Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day........

I am sitting here on Father's Day thinking about my sweet loving husband and my unbelievable dad. The two men that I look up to most in the world. I will start with Dad first because you know how the saying goes....age before beauty?!!!! Just kidding, but Dad you are 60 now!!!

My daddy is just the best ever. Growing up, he was just such a constant in my life. There for everything. He was the one that taught me to shoot a basketball(although he always tried to change my shot), throw out a fishing line, ride a bike, and beat up any boy who messed with me or my family(which I would still do today if needed)! He always took time to be with us. I can remember him coaching literally every little league team we were on and when he wasn't coaching us on the floor he would coach from the stands. Even in college I knew the sound of his whistle. He would whistle and I would look for him in the stands so he could give me encouragement and pointers! I had the honor of him walking me down the aisle almost 8 years ago to marry the father of my children. I will never forget those moments before we walked down and the look on his face. He was proud, yet sad that his little girl had grown up. I can remember leaving my reception in tears because I was leaving my family and moving 8 hours away. I looked back for one last look because I didn't see my dad when we walked out to get in the car. I caught a glimpse of him standing in the doorway with more tears in his eyes than I had ever seen. All I could think of for the next 4 hours in that car was that I had left my daddy in tears. I still get choked up thinking about it today. He loves me...and I know it!

He has for the last 8 years fervently looked for jobs in the Lynchburg area so that Ric and I can move back. He will call me on occasion and tell me about job openings, even ones that are completely random! He so just wants his family back together again. I talked to him this afternoon and was just so proud to be his little girl. What an unbelievable man he is. He loves with all his heart. I love you daddy!

Ric...where do I start with him. Almost seven years ago I remember seeing my husband holding our little boy Charlie for the first time. I remember falling in love with Ric all over again. I am not sure if he had even ever held a newborn, but he was just so natural with Charlie. Now four kids later I still am amazed out what a great Dad he is. He knows exactly what our kids need when they need it. He knows how to make them each feel so they are the only kid on earth. He will show Charlie how to beat a level on one of his games and Charlie thinks he is the world champion of PSP games. He took Addie to see the Hannah Montana movie and buddy she thought she was a princess for the day. Shelby loves to ride with Ric. To church, to the Dollar General, I think she would enjoy just sitting in the driveway in the car with him. They love their Daddy! He makes time for each of them. Better than all of those things above, he teaches them about our Lord and Savior! He makes sure that they know that they are a child of the King! He listens to their questions about the Bible and can explain it in a way that they truly get it. He prays for them continuously and desires to see them be Godly. His proudest moment yet was the night that Charlie got saved. I remember when Charlie called Pops(Ric's dad) and told him that he got saved, Ric just sat there and cried! He is the best dad, coach, teacher, and comedic relief that any child could ever ask for. I thank God for the spiritual leader that he is in our home. I love my husband and thank God for him and for the dad he is to our kids. I praise God that they have a Dad who will tell them about Jesus and His love for them.

I truly am blessed....I have the best dad and husband ever!!!!

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Lula! said...

I think your husband is pretty swell, too. But only because he let me do my laundry at his apartment during our first year at Liberty. THAT was a very big deal, ya know, especially since we were young and poor.

You are blessed...