Friday, July 10, 2009

Show us Where You Live....Foyer

This is the entry way at our house.....I love it, but there is still tweaking to be done. When we built our home three years ago, they laid the foundation our advantage...and the foyer and all other rooms are like 5 feet bigger! I know it is a lot of wasted space, but there have been some serious slide contests on these wood held a kids table during a birthday party...great puzzle space....the list could seriously go on. I love that we have wood floors here and wish that they were everywhere downstairs. I want a small round table with a rug under it and beautiful accessories sitting on top of the middle of my foyer.......a girl can dream right!

Check out my entryway:

This is my front door and I just wanted to show it...Vinyl Lettering is from a company I am starting called "Written on the Doorposts" is still in the works, but I have many "samples" in my home! Don't mind the scratches on my beloved door....thanks to our mastiff, Sadie!

Here is the view when you walk in through the front door...which none of our friends ever use...they use the back door or the garage!

I love this little stand...I got it at Kirkland's on clearance and love everything on it! The cross is an antique that I picked up in a local antique shop!

The cotton is real and came out of a field in Abbeville, GA near my Mother-in-law's farm house...I love it and have it in a couple places in my house!
This is my latest addition and seriously one of my favorite things in my house. My little chick family...courtesy of "Written on the Doorposts"....I just put it up weeks ago and love the way it looks! If you are interested in creating your own Chick Family just let me know!

My Longaberger Umbrella Stand that doesn't hold umbrella's....just sticks! My mom got me this antique key from a store near Callaway Gardens!

This pew is special to is from the church that my husband has been a youth pastor at for the last ten years! We have two in our house and there have been many good talks while sitting on this pew!

This is what you see when you walk down the steps. I have had it up since we moved in and I try to change the kid's pictures out regularly. These are almost a year old, but I haven't printed my train track pictures yet...they are going up soon!

View from family room and I love the sign above the door that guests see as they are leaving....if they use the front door that is!

This is not pretty by any means...but completely necessary. This little buddy seriously loves him some steps....and yes he has fallen down them...once!

That's my foyer...thanks for stopping by and hop over to Kelly's Korner to check out other homes! Have an awesome Friday!


Sailor and Co said...

cute :)

Lisa Shatzer said...

Your entry way looks great!

Leslie said...

The bird family is adorable!

Kether said...

Its just beautiful and speaks of welcome and family.
love the chick family. I'd like information on that =)

Kristin said...

I love your wreath and the lettering on the door and walls! Lovely!

Michie said...

You've inspired me! I have a little shelf that looks just like yours - although mine is in kind of a robin's egg blue - I've never really known what to do with it, although I liked it. I just brought it upstairs and put it in our entryway. I think I might have to try painting it! Thanks for giving me something to play around with.