Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thank you God....I will never cut my hair again!!

The other day Shelby and I were in the kitchen fixing a snack and she said to me "Mom can you get my hair out of my face?" I began to comb through her hair and then I said to her "Wow Shelby...your hair is finally starting to grow back!" She quickly bowed her head and said
"Thank you God....I will never cut my hair again!"

You see....about 6 months ago Shelby decide to go all Truvey on us (you know...the beautician from Steel Magnolias) and cut her own hair. To say the least....Truvey would not have approved. She completely whacked one side of her hair off...down to the scalp in several spots. I was horrified...she cried....we invested in headbands and hair bows to cover up her obvious mistake. And then we just waited............

I so got tickled the morning that she thanked God for her fast growing hair...it made me laugh that she had been so traumatized over her mishap that she was thanking God for such a silly thing. I then thought about what had transpired in those few minutes and God quickly humbled me and reminded me that we should thank Him for everything...even things that others may find as silly.

You see, to Shelby, her haircut was a major thing that she got in trouble over....and the fact that the hair was growing back covered up the fact that she had messed up...she was putting that day behind her, hopefully to never revisit it again! So she was thanking and praising God for it!

I realized that morning, again, how Great our God is! That even in my mistakes...my mishaps...my sins...that He provides a covering for it. That He takes those sins and He covers them with Christ's Precious Blood, so that I can put those things behind me, hopefully to never revisit them again. So yes, I should thank Him and praise Him for it, especially when other's may find it silly...or to some, even unnecessary! I pray that my heart would be as eager as Shelby's is to thank Him and that I wouldn't look past all the great things He has done in my life!

This is how it feels to be free

This is what it means to know that I am forgiven

This is how it feels to be free
To see that life can be more than I imagined
This is how it feels to be free

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Blazigang said...

nice reminder of the grace of God!