Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jesse's Five...and that's no jive...

I can't believe that my little man is turning five today. It seems just like yesterday that I was holding him in the hospital. That I was looking at his head full of hair...guessing who he was going to look like...and kissing those fat cheeks!! He took my breath away when I first held him close to my heart. I remember his sweet baby smells...the way he smiled in his sleep....not that he did much of that...the sleeping that is!

I (in my own mind, because who admits those things out loud) had dubbed myself Traci Hogg's right hand woman..."the baby whisperer". We(and I mean we...my hubby rocks) sleep trained all of our kids by 9 weeks old and we could have written a book...if it hadn't already been written by Traci!!! But Jesse....oh but Jesse. He broke that book in two and ripped every page out. He never slept....NEVER!! It was an exhausting...but joyful first year of his little life.

He has been full force ever since and we laugh at him everyday. He has the sweetest hugs...and never wants to let you go. Just today, I ate lunch with him...totally snuck chic-fil-a up in there...and he had the death grip on my hand the whole way down the hall as I left...he would rather be home than anywhere else!!

He has been a blessing everyday!! He can make me laugh, make me cry, and every emotion in between!! He is such a neat kid...loves life, snuggles, superheroes, coloring...hates school, any veggie, and brushing his hair! What a sweet boy my Jesse is and I just know that God is going to use him in ways that I can't even fathom.

I pray that he sells out for Jesus and lives dangerously for Him...that he will love the Word...love people...and always love his Momma!!! Jesse, you were the perfect ending for our little family of 6 and we all think you are pretty special!! You are finally five...and that's no jive!!

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