Thursday, September 2, 2010

9 02 10

No, I'm not talking about Brenda, Brandon, or Donna. I was writing this date down and thought, that is too funny…but these numbers mean more than to me than just being the most popular show on TV when I was a teen. No, these numbers are a testament to God's goodness.

Today I am celebrating 10 years of marriage with my husband, Ric. A decade…that seems so crazy to be able to say that. What a ride it has been…and I am ever grateful for the ride. I thought that today, 10 years after I stood across from the love of my life, I would write about 10 things that I have learned in 10 years!

1.That Georgia football games trump anything…even babies being born (although we got married on the same day that Georgia played Georgia Southern…all the while several family members may have had ear buds in listening to the game during said wedding…I still get grief for that one)

2. That your wedding day is wonderful…but all the days that follow it is truly what it's all about…

3. That 4 kids are loud and crazy and make life so much fun…and yes, we know what causes babies in case our family is STILL wondering…and no we aren't having any more…as of now! Ok Mom, I'm kidding…hope you didn't have a heart attack!

4. That there is nothing sweeter than seeing the man that you love in the eyes of your children.

5. that keeping track of turns is VITAL…."Mommy"…."it's your turn, I got it last time"!

6. That paint thinner will not cause blindness…even when you are pregnant and shouldn't be painting!

7. That men truly have the secret…about mowing the lawn. I may have to explain that one day soon but yes men, I know you're secret and I will expose your secret to your wives….y'all are so tricky!!

8. That everything that happens is NOT a life or death situation…although I do regress in this knowledge…daily!

9. That romance is not about flowers and fancy dinners…but romance is having him do other sweet stuff for me. Nothing says I love you like taking out the trash or cleaning up the dishes...just sayin'! 1-800-Flowers has truly missed the boat….it should be 1-800-it'sokhoneyjustrelax! But seriously…it's seeing my husband play with my kids, pray over them at night, tuck them in at night, do something out of the ordinary(like the trash…ahem), back rubs…it's truly the little things that I love.

10. That God is Faithful…He brought me my perfect mate (no, Ric's not perfect…just perfect for me) in His perfect timing. I love Ric more today than I did 10 years ago, and although we have been through the greatest of times and the hardest of times my love for him has grown through it all. He is one special man…a man of faith, truth, love, consistency, and steadfastness! He rocks and I am so glad I'm beside him in this life!

Happy 10 Years babe! Can't wait to see what the next 10 years hold for us!

Don't be making fun of my scanned in was a decade ago..I don't even think they had digital cameras back then!!

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Chad said...

You better hush about the secret... That's nobodies business!

Congratulations guys! Y'all are the bee's knee's...