Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tiny Truth's Thursday

Well, I have decided that every Thursday I am going to blog about some truth or bit of wisdom that I have gotten from one of my children. I know that I usually do that about every time that I blog, but I wanted to set one day aside for these tidbits of wisdom. Yes, kids say the wisest that a word???...and I have learned more from my sweet young 'uns than I can begin to write about. It is not always serious.....but sometimes it is!

I am excited about this venture into a special day and hope that down the road I will have other bloggers writing about the truth's that they have learned from their kids! I believe God uses our kids...big and show us things that we would normally not see. To give us understanding, insight, knowledge....and well, just a fresh perspective on life in general.

Tonight as my kiddo's were hitting the hay, my hubby hollered down for me that Charlie wanted to talk to me. Charlie is 7 going on 3...seriously people he is so afraid of the name it. He is utterly scared every night at bedtime....but yet will still watch Monsters, INC. and howl with laughter! I thought he was wanting me because he was scared. I went in his room and laid on the bed next to him and he grinned his missing teeth grin and said "Mom, tell me your part about how you and dad met". You see last night Ric told Charlie our love story....he is starting to "like" little girls so Ric had a talk with him. Is he going to kill me when he reads this later in life??? Oh well! So I told him my side of our love story.

I started off with the fact that before I had met Daddy I had other boyfriends, but that one had hurt me pretty bad and after that I decided to date God's way and not the world's way. He looked at me very serious and said..."why did that guy hurt you mom? That is not nice at all!" I think he thought that this guy had like hurt me he had given me a black eye..gave me an Indian burn and put me in the figure four. I had to explain the "hurt" part. It made me smile and say"no, it wasn't nice but God used that time to show Mommy that I need to guard my heart and keep it for my husband"! He then told me he didn't like that guy that hurt me.

Charlie sat and listened to me for a few more minutes and then he said...."Daddy told me he asked Popa(my dad)if he could take you on a date before he ever took you...did he do that?" I told him yes and asked him if he knew why Daddy did that. His eyes got all big and he said very matter of factly "Uh...cause it's just the right thing to do Mom. You have to get permission from the dad!!"

We talk a few more minutes and I fill him in on our romantic proposal...the wedding...all these great details. He is literally hanging on every word people...down to the lilac color of the flowers. I finally finished and looked at him and asked very sweetly...."why do you want to know about this Charlie?" His response...."Cause I like Sally(yes, I changed her name for anonymity cause if her Momma read this she would die:)!!! There you have it my friends. I pour out my heart about meeting my soul mate....just 'cause he likes a girl and wants to make sure Mom's ok with it!

Truths he taught me....

- people that hurt us are "bad"

- that it is always best to go to the Dad when you want to date their daughter(I might need to call my friend and warn her and her husband that Charlie is going to talk to them...haha..not for like 30 more years though!

- that details are important...even the shade of lilac in your bouquet

- that boys will always be boys....and I love them:)

- that I am so not ready for my little boy to grow up

Lots of tiny truths on this Thursday!!

Heart breaker you get the best of me!!!


Our wild zoo! said...

I LOVE your blog! And the tiny truths Thursday is amazing. Now you have got me thinking. What beautiful pictures you have-probably not hard to get with such beautiful kiddos :) Thanks for sharing your heart on this, you're an awesome writer. I'll be back for more!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

What a SWEET post!!! It brought tears to my eyes!!! God really does use our kids to teach us, doesn't he?! What a blessing it is to be a mommy.

He couldn't be more adorable!

Mrs. Nurse Boy