Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tiny Truth's Thursday....the cup of juice

Addie is my oldest middle child. A child that is quiet when she needs to be, and vocal when she wants to be. A child of simplicity...but yet can be complex in some things. She is a diva when it comes to clothes...thus resulting in 90% of our battles...and usually at 7:15am when we have to leave at 7:30am! She will call you out in a second....especially if you are wearing something that she doesn't think is appropriate. She is a l over of all things grand. I love this little girl that lives with me. From her dark brown hair and eyes all the way down to her....well, what's inside. She teaches me things with very few words.

Addie is a very affectionate child and hug, squeeze, and sometimes even pinch, to show her love to anyone. She hugs on me, Ric, siblings, family, church friends, teenagers,, I am just kidding about the stranger part, but she is just a sweet little girl. We have called her Boo since she was a toddler, because she always looked like the little girl from Monsters, inc. People love Addie and I think I know why!

Addie isn't a little girl of many words. She is not my deep thinker(like Shelby) or a playground preacher (Charlie), but she is a little girl that sees needs in people. She notices when someone is sad, upset, or hurting. She wants to fix it and will try to do anything to fix the situation. She has something that I think I need a little bit more of. She has compassion, empathy, and love.

Last night we had a meeting for the youth teachers at church, and all of our kids were playing on the playground(yes, unsupervised unless you call two 8 year olds watching them supervision) and buddy it was HOT. When we called them in to go to church....they were nasty...seriously I thought I was going to have to give them one of those baby wipe baths...y'all know what I am talking about. Well Shelbs is walking down to her room and when she gets to the door of her class....she just starts to screaming and throwing in between those screams was a "I am so thirsty I am going to die....I don't want to go to my class.....I am hot". Well I "gently" took her into the stairwell to giver her a "talking to" so that she would calm down. We came back in the hall and Shelby walked in her room(still screaming...the talking to wasn't too effective) and there was Addie with a cup of juice...for Shelby. It warmed my heart to see her thinking of someone else's need. She told me she had fixed Shelby a drink(which she really isn't allowed to do at church...but I will let this one slide) and could I give it to her. I walk in the room and Shelby by this time has snot, slobber, and tears all over her face. I hand her the juice and told her Addie made it for her and guess what....she quit crying!!!

Addie didn't have to do that for her sister, but she did. She taught me last night that we need to see needs in people's lives and try to help them. Whether it is with a hug, a kind word, a prayer....or a cup of juice. I love that God put these children in my life so that I can learn from them. So that I can see things in a new light. May I have the compassion for people that my child does!

Tiny Truth's I learned from this day~

That kids get really sweaty when they play outside on the playground

That kids still cry when you drop them off at the nursery...even when they have gone to the same church since conception

That we should love people more

That I should see people's need...more than I see my own needs

That sometimes a cup of juice is all you need

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