Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Panic Room....

I went to get my hair cut last Thursday at this great little shop up the street from my house. This precious girl named Emily opened her own salon up in an old house and it is just the cutest thing ever. My husband and I call it "Truvey's"...she didn't know why we called it that, so I had to fill her in on the greatest movie ever filmed!

I got a lot of hair cut off....so it took a while! I had both Shelby and Jesse with me....we will leave it at that. Let's just say I will never go back there with my kids...and she may never let me come back period. They were charazzy!!!! Jesse turned the sprayer in her sink on...tried to dry his hair under the dryer...climbed on the bathroom sink to wash his hands and then couldn't get down...tried to get his tan on in her tanning bed......ok, I am exaggerating a tiny bit...but not much!!

Shelby was doing her usual business...trying to keep Jesse in line, all the while irritating the stew out of him. She was taking him to the potty(since he is trying to potty train)...taking him on the carport....pushing him in the stroller. She was being a great big sister(except when she threw my iphone across the room just 'cause she thought it would be funny)! Until......she had to go potty! I am sitting there getting my hair did....Emily was drying my hair and she says to me "do you hear that??" She turns the dryer off....and we hear screaming and crying. She said "I think that is Shelby" and I jump up and run to find her(not that I had to go far...the shop is tiny) and I hear her in the bathroom. She is screaming and jumping up and down "I can't get out....Mommy help me". The door is locked...and she can't figure out how to open it. I lean down to the bathroom door(while Jesse is climbing on something I'm sure) and try to talk her through the process of unlocking the door! She is in panic mode and is not listening to me at all....Emily is searching for a key...I am trying to jimmy the lock with a credit card...hair clip...anything that we can find. NOTHING! Shelbs is still crying...I am at this point mortified that this is going on because now poor Emily is panicking and calling everyone she knows to see if they have a key. We even go outside and try to go through the window. Picture this...Emily is trying to hoist me up so I can see in the window...yes I know it's funny! I could see Shelby screaming and hitting the door but can't get in.

We go back in the salon and I go over to the door and continue to tell her how to open it...I know she is doing something cause I feel the handle moving. I am very specific in my directions..."pinch the thing in the middle and turn it to the side...it should go side to side and not up and down!" She continues to scream and she tells me it won't move. I take a long deep breath and clam down and proceed to tell Miss Thang to calm down and listen to Mommy. I said "Shelby you can't panic...take a deep breath...trust Mommy and turn the lock to the side." She softly said "it won't move Mommy". It then hit me....like a ton of locked doors...."Shelby, turn it the other way" and click and the door was open and there stood my poor pitiful child with snot and tears all over her face! She runs and hugs me so tight....Emily breathes a sigh of relief...Jesse is done highlighting his hair at this point...and all is good in the salon.

As Emily finished up my new do, I thought about that whole process that seriously lasted like 20 minutes...not lying! The whole time she was trying to get the door to open she kept trying to open it the same way...she was too panicked to listen...and she just kept doing the same thing over and over again even though it didn't work the first time. Isn't that just like me....so many times in life I do the same thing over and over again...even when it doesn't work. I try to fix things my own way...do things on my own terms instead of God's. If I would just sit back...listen...take a deep breath and trust God...I would hear Him telling me..."Turn the other way and you will be free"! I pray that I would listen to His Word ...hear His direction...trust Him...and that when I do get out...that I would run to Him...just like Shelby ran to me! Thank the Lord that He is still in the direction giving business...and His directions are always right!


Anonymous said...

Amen! So true! Love this story but I hated that Miss Shelby was so upset.

Kelli said...

Genie that is great...kinda like when Mikell got stuck in the elevator at church and come to find out he forgot to hit the button for which floor so he wasn't really stuck he just thought he was. I absolutely love how you can take any situation and turn it into a life lesson. And with your illustrations I hope I never forget to calm down and follow God's directions. I so needed this! Thanks