Friday, May 11, 2012

Test scores and grace...

Today the kids brought their test scores home from their CRCT tests.  It's a test that they have to take every year to see where they are and it also helps determine whether or not they move on to the next grade. Addie showed me her scores and she either met or exceeded in every area.  I was so proud of her and excited that the stress of those scores was behind her...she hates tests and I was so blown away by the scores she got.  Charlie showed me his and I immediately saw two scores that were below the "meet" line.  I took a deep breath and looked in his eyes that were starting to brim with tears, and said "it's okay just missed it by a few points".  He was obviously upset and not happy about his scores so I talked to him. 

I told Charlie that one test doesn't define who he is as a student...that Mommy wasn't  upset that he didn't pass...that life would go on and it was going to be just fine.  I hugged him close to me and felt him breath a huge sigh of relief.  I think he was scared to death for me to see his scores.  I am so grateful to God that when I saw them, I didn't freak out or panic...that I didn't get onto him...that God gave me the words to say to my worried son.

I had Ric call up to the school to see what we needed to do about him retaking the test. Ric spoke with the principal and she proceeded to tell Ric that Charlie had great scores...that there had to be some kind of mix up.  After some investigating she realized that they must have written someone elses scores down on Charlie's paper.  Ric wrote his correct scores down and came in the kitchen and said "Charlie you are never gonna believe what happened.  He told us the story and we looked at his new scores...They were FANTASTIC!!! I laughed and we high fived each other and we were so excited!!! Charlie was grinning from ear to ear!

After much celebrating, I went back to preparing dinner and prayed a silent prayer of thanksgiving.  Not just for the test be honest, they never really mattered.  I thanked Him that I held my tongue...that I was cautious with my words with my son...that I made sure that he knew that I loved him no matter what a test score said...that I didn't get mad at him(because if I'm being honest, I have reacted that way many a time)...that my son felt safe in my arms.  It was all God for sure, because if left up to me...I may have gotten upset.  It was all God for sure, because if left up to me....I may have yelled.  It was all God for sure, because if left up to me...I would have failed my a mother.  Thank you Lord for your intervention...what you are teaching me daily...the conviction you have placed in my life in the last two weeks.  God you are good and your mercies endure forever!!! 

So I passed or failed tests...because we all learned something today.  Just because a circumstance in our life doesn't quite go the way we want that we just take a deep that it's gonna be ok...and that we know that  one failure doesn't have to define who we are!!

They have to get 800 to meet the performance expectations and 850 to exceed.

Chuck's scores:    
                            Before                        After we talked to the principal
          Reading:      834                                              834
English/Lang         841                                              841
              Math:       797                                              844
          Science:       794                                              870
Social Studies:       802                                              845

Addie Scores:

Reading:          831
English:           843
Math:               824
Science:           866
Social Studies: 804

These pictures were my kids goofing around at a photo shoot I had at church...they crack me up!!

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