Friday, December 14, 2012

Hoot Hoot...

Monday night I had my Open House for my new business that I started.  I am selling Living Lockets with Origami Owl!! It went so well and I just loved every part of it...except for the order part because that totally stresses me out!! I love that these lockets tell your story...who you are...what you have been through.  I have always said that a picture tells a story and that is why I love photography...but oh, this locket.  This locket that hangs so close to my heart tells my story too.

A story of redemption...of rescuing.  I was so lost in this dark world and Christ rescued me out of it...He changed me...gave me a new purpose in life.  A calling!  Man am I ever grateful for the cross of Calvary   My most important charm is the cross, because without the cross...oh without the cross, I'm not sure there would be anything in my locket.  I have an "R" in my locket and that represents my sweet husband, Ric.  I love that man, I do. He is the Godliest man I know.  He is my love, and without him, I wouldn't have the next four charms.  Those charms are my children's birthstones.

 My first son, Charlie who has such a sweet soul...I look at that sapphire and remember how he made me a mom first...and I think of what a great kid he is and I pray that he does great things in his life for Christ.  The next stone is for my aquamarine, and I think about my sweet brown eyed girl that is such a little momma.  She is the little girl that I thought I was going to lose when I suddenly went into labor at 25 weeks...and I just remember praying...God, would you just let her stay safe inside of me.  And He did....and she is such a blessing to have in our lives and I know God has huge plans for her.   The next stone is for my Shelby, its tourmaline and such a pretty pink...and isn't that fitting because I named her after Shelby in my favorite movie...Steel Magnolias.  Pink was her signature color!!  It reminds me of my smart and funny little girl. She has more random facts memorized than any person I know...but oh how that little girl lights up the room and brings a smile to any face.  She has a true gift...and I pray Christ uses that. The next stone is my's an aquamarine too. He was born two days before his sisters birthday.  It reminds me of my fun loving little boy who always lives life in a big way.  He is uber athletic...funny...and is just so stinkin cute!! He is still my "baby" and I can't wait to see what God does with him.

I have a "6" charm to represent my family.  I love numbers...always have and six is special to me because it represents the Blazi 6.  My family is so important to me and it's what I do.  I am doing this business on the side...I don't have to have this...I don't need it to make me feel give me a give me girl time.  This is so I can help our family down the road with be near)...weddings(even nearer).  But my family comes before this.  Christ is the most important thing in my life...he called me to be a wife and a mom....and to serve my church.  Those things will ALWAYS come first....always.  I can't imagine not serving in my's just part of me and who I am.  So that number is to remind me of my family and my honor Christ in all I do as a wife, mom, church member....the list goes on.

I have a camera because I love taking pictures.  A picture tells a story and I love being part of people's stories...I have cried several times when I pull a picture up to edit.  Not because of my magnificent, it's because of the story!  I have a sand dollar to remind me of my favorite place on earth...where we go as a family every year...St. Simon's Island.  I call it my happy place and it truly is.  We hunt sand dollars for hours as a family and love seeing who can find the smallest or biggest's just a symbol of a great place for me.  I also have an owl and its to remind me of this new venture in that I pray God uses me in.  I don't just hope to make money...I hope to make an impact on every person I come in contact with...for the cause of Christ.  I pray that my story will plants seeds in the lives of the women who buy lockets from me...oh God, would you use me.

That's my story...and why I believe in this new venture in life.

If you would like to look at the website it is and you can see how awesome this stuff is!!  Go tell your story!!

On a side note...we are in full swing with the Christmas Season and I started a new Advent book with our kids and we are loving it.  It is the Jesse Tree by Ann Voskamp....I love everything this woman writes.  She has such a neat way about her and I just cling to every word.  Her blog is amazing...just punches me in the gut every time I read a good way of course:).  Every night we read the advent story and place an ornament on our Jesse tree. Each picture represents something in the story of Christ and I have just loved...LOVED...doing this with my kids.  I know its late in the month, but you can always start today....go here for the book!

This is my story...This is my song...praising my Savior...all the day long.

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