Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The end came far too soon...

 Summer time....I hate to say goodbye.

I took the summer off…not that anyone probably noticed, except my ad company! I needed a break from blogging…needed to spend time with my family…my friends…and with everything we did this summer, I’m not sure I would have even had time for it!

It has finally come to an end…summer that is. The kids started back to school about two weeks ago and we said goodbye to our carefree days at the pool…the water park…and late night movie watching. This has been a good summer. One of the best I remember, and yes, I was sad to see it end.

We had our first basketball camp at church, and it was a huge success. There were so many kids there…I worked in the kitchen during the day getting their lunches cooked with some of the teenagers and my awesome friend Tonya. It was all day until 3:00…so needless to say…my kid’s were exhausted by weeks end! It was so much fun and the kids learned so much!

The kids went with us on our youth retreat and stayed at camp with us. It was different having them there and sometimes hard to balance being mom and youth leader, but I am so glad they came. They got to hang around the best group of teenagers ever. Our teenagers treat our kids so good…they always play with them, make them feel important, take time for them…it means the world to me that they do that! They swam during the day and went to the beach and played with their friends. The camp went awesome and many kids walked away different than when they walked in. I love teenagers….especially these!!! Thankful that I get to work with them week after week.

After we got home we unpacked and packed again to head out on vacation to my favorite place on earth…St. Simon’s Island. We had a great week with the Blazi family. We spent a TON of time on the beach…riding bikes…catching crabs(Charlie’s favorite thing to do)…playing games….and eating, can’t forget that. The kids loved being around their little cousins and playing with them. We took the kids on a bike ride one afternoon…and lawzee…I don’t know what we were thinking. I think we rode over 5 miles, and with 3 little ones on bikes and me toting a 33 pound toddler on my bike…lets just say it was interesting. Shelby wrecked her bike a few times…bad once and it tore her poor little chin up. By the time we got back the kids were sweating, sun burnt, bleeding…and so tired they could hardly walked. It was tough, but I have to say, they had such great attitudes and never quit…they made it all the way back and I was super proud of them for it! Jesse had the best hand dealt to him…he was just along for the ride…and fell asleep before we got home!!! It was a beautiful week and we were sad to leave that little island. On the way home we stopped by Ric’s mom and uncles farm and spent the afternoon fishing in the pond and eating watermelon…the kids love being there!

The day after we got home we had our 4th annual Family Fun Day at church. We have a huge “field day” the Sunday before the 4th of July and it is the most fun! The kids love it….ok, who am I kidding…I love it and it makes me feel young again to run in a 3 legged race! We had far too much fun…laughed so many times…and left that day wet…tired…with far too many memories to count!

We went to Pooler, GA this summer for our Mission Trip with our church. It was mostly our teenagers and some adults from our church…and my 4 kiddo’s. We had the BEST time that week. We ran VBS for a church in town…and I have to say that this place was precious and I just loved the people there. The kids…their leaders…it was just an awesome week. My older two helped run the VBS and they thought they were hot stuff…Shelby traveled around with her age group and knew the answer to every question I asked. I got to teach the bible story every day…which I have to say I was hesitant about….and God just used those lessons to bless me…to work in my heart….to shape and mold me. It was exactly what I needed…and He knew it!! …I loved telling those little kids about Jesus….they would sit with eyes wide open, hanging on every word. God blessed me that week in a huge way.

We came home for a few days and then packed back up and headed north to visit with my family in Virginia. We had the best time hanging out them….we swam…ate tons of food…just had a great time. I was so sad to leave them…my nieces and nephews are growing up far too fast and I hate missing it!! It was a good week…a refreshing week and one that I am thankful for.

We were a band of gypsy’s this summer for reals…traveling 5 weeks out of the summer and even when we were here, we were still crazy busy…but boy was it good!!

So now we are back in the swing of things….packing lunches…doing homework….soccer and football are starting...and Jesse is home alone with me. We miss the sleeping late days of summer, but I am looking forward to what lies ahead. As busy as we are, it’s nice to have a normal! Looking forward to class parties….field trips…lunches in the cafeteria…and cooler weather!!!!

Goodbye summer…it’s been real….

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