the other kids something to eat and get their coats and backpacks on...all the while the queen is still in distress. Ric goes in...tells her if she isn't dressed when he is ready to go then she is going in whatever she has on. A few moments later she is something I didn't pick out and I was so frustrated. Frustrated at her strong -willed mis-matched she she couldn't just get dressed every morning like a "normal" kid (and for the record I have gone through this with everyone of my it's obvious I don't raise normal kids)!!

Ric packs them up in his little car and off they go...and I'm still ill with Shelby. About 2 or 3 minutes after they left my dog is scratching at the door to come back in...I open the door and immediately hear sirens. My heart stomach automatically is turning...and I panic. My kids school is 1 mile down the road...but it's a crazy curvy road...a dangerous road...and I panicked. I grab my phone and call Ric it rings and rings and then finally..."hello"...I breath a sigh of relief and say "y'all ok??". He said "yeah, I just dropped the kids off what's wrong?". I told him that I had heard sirens and he knew...knew where my mind had gone. Knew what fears had flooded my mind and he just told me it was ok.

I got off that call and just cried. I cried because I was relieved...cried because I was sick of those fears...and cried because all I could think about was "I fought with her over clothes"! My mind had gone to the worse place when I heard those sirens...and I thought about those clothes...that baby outfit that she wasn't going to wear and the feelings of frustration I had in my heart over it minutes before. In that fleeting moment between the sound of sirens and my husband answering the phone...those clothes didn't so much matter anymore...the trivial things were just that...trivial. And I begged God to give me another chance to do it right. To be a better have more not worry about silly stuff.

I went about my morning drinking coffee...folding laundry...playing with little man. I sat down to send a few emails and then I read a few of my favorite blogs. I pulled up Lysa TerKeurst, whom I just love, and began to read her blog...and the tears came. She talked about raising our kids to not be good kids...not the kid that has perfect manners and never makes messes...not the kid who sits still and never acts crazy. I wept because I struggle sometimes...with my kids that is. I want them to be good show act not make not get half of their lunch on their clothes and the other half on the floor. I sometimes worry about what others think of my kids and the people they are.

I love my very much. I know my kids in and out. I love them for who they are...but sometimes I let this "little" sin of pride sneak in and I want mine to be the best...probably, if I'm being honest, to make myself look better. I let go of that yesterday...let it all go. I determined that what mattered most was not how clean they were...or how clumsy they were...or even how strong willed they were...but that they love God and live for him. They sell out, wholly, for Jesus Christ. That they pray for the lost...that they share Jesus with their friends...strangers. That they know God's word and cling to it. That they realize what matters most...even if their clothes are mismatched and they have sticky stuff in their hair!!!

Thank God for sirens...for mis-matched clothes...for my sweet Shelby Jean...for precious women that write blogs. It was a wake up call for much needed. I will remember what matters most...and it sure wasn't that "baby outfit"!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Here's to 2012...

Where did 2011 go?? I sit here four days into January and am amazed that this past year went by so fast. It was a good one though.

We did so much last year. It was a year filled with lots of love…laughter…prayer…fear…tears…uncertainties…excitement…growth…passports….and life. That’s what we do around here…we just live life. I love my crazy life…I really do!

We saw the ocean a bunch last year and we spent countless hours riding our bikes and swimming in the surf. It’s my favorite place on earth to be…and I look forward to spending several weeks there this spring and summer! St. Simon’s Island is truly my happy place and I would pick it over any tropical destination. So thankful for my in-laws and them allowing us to spend time with them there at their home!! It’s seriously so cool!!

We surprised the kids and took them to Disney World this spring! It was a dream come true for sure…I never thought we would get to take them. They loved it and we just had the best time. And while it was a dream of ours to go to Disney…while we were there Ric and Josh went to the Ligonier conference and Ric got to meet several of their heroes in the faith…RC Sproul, RC Sproul Jr., and John Piper. They loved the conference…and I loved the pool so it worked out great! Can’t wait to go this spring!!!

This year the kids went on the youth retreat and our mission trip with us. It was good to have them with us and let them see us do ministry and take part in it as well. I was so proud of them this summer on the mission trip and how hard they worked alongside our teenagers. They are good kids! We hope to take them skiing again this winter when our church goes on our family ski trip. They love to ski!!

Ric went to Ecuador twice this year and our lives were forever changed. Our church planted a church in the mountains of Ecuador. Shelby would find a dime on the ground and say “this is for Ecuador”. Ric went just about 3 weeks ago and he got to see the church building almost finished and one day I pray that our entire family will get to go and minister there.

I took a lot of pictures…a lot…kinda thankful for the winter and a little down time. I photographed more people than I count…did 3 weddings…and just loved being behind the camera. I really am grateful for the opportunity God has given me with taking pictures. Hoping to learn as much as I can during this break time and come back in the spring ready to go!

I got to visit with my family more this year than I have in the past. We made the journey up 85 four times this year. It was so good to be there and visit with my family. Living so far away from them for 11 years hasn’t been ideal, but I am so thankful for the time I get to see them!

I once again got to be part of an amazing church body. We have been on staff at the same church for over 12 years. We have been through so many ups and downs in ministry…even times I wanted to just throw in the towel, but thankful that God didn’t let us. We love our church and the people in it. Our kids are there….all the time…so much so, we dubbed them the “church rats”. I was a “gym rat” growing up playing ball….I think I would much rather my kids be “church rats”!! Thankful they love being there and being around our teenagers!

The kids are doing marvelously at school. They are learning so much and enjoy being there…and we love our little school here in town. I am not looking forward to next fall though…all 4 will be in school and then what in the world am I gonna do??? All I have done for the last 10 years is be a stay at home mom….I dread August….DREAD it!! The kids are still playing sports…not sure what this spring will hold for us…last year they all played baseball/softball, but not sure if they want to do that again. I’m game for whatever they want so we will wait and see when it comes around. Jesse started gymnastics this year and is a freak of nature. He does cartwheels and handstands and is unbelievable. He has more body control than I do!!

I have thought a lot about my goals for the next year. I first and foremost just want to know God…get deep in His word and just know Him. I want to really honor Him in every area of my life…in my home…my relationships…my ministry…my photography…my body. I want to do more and be better. So many times I get caught up in the craziness of our lives and feel like a little boat out in the middle of the water…just tossing and turning and floating. I want to, despite how busy and crazy our lives are, to live with a purpose. I was teaching Romans 15 in Sunday school this week and read a verse that stopped me…and it almost brought me to tears. Paul was finishing up his letter to Rome and he was telling them about all that God had done through him and he was just boasting on God and His greatness. He told them about his ministry and why he does what he does and then he said this to them:
“and thus I make it my ambition to preach the gospel, not where Christ has already been named, lest I build on someone else's foundation, but as it is written,
“Those who have never been told of him will see,
and those who have never heard will understand.”
(Romans 15:20-21 ESV)

Those words gripped at my heart…for what they said and for the sad fact that I don’t have a purpose statement like that. Paul, who was one of the greatest men of faith to walk the earth, had a vision…a purpose for his life…and we all know that he was successful in doing what he had set out to do. It convicted me to find a purpose/vision statement for my life…for my family. We have one for ministry, but not personally. I don’t know what it will be…I’m still working on it…but I know I need one.

2011 was good to the Blazi’s…but 2012…it’s gonna blow my mind…I just know it!! To God be the Glory…great things HE has done!!