Monday, September 14, 2009

Fell Asleep....

Last weekend my brother and his precious wife and two kids came for a visit. This was only their second time needless to say, I was stoked. I got everything clean...too bad it's not now....guest room set in the fridge...Diet Mt. Dew in the fridge (cause Paul and I are seriously addicts)....and very little sleep because of all of the above!!

They got here late on Friday night and we all...and I mean all(except Jesse) stayed up until about 1:30 or so. We were having such a great time and the kids were seriously in heaven playing with their cousins. Shelby loves....loves Ty...she had asked me earlier in the day if she could marry her cousin when "she was all grown up"...I told her no..we are not from West Virginia honey!!

Saturday was a glorious day filled with the bikes...trampoline jumping...four wheeler riding...swinging...sliding....getting was just glorious! My mother in law got to the house around 4:00 and then we adults left her with 6 heard me right. One sweet loving Nemaw with 6 kids! God Bless her...she is the best! They had a great time with her and she is so good with the kids!

We "big" kids headed out to dinner...shout out to the Outback......and then headed to the Marta to join in the swarm of Maroon. We were headed to the Alabama/Virginia Tech game. You see we are long time Hokies....we grew up just miles from the stadium...all of our family are fans of the sister went to VT...we even have a VT sticker on my van(yes in Georgia...I know)! We were so excited to be heading to the was sold out..not an empty seat in the were screaming(and seriously if I ever hear "Roll Tide" again I might puke)...there was Maroon everywhere....more screaming fans...Good Times people! We settle in and cheer the Hokies on! My bro is crazy and loves to holler...jump around...and then holler some more. He fits right in with us.

Well, remember how tired I told you I was from doing all of the above? Well guess what I decided to do right after the band played the half time show? Did you guess it???? I layed my head over.....and amidst all 75,000 screaming fans.....I took a nap. I am not talking about a 3 minute cat nap...I am talking about a dozing off and on the entire second half. People around me must have thought I was either crazy or had had to much to drink...and I DON'T drink..ever! How sad is that...that I am a 34 year old spunky large...getting things done....and I fall asleep at a football game. I mean I know I fall asleep watching it at home....but I don't have a cow bell ringing in my ear at home. I have just come to the conclusion that I am fun....and seriously need some sleep. Good times people....good times!!

We went to the CNN center for lunch after church on Sunday and then hit Centennial Park.....we had such a good time and I was so sad when they left. My brother has been my best buddy since we were little...all through high school and college...we did all kinds of crazy stuff together. I love my brother and his sweet family. When they left and we were heading I wiped a few little tears from my eyes...I prayed that one day...God would allow me to live near all of them again. I miss them so much!!
The below pictures aren't the greatest...they are from Ric's i phone:)


FeFe@Good Intentions said...

Where are the pictures of you sleeping? I know there has to be one somewhere! That's too funny. If I sit down on the couch after 8pm I go right to sleep. I like to think it's a busy thing NOT an age thing! ;)

the 5 powell's said...

Hah! I love it! Go read my blog'll make ya feel better about the sleeping thing! :)
(oh - and we hate Roll Tide here too - so for once in my life, we were rooting for VA Tech too!)