Monday, November 15, 2010

Somewhat life long dreams fulfilled...

This past weekend we had our youth group come out to our 4 acres out in the country and have a good ol' bonfire and several (vicious) games of capture the flag. Yes it was tough terrain to be playing said game on...yes there were several injuries(including my husband and our pastor)...and yes, a good time was had by all!

I had walked up to the house to check on all of the littles (youth workers kids) that were in the midst of a serious game of hide and seek too...there were no lights on in the house! When I cam back out I almost got choked up....I looked at the big bonfire blazing in the night sky and could see the shadows of more than 50 teenagers singing to Jesus. When we built our house....this was our dream, our vision. We wanted to open our home to folk...and make it place that would honor God and it was so neat to finally truly see that!

The kids played...fell down the hills...ran into trees(along with my good buddy Heather)...many flags were captured...then taken back...and I got to wear a flash light on my head. It was a good night that only got better.

My husband believes in Big Foot...yes, you heard me right. It has kind of become the resident joke around our youth group and even in the church that Ric thinks Big Foot is for the point that my oldest daughter even made the statement to him several weeks ago when he told her the tooth fairy was not real "so you're telling me that you don't think the tooth fairy is real, but you think Big Foot is??". So I got an idea...just one to make my husband laugh. I decided to rent a Big Foot costume and have our 6 foot 5 inch friend Scott run across my backyard in it. We(the few of us who knew about Operation Big Foot) were dying to see Ric's reaction...and we were hoping to scare a few kids in return. The only one who got really scared was my 2 year old Jesse(who is still talking about it) and one of our teenage boys...whom you could have heard screaming in Alabama...ahem...Tyler Shaw!

Ric was surprised...laughed really hard...tried to figure out who the Sasquatch was...and then they sat down and had a coke together. It was a great night!! One that was filled with fun...a little bit of mischief...Jesus...and some crazy teenagers! I love being a youth pastor's wife...can you tell??

What were the life long dreams you ask??? Mine was getting to wear a head light(seriously I have wanted to do it forever and my husband surprised me with one that night)...Ric's was to have a legitimate sighting of Big Foot(although it wasn't really legit) have our home filled with teenagers and friends...praising the Lord! What a great night of fulfillment!

My house was trashed...carpet now needs to be replaced...yard looked like Samford and Sons...but boy was it fun!


Chad Miller said...

Sanford, finkle... ;-)

Everyone there will remember it forever, guaranteed. What a great, great night. That's what it's all about...

Kimbers said...

I just wish I could experience all these little things with you guys. We love you all and miss you dearly.