Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweet Shelby Jean

Today my sweet Shelby Jean turns 3 years old. She is so stoked to be 3. She thinks she can go to school at 3, fix her own food at 3, pick out her own clothes at 3, get a major credit card at 3, and finally take her 6 month old baby brother out his crib at 3. I just threw the credit card thing in there, but the others she has done....including the baby brother thing! Not sure how she did it...don't want to know. She knows not to do it again...I can assure you that. Happy Birthday my ray of sunshine, my laughter, my love. I have been blessed by your life!


Gerald Malloy said...


k.j. said...

The Blazi's - great to see you today. thanks for coming to see me out at God-Built. Great looking kids, and yes you guys are so blessed. I love your family, what a great example for other families. It is so good to see people who "choose" to be blessed. It literally hurts me, frustrates me to see people who are unwilling to take responsibility for their lives, and sometimes just cause they do not know that they have a choice. They just let whatever comes control them, not choosing to as I like to say "happen to life, instead of letting life happen to them." Anyway, not to go off preaching, just to see your blog and see how blessed you guys are just got me excited. Yeh baby. YOUR HEALTH, YOUR LIFE, YOUR CHOICE Godbless kj

Lula! said...

Oh my, she look so much like Kelly! Happy belated Birthday, Shelby! Caroline will be 3 on the 27th...time flies, huh?

Love your new blog makeover, Genie. It looks so pretty!