Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Someting is up in my....

Shelby gives me alot of material for writing. She does things that just completely amuse me and get me tickled to the point of no return.

Yesterday I was in the living room writing on the laptop and Shelby came into the room with an old gymnastics leotard on(that was WAY too small & on backwards), her pink high heels and the biggest smile you will ever find. She proceeded to announce to Jesse and I that "I am beautiful, look at me Mommy, how pretty I am". I then told her that "yes you are pretty Shelby. The prettiest little blonde haired girl ever!" She leaned in real close to me and in an almost whisper said "something is up in my but_....". You can put the last letter there.

This is a word that we do not say, maybe that is why she whispered..I don't know. I started to giggle and then turned my head as to not encourage that sort of language. I had to correct her and tell her that we don't use that word. I decided to investigate the situation and turned her around and this is what I found. I got several laughs throughout the day thinking about her! Hope you get a few!

Even when your all cracked up...keep smiling and telling yourself (and others if you want) that you are beautiful!

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Gerald Malloy said...

You know...this is border line inappropriate! haha