Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It was just a box...

It was a simple resin box. He held it out with his pudgy fingers and the biggest grin on his face, but it was just a simple box. It has a cross on it…the crown of thorns and three nails. He handed it to me so carefully and just said “this is for you momma”. I of course made a big deal about the little box and thanked him for giving me such a sweet gift…but at that moment, it was still just a box.

 I sensed that he was proud of his little box, so I asked him if he bought it at the Sunday school store that morning. He said “yes, ma’am” and shyly looked down as he shoved his hands in his pockets and gave me his crocked grin. “Awh, Jess that is so sweet that you bought me something in the Sunday school store”, but it was still just a box. I held it so gently as I walked into the sanctuary…I could hear his little voice behind me as he was telling me about purchasing this box. I scanned over his head looking for the lady that I needed to talk to, all the while I could still hear him, but I wasn't really listening. I was in a hurry because I had to be in the nursery that Sunday. I found the lady I was looking for, told her what I needed to say and then she saw it. She saw my box.

She began to tell me the story behind the box. The story that soon gripped my heart, brought tears to my eyes, and made me love this sweet, tousle headed boy even more. He had walked into the store so excited this morning. He knew today was the day that he may finally have enough coins. He had been eyeing the box for over 3 months and knew he needed 50 coins to purchase it. Every store day he would find out how many he had, and then purpose in his heart that he was going to keep saving. That Sunday was different…he knew he probably had enough and he waited so anxiously for the teacher to count his coins. He even got nervous because the kid in line behind him was eyeballing his precious box. When she finished counting, she told him he had 56 coins. I can see him in my mind as he used all but six of his coins to purchase it. I am certain he was busting with excitement to give it to me.

 As she is telling me the story that morning, my eyes began to brim over. I think my breath was caught in my chest the entirety of our conversation. Who would do that for me? I was such a failure some days as a mom, but yet the love this little boy had for me overwhelmed me. Even when I fail, he still loves and values me as his momma. Even when I don’t measure up in the race of Pinterest mommy’s making the perfect school lunch, meals, projects and what not…this little boy thought I was the best in the world. I was humbled by his great love for me. As I looked up at the ladies standing around me, Jesse was still holding my hand and tears brimming on my eye lids, I saw the tears in their eyes too. Not because they were jealous…not because they wished they had a son like that. No. It was because they got it. They knew they were enough for their kids. They got that our kids love us no matter what we weigh, what we cook, or even if our house is clean. And now…it wasn't just a box.

This little box means so much more. My little man saw it and immediately thought of me. He worked diligently to save his coins so that he could purchase it for me. He was probably ready to choke hold the little boy behind him if he had tried to buy it out from under him. He had a goal, and it was to buy his momma this precious box. When I look at it now, I see dedication, patience, steadfastness, love, and adoration. It isn't just a box. Oh no, it means so much more. It’s a treasure and something I will hold dear to my heart the rest of my life.

 It’s so much more than just a box...

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Kimberly said...

I've read this before but just reread it again this morning. Such a precious story and of course I am in tears. Love your precious gift of story telling and love those sweet babies you have raised.