Monday, August 25, 2008

WARNING....way too many pictures are below!!!!!!! I had way too many good ones and couldn't just pick 20 much less 5...only scroll down if you have a long time to might take a while!!

So I haven't posted anything on here and like ages and I have been getting flack from my husband for not keeping it updated. I am not sure where to even start. I guess vacation....We went to Hilton Head Island with my family for a week and had a great time. The kids had the best time swimming, bike riding, ice cream eating, and just plain hanging out. Charlie and Addie went and played Golf with Ric one day and had a great time doing that. We all went on a "dolphin cruise"! It was raining and just plain wet but it was fun being on the boat and seeing the dolphins up close. The kids loved the pool and the ocean and were content with just doing that the entire week. SHelby fell in love with her cousin Ty(it's ok...we aren't from West Virginia) and they were just the cutest things ever. They danced and held hands and just had a ball. Jesse was sick the whole time...seems to be his thing right now...but he was still a sweet boy. He slept in a swing down at the beach and let the sound of the waves rock him to sleep. Pretty sweet I think. Addie had a ball with her cousin Gracie and loved having another girl around close to her age. Charlie just loved being with the boys and he and TY really got along and found a mutual love (aka...obsession) - playstation!!!! We ate too much, got too much sun, too much sand in our suits, and not enough sleep....perfect vacation.

Shelby and the love of her life...her cousin TY


After Hilton Head the kids and I headed to Lynchburg for a week at Nana and Popa's. They swam a lot at their pool and we got to do lots of fun stuff. It was fun to be there during the summer time. It was a great time but being away from home for two whole weeks was exhausting. We were excited to get back but not excited for school to start.

The first day of school was really exciting. The kids loved their teachers and couldn't wait to see all of their friends again. They have both made some really good friends there and so have Ric and I. We love that school and couldn't be happier there. Ric had the honor of praying for the school at the Gym Dedication this week. We were super excited that they asked him and even more excited that our school still prays!!!! They still paddle too....yeah, yeah, I know it is a small school in the country but still!!!

Jesse has been diagnosed with asthma after a long battle with a serious cough. He had a cough ever since he was 6 weeks old and just couldn't shake it. After hundreds of dollars and about 10 different prescriptions they sent us to a pulmonologist. He changed his meds and got us on the right track. He was actually cough free for almost 3 weeks. He is sick again now but at least we can treat it. I am just praying that God will heal his little body and we won't have to keep doing all this junk. I feel so sorry for him.

Well, that is about all that we have had going on. I am sure we will have more interesting stories to tell later.

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