Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What a GRAND day!!

Wow....that is seriously all I have to say. I awoke this morning to little Miss Shelby Jean telling me I needed to check my email. Little did I know what I find in my inbox. COMMENTS!! My husband knows me so well...he knows that I love to blog and absolutely love getting comments(which I don't get very often), so what better gift than to fill my comment box! I was so blown away that so many people took the time out of their day to not only read my blog, but to leave a comment! I would check my email periodically throughout the day to see what new messages were coming in....I was seriously like a giddy 6 year old on Christmas morning.

The sweet things that were written were just a blessing and I needed tissues after some of them. What was even cooler than being blessed by the kind words was just knowing that someone had looked at my blog. You see, I started blogging to keep family updated. ALL of our family lives away from us, so I wanted to do it to put up pictures...funny stories about the kids...just what was going on in Blazi land. As I got more into it I started to write things that God was showing me, teaching me, or doing in my life. I started to have a desire to truly use this site as a ministry. Is every post I write one that is going to minister to people.......no, but I believe God can even bless people through my nutty humor. I am by no means a good writer, use correct grammar, or more spiritual than others. I just write what's in my heart. Sometimes it's bad...sometimes I love what comes out. My prayer is that God would continue to bless this crazy blog and minister to someone in need...someone who is hurting. That is why I do what I do....and most of the time I do it, there is a screaming child in the background....just keeping it real people!

Thanks again for literally making my day yesterday......65comments in all....can I get a woot woot!! I love my man for doing this for me and I thank you each for putting up with my ramblings long enough to get to the comment box. What a great day it was! I hope that people come back and keep reading about this path that God has me on....what a grand path it is!


Lisa Rainwater said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! I'm so not into this internet thing, it took me and Joey to figure out how to send you back a message. Oh well... better late than never at all. I hope that you had a wonderful day and it sounds like you did. I know that I'm never around much, but probably would never have another opportunity to tell you that I have always admired you and your spirit. Your always smiling even with 4 kids hanging from you. My kids need alittle more of that from their own mom. I enjoyed looking at your site and will visit again I'm sure. Blessing to you and your beautiful family.
Lisa Rainwater

Anonymous said...

HA! So, I just had to leave another comment to say...I'm still reading :) I read your blog all the time, I just never leave a comment. Which is probably what a lot of other people do as well :) Anyways, you are such a blessing and your blogs always make me smile. I love you Mrs. Genie, and I hope your post birthday - day is just as blessed :) Love, Tiff

Lisa Holland said...

Mrs. Genie,
yes, you are still blessing, God is still using you to bless lives, you bless me all the time with your blog, and the Godly life you live.
you are an excellent writer!
I love your nutty humor, dont stop!

Love you,
Lisa Holland

The 5 Powell's said...

See...I told you I'd comment! :)
Glad you got tons of comments...hope your day was fantabulous! :)

Stephanie said...

OH my word! Tell your sorry husband to email a sista next time he wants to birthday surprise you! That way next time I can spare you the rendition of "Happy Birthday" by the Rainwater's at 8:30 in the morning...since you were on the phone with your "mom" at 8:00 getting a sweet birthday call first thing...oh, and me and punkin don't really think he is so sorry, just don't tell him how I really feel. I would hate to ruin our relationship.
You're the BESTEST!
Lovin' ya!
Oh and you are currently one year older than me...now that calls for a BIG WOOT WOOT!