Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Butter glasses...

We took the kids to see the movie "Tangled" over the Thanksgiving break. We had wanted to go see the regular movie, but soon found out that the only one playing was in 3-D. I have been to one 3-D movie with our kids before and swore I would never go again. Between telling them to keep their glasses on 254 times, getting a headache from wearing them myself, getting scared several times from stuff jumping out at me, and having to turn them in at the end of the movie(even though I paid extra for them)....I swore I would never grace the doors of a 3-D movie again. But alas...I did!

We get our glasses and get comfy while Ric goes to get popcorn...cause seriously, who goes to a movie without the refillable popcorn bucket(ahem...3 times)! Shout out to Pops for spotting us the popcorn! The movie was so stinkin' cute and I was really into it. I am dishing out cups of corn...picking up Jesse's glasses 22 times when I notice that Shelby has her glasses off...I'm like "pssstt..Shelby you have to wear your glasses". She puts the glasses down on her eyes and then two minutes later they are back up. "Shelby...put your glasses on...you can't get the full effect without them on(like she knows what that means)." She slides them back on her little button nose...and then we repeat above actions about 3 more times. Finally she gets up and brings them to me...."Mom...I can not see anything out of these things...they are drivin' me nut's". Finally I just switched with her...gave up my glasses for the "ones you can't see out of!".

I seriously thought she was just having a hard time with them because they are strange to look through...that was until I put her pair on. I slid Shelby's glasses on my nose with a little chuckle under my breath thinking "she is so crazy...can't see out of her glasses", and then I got them up....and lo and behold, I couldn't see out of them. There was so much butter on her lenses that seriously Paula Deen could have used them in a recipe. I was dying laughing and Ric is all "what, what...what are you laughing at??". I proceed to tell him what had just transpired as I took my comfy sweatshirt and wiped those butter laden glasses clean. He giggled and just said "Shelby"".

As the movie wore on I thought about those butter glasses and how there once was a time that I was blind...my "vision" was messed up, but God came and interrupted my life. He sought me out and wanted to heal my broken spirit. Man oh Man...do I remember the moment that my vision was corrected...I was 19 years old and in the middle of a revival at Liberty. I don't know what was being preached...but I do know that God was drawing me...He had revealed my sinfulness to me...showed me a need for repentance. He wiped my dirty glasses...my dirty heart, and He made me clean. When I looked up...I could see...praise God...I could see. I knew He had a plan for my life...a purpose and I was running after it.

I am thankful that 16 years later, He still moves in my heart. He still teaches me things(even if it's through butter glasses)...He still loves me. Have you had the butter wiped off of your glasses yet??? If you haven't, I encourage you to let Him help you to see clearly....I promise the "movie" will be way better if you do!!

Mark 8:25 Then Jesus laid his hands on his eyes again; and he opened his eyes, his sight was restored, and he saw everything clearly.

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Good stuff, holmes. I'm still kinda shocked at refilling that huge bucket three times, but I guess that's what 5 Blazi's can do... especially when Poppa Bear is throwing any kind of diet discipline right out the window. :-D