Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Lost get found…even if you have to yell for help…

The kids had fall break a week or so ago and we decided to make the trek up to Virginia to visit with my family. We had an amazing weekend, filled with laughter…lots of food…and fun. I love going home and it really refreshes me…just to be around “my people” and to just be. I love my family…I do. I hate living so far away…something that has gotten to be normal…but never easy!

On Saturday we decided to head up to the pumpkin patch. It was a gorgeous day…the sun was out…there was a slight breeze…all seemed right with the world for a little while. We paid our way to get in…and on a side note…that place was a racket…you have to pay an arm and a leg to get in and then buy tokens to do all of the activities. They made a FORTUNE off of us alone….and I bet there were over a thousand people there in the same time span we were. I am seriously looking into having a pumpkin patch in my back yard next year…I can grow some pumpkins…do a hay ride…have a pumpkin launcher….but I will not be having a corn maze. I venture to say that I will NEVER go in one again!!!

We had done all of the overpriced activities for the day and the last thing we were going to do was the corn maze. There were 4 adult women…and 7 kids. We had a map…clues…we were ready to go. We were taking pictures going in and thinking this is gonnna be so much fun….oh, little did we know. About 5 minutes into the maze we ran across a guy that worked there and he said we were going in the right direction…about that time a family walked up all disheveled…corn in their hair…sweat dripping off their brow (ok…I am exaggerating, but they were in a panic)…”you have got to get us out of here…we have small kids and we are done…we can’t find our way out”!!! That should have been clue #1…note to self!!

We walk around for what seems like forever…we are still laughing at this point. Then we realize that we are walking in circles and we haven’t seen a clue in ages. We soon found a “guide” who told us to take a left than a right…than another left…to get to the next clue. Well, we did what he said and never found the clue and again proceed to walk in circles for the next 15 minutes. AT this point JB is exhausted…he is 3…I have him on my hip…my sister-in-law is carrying her 4 year old…and half the big kids are dragging through the hot corn field…(the breeze had left us at this point)!! I start yelling for help…my mom is done…we just want out of this stupid maze…who cares how we have to get out!!!

We wander and finally see the blaze orange shirt…(a dude that works there)…we tell him he has to get us out…that he isn’t going to tell us how to get out, he is gonna walk us straight through this maze to the exit!!! He begins to walk us and we are soon joined by a few other families…just trying to get out. I ask him very politely…since we just basically threatened him with his life if he didn’t get us out…”you’re not supposed to help us are you?”. To which he replied with his sweet country smile “no m’am…not really”. Well, Mr. “no m’am not really” got us lost a few times and couldn’t really read the map…but then…but then…he realized where we were and within minutes we were at the exit. I threw myself across the table at the entrance and looked that sweet lady in the eyes and said “ never…ever let people with small children go in that maze…ever”!!! She just smiled and said “I told you it was the more difficult maze”…which I sweetly responded with “difficult…how about impossible…your worker even got lost”…and then I told her to have a lovely day…really I did.

We were out and we were done…forget the hayride…we needed a car ride to the closest restaurant so we could get these poor kids something to drink and eat. We laughed about it…the horrible corn maze, but I think we all decided that we won’t make that mistake again. The guys picked at us and laughed…Ric thought it was funny…and then I heard on the news the next night about a couple calling 911 cause they were lost in a corn maze and I looked at Ric and said “see…we aren’t the only people that get lost…and why didn’t I think to call 911???”.

 This picture was taken upon exiting the maze...see how pathetic they looked...oh wait that was the adults who aren't in the picture...

And that my friends was how the lost got found…

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