Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Perks of being a Pastor's Wife

I just love being a Pastor's Wife. I love being a part of the ministry and seeing folks lives changed by the hand of God. It is so awesome to be able to minister alongside of my husband on a daily basis.

Yes, I can not deny the fact that there are many perks that come with the title of "Pastor's Wife".

I know that there are people constantly praying for my sweet husband and children on a consistent basis. Are they praying for them because they have to put up with me? Not so sure...but I am still grateful for the prayers.

Daddy's work is at church and the kids think that is way cool!

We get to go on lots of fun trips and sleep like we did when we went away to summer camp!

We get to be involved in people's lives...and I don't mean just snooping and gossiping. I LOVE our people and LOVE being involved in their lives.

We get lots of great food cooked for us...which means I don't have to cook and because of that we are getting an awesome meal.

Lots of hugs!

The chance to minister to people and share the Love of Christ!

Growing new Believers.

Friends that we can count on through it all.

And last but not least, waking up to this beautiful sight on a glorious Sunday Morning(when my mind should have been on the things of God):

What is that hanging at the end of the driveway, you ask? Take a good look below and see what those crazy kids wrote on a sheet!

Yes, it is a verse. That verse is Luke 23:34..."Father forgive them, for they know not what they do"

They even tried to be spiritual in the midst of tragedy. Tragedy, you say? Yes it was a tragedy, because this was the first in a long time that our yard actually looked REALLY good. We had been working all weekend in the yard and then those hooligans(from our church) had to come mess it up.

Well Boys, you just best be ready. When you least expect it, we are gonna get ya! We might be "old", but we still have a few tricks up our sleeve's!

So that my friends is one of the "perks" of being a pastor's wife!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Get After It...

Well it is finally here. Do you know what time is here? It's time to get busy!

Ric and I went today and met with our great friend, KJ. KJ owns a health and fitness club in Carrollton, GA called God-Built. This place makes me nervous for several reasons:

1. No more cookie dough
2. Sweat
3. No more junk food
4. More Sweat
5. I know I will be sore
6. KJ was my trainer after I had Shelby and he kicked my rear , so I know about the sweat and about being sore(the kind of sore where you can't walk sore!)

Well the list could go on. Ric and I have gotten sick of being out of shape and have decided to finally give in and get after it. We wanna get ripped y'all!

We went to get some flooring for our soon to be home gym in our garage and ended up talking with KJ for quite a while. He talked about how so many people have the mind frame of that if they get this work out plan, this certain diet, this certain machine, or this certain trainer that it is going to fix their issue. We all say that we will start tomorrow(how many times I have said that). KJ said that there is nothing that is going to "fix" your issues, and that there is no better time than now to get in shape. Just get after it. Just start and quit putting it off. Well, we are going to quit putting it off and get busy:)

On the way home from the gym, I started to think about what he said and I later told Ric that some of the things he said correlated with the Christian Life. So many times we think if we go out and get the new Beth Moore devotional, the new Book on being a "Godly Woman", find that perfect church, or that new study Bible that we will start walking with God. We put off our quiet times and tell ourselves that we will start on Monday. It made me realize that when we do go through tough times in our walk, and we will, that there is no time like the present to start walking with GOD and there is definitely no quick fix. All of those books aren't going to make us walk with God(although they can help us grow). It is sheer discipline...just doing it and sticking with it. Determining in our minds that we are sick of doing stuff halfway and just wanna get it done.

Same idea goes for us in the whole workout thing. I know it's gonna be tough. That there will be days I don't wanna workout. Days I don't wanna sweat. Days I wanna eat a whole tube of cookie dough, but I have determined that I am going to see it through to the end.

My prayer is, that I will see my walk with Christ grow more and more, that I never back down, and never quit in my service to him. I am ready to "get after it". I hope you are too!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweet Shelby Jean

Today my sweet Shelby Jean turns 3 years old. She is so stoked to be 3. She thinks she can go to school at 3, fix her own food at 3, pick out her own clothes at 3, get a major credit card at 3, and finally take her 6 month old baby brother out his crib at 3. I just threw the credit card thing in there, but the others she has done....including the baby brother thing! Not sure how she did it...don't want to know. She knows not to do it again...I can assure you that. Happy Birthday my ray of sunshine, my laughter, my love. I have been blessed by your life!

Someting is up in my....

Shelby gives me alot of material for writing. She does things that just completely amuse me and get me tickled to the point of no return.

Yesterday I was in the living room writing on the laptop and Shelby came into the room with an old gymnastics leotard on(that was WAY too small & on backwards), her pink high heels and the biggest smile you will ever find. She proceeded to announce to Jesse and I that "I am beautiful, look at me Mommy, how pretty I am". I then told her that "yes you are pretty Shelby. The prettiest little blonde haired girl ever!" She leaned in real close to me and in an almost whisper said "something is up in my but_....". You can put the last letter there.

This is a word that we do not say, maybe that is why she whispered..I don't know. I started to giggle and then turned my head as to not encourage that sort of language. I had to correct her and tell her that we don't use that word. I decided to investigate the situation and turned her around and this is what I found. I got several laughs throughout the day thinking about her! Hope you get a few!

Even when your all cracked up...keep smiling and telling yourself (and others if you want) that you are beautiful!