Friday, September 26, 2008

Who is Jericha?

So, every night that we are all home together we have one of the kids "preach" to us about a bible story they have learned and what it means to them. Charlie and Addie are really getting it and have delivered some great 3 point sermons. Shelby on the other hand...not so much. She likes to stand up there and have everyone look at her, she smiles real cute, and then begins to ramble about God and Jesus(remember she is not yet 3). When I say ramble, I mean ramble. It went on for a good 6 minutes last night and at one point I thought she was speaking in could not understand her. She may not be able to preach but boy can she pray. She prayed for everyone that she knew, SEVERAL times and then she prayed for "our whole church", followed quickly by a peeking eye and the question, "Who else Mom?" She went so long that Charlie and Addie were like "okay Shelby, wrap it up!" Sometimes she prays for people that she doesn't even know last night she prayed for Jericha and then asked me in her prayer "Mommy, who is Jericha?" Charlie proceeded to role his eyes and sigh "Shelby it's Jericho, not Jericha...Jericho is a city!" Shelby didn't care what he thought...she was going to pray for Jericha, so Jericha if you are out there girl, there were some prayers sent up for you last night! gotta love her heart! Such a special girl and such a ray of light! I truly believe that God has a great plan for her...she sees things most people don't(and I don't mean dead people, although she did she Jesus in our backyard wearing Ric's Crocs, but that is another story), and she has such a spiritual mind. I pray that this crazy world never stifles her passion for prayer!

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