Sunday, May 8, 2011

Welcome Home...

Friday night we loaded up in the van to head to the airport.  The long awaited day was here.  Signs were were was brushed...and Momma was smiling.  We headed down to the gate with our friends to wait for them.  My friend Heather and I were were whooping it up in the parking lot because we were so excited to see our men!  People surely thought we were nuts running through that airport with seven signs...and us two were as giddy as we were on our wedding days!  We couldn't wait to see their faces again!

The guys had been in Ecuador for 8 days, beginning the process of planting our church in a town called Zhud.  They are the "people of the hill"!  A people in need of a church building...a people that need to hear about the love of Christ.  We are beyond excited to start this...beyond expectant of what God is going to do!  It's gonna be awesome!  So lets go back to the airport where kids and excited wives are waiting...

We wait patiently as person after person comes down the escalator...each one gets a sigh because "nope..that's not dad either"!  Everyone smiled at us...thought the kids were so cute...a few even said they wished they were "DAD"!  Then we saw them...saw their shoes...and then the squeals started.  As soon as they came through those revolving doors the kids were off may have to watch the video a few times...just to watch the kids run to the different dads.  Each one is pretty cool...and if you pay attention to the left screen you will see Mrs. Carol go up and hug her husband, Bro. Joe!  She missed him so much!!!  I loved the kids reactions...loved their excitement...and just love that Ric is home now!

The guys dished out the kids gifts...they were all so excited with each personal item that the men had looked for and bought.  It was a special moment for I will never forget.  As we rode home that night...hand in hand....I listened to Ric tell me story after story about what God had done in the hills of Ecuador...the funny stories...the heartbreaking tales...the hope that lies among those beautiful green hills.  That hope is found thru Christ and is in a little church called Iglesia Evangelical Bautista.  I can't wait to go there one love on the share Christ's love with them!

This Mother's Day is a grand one for sure...because of my sweet four kids that call me Mom every day(even if it is like 50,000 times a day).  Because of my unbelievable Mother that is such a great example for me...a great friend to me...a bearer of my burdens...she has taught me well and I just love her to pieces...Happy Mother's Day Momma!!!  To a great Mother-in-law that raised the man that I was so excited to see on Friday night...she is so good to us!  And because my man is home...home from the hills for now!  I am so thankful he is thankful for the time he had...expectant of what God is going to do!  What a grand day for sure!

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Chad Miller said...

I didn't even see this until just now! Muy bueno!!!