Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I am back....finally! I have been out of town for two straight weeks without Internet access....well, we did have our laptop but it is so slow I didn't even dare to try to do anything productive on it! It felt strange not writing on my blog...checking out my favorite blogs...checking email...facebook...but yet it was really nice. I actually found news out when I got home that had happened a week and a half ago...I watched hardly any television for two straight weeks and it was grand!! It was two weeks that I learned that I could go without TV, the Internet, my cell phone(which was dead while I was at the beach...although I did use my husbands to call my best friend...several times)!

I did have the gorgeous island of Hilton Head to distract me from all of those things last week...and my sweet kids! I loved every second of our trip on the island...except for the fall I had down the front steps, but I will save that humiliating story for later! We had such a great time playing in the ocean, swimming in the pool, watching fireworks, eating ice cream( a lot), playing hide and go seek, finding sand dollars, catching crabs, getting lots of sun, eating great food, and laughing...a lot! We had a great relaxing vacation and we were so sad to leave the beach and our family! I got the coolest picture ever....it is our last name spelled out using different images on the island...I will try to take a picture of it...seriously cool!

The week before our vacation we were on our youth retreat in Panama City and what a week it was. We had 12 kids that accepted Jesus as the Lord of their life...and many kids got things right. Not just with God but with friends, siblings, their parents, their leaders....it was an amazing week. We had a great friend, Gerald Malloy, come in to do the music! He was awesome as usual, and I count him and his wife as one of our closest friends. I truly love this couple and their passion for God. What a blessing they are in our lives and in our teenagers lives. Phillip Martin, from Knoxville, preached and did a fantastic job. Each message hit our teens right where they were. I have never seen God move in the way that He did that week. God truly used Phillip to minister to our kids...and he was hilarious, so there was lots of laughing. I think our teens were truly changed and will never be the same because of this trip. God blessed...and I pray that He continues to! I am still blown away that God allowed me to be a part of something so Big...I was praying that God would send the rain and boy did He ever!!!

I have four weeks before the real world starts again...you know, school, and I am trying to cram as much summer in as I can. There is a lot of stuff on our list that has yet to be done so I have to get busy! I am starting a company and so I am trying to get that going to...wanna paint my kitchen cabinets....clean our garage....go to the pool(everyday if we could)....so much to do and so little time!

Here are some cute pictures from Hilton Head........I think I can still feel the sand between my toes!!!

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Anonymous said...

Genie, You guys have the most beautiful kids! I always see you smiling! :) Love ya, Brandi