Friday, March 28, 2014

Double 1's...

11 years ago today I met my sweet Addie Mae.  She was tiny and had the most delicate features.  Her skin was such a perfect olive shade and she had the darkest hair and brown eyes that were as deep as the ocean. She was perfect.  I held her for the first time and knew I'd forever be changed. 

As Addie got older her personality really began to come out. She was super mischievous, loved to laugh, loved making messes, and was a true friend. 
She was a tad on the shy side, but once you got to know her she was your forever friend.  She needed to always feel safe and secure and to this day she is the same way.

Addie is becoming such a special young lady. She has a deep desire to be shaped and molded by God. She is attentive and soaks in every word she hears. I love sitting next to her in church and watching her as she takes notes.  She is thorough and very intentional. I love that about this sweet girl. 

Yesterday I went to get her a new shirt for her birthday.  I walked around the children's section and nothing stood out. I decided to go to my favorite boutique and see if anything there might fit her tiny frame.  As I shopped one of the gals working asked me about her.  I began to talk about Addie and what a neat kid  she is.  How she is a magnet for little loyal she is as a gentle she is with people. I purchased her shirt and got in the van and it sunk in...that little brown haired baby with eyes as deep as the ocean was growing up. She is maturing, and while it scares the crud out of me...I am excited to see the next steps for her.  I am proud of Addie...and man am I grateful to be her Mom!!

Today Ric and  I took cake and lunch up to her class and before I cut the cake I asked her if I could take her picture with the cake.  She looked at her daddy and rolled her eyes and said "really mom, we are gonna be one of those weird families?? I laughed so hard...but yeah, I'm gonna be one of those weird moms because I want to remember ever moment of the time I have the privilege of being your momma.  Your a gift sweet girl.  Happy double 1's Addie Boo!! 

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