Sunday, April 11, 2010

He's 35...and I love him...

Friday was my husband, Ric's, birthday. We were on vacation in St. Simon's Island without any Internet...I I was unable to post on his actual here is my birthday post for Ric...two days late!
Ric is now 35! Wow...that seems so strange when I look at it...not just 'cause it's "old", but I realize that I have known my husband for 10 years. I have known him a little over a third of my life. It seems just like yesterday that I saw him across the gym at my game. I remember what he was handsome he was(and still is) nervous we were. Could it really be that we have been together that long??? When I look at his age there is no denying it....but when I look at our only seems like months.

10 years...4 children...3 homes.....several cars....tons of laughs....lots of tears(including those of our 4 kids)...many animals(both wanted and unwanted)...many LifeTime Movies....and all of that reminds me that what seems like months was really a decade. I have loved every second of these 10 years that I have known my husband....the good...the bad...the ugly...and the moments that fell in between. He is my best prayer children's constant...and yes, he had me at hello!

On this birthday...ok...two days after his birthday, I hope Ric knows that he is loved...respected...and needed! You are the best Dad a kid could ever ask for. I respect you so very much and am so thankful that God gave me such a great spiritual leader. You trust matter what happens in our lives and for that I am grateful!

Happy Birthday you big goofball!! I hope this year is grand...that you take new steps that you never thought you would take...that you laugh each day...and that you know that you are loved...a whole bunch by your crazy wife and four crazy kids!
Your best friend of 10 years,


brooke lynn said...

what a beautiful family family you've been blessed with!!!!
thanks for stopping by our blog.

have a great day~

Jules said...

What a beautiful tribute to your hubby. (I feel the same way about mine)