Thursday, December 9, 2010

25 things...

I was looking at my facebook page this morning and came across a note I wrote over 2 years ago(one of those things that people use to pass around). I almost peed on myself laughing at some of the things I wrote...and since I needed a really good laugh today, I figured someone else might too! It was 25 Random things about yourself...and in the note I said..."you asked for it, you wanted got it". Enjoy my friends...and feel free to laugh at my expense.

1. I tried out for the Lead of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz in the third grade...and got the part of a Lollipop Kid! Go figure...try out for the pretty girl with the red shoes and end up being the dirty kid with the lollipop!

2. The Lion (aka Jonathan) in the play had a crush on me and gave me Diamond(ok QZ) lightning bolt earrings at the wrap party.

3. In the third grade I also decided I was going to play Division 1 Basketball....the same year I decided to play ball, I was lifting weights to show up my older brother and dropped the bar on my front tooth and chipped it. I sure showed him!

4. I use to coon hunt, gig, fish....well you see the pattern...when I was in high school. I was in tight with the redneck boys and loved every minute of it.

5. I once threw myself in the floor when I found out my cat Butterball died. I was 10 and to this day my family still makes fun of me and my drama. Good thing I don't act like that anymore:)

6. My brother Paul was my best friend in high school and we went to every high school dance together...with OTHER people...look people we didn't live in West Virginia!

7. My brother was in a horrific car accident my senior year of high school...I think that was the hardest thing I have ever been through in my life. The memories I have of those days are still so fresh in my mind. It made me realize how fleeting life is. I believe that was when God truly began to work in my life and draw me to him.

8. I scored over 1200 points in high school...they even stopped the game to present me with the game ball...and then we LOST the game to Nelson County!!!!

9. God completely interrupted my life when I was a sophomore at Liberty and saved me at Spiritual Emphasis Week. I had lived the life of a good girl my whole life and God showed me that night that I still needed Jesus. Basketball had been my "god" since the 3rd grade and He saw fit to take me to the place that had been my "god" for so long to show me how much I truly needed a Savior. I prayed to receive Christ on the basketball court that night...the place that had been everything to me....turned out to be the place I gave Everything to Holy God! Praise God for His Grace!

9. I played basketball at Liberty University and won about 10 games the first 3 years....My senior year we had a great crop of freshman come in and we ended up winning our conference and playing in the NCAA tournament for the first time ever.

10. We lost that game....horribly...but what memories!

11. I got to pray at the end of our Big South Championship Game with about 2000 fans in the was so cool because it got really quiet and you could hear me praying all over the Vines Center....God was so good and still is!

12. Out of college I worked at a nursing home as an activities director...yep, I played Bingo and listened to Bluegrass Gospel with the old was such a rewarding job. I loved being there and loving on the residents.

13. I quit my job to stay at home and take care of my MaMa after my PaPa died. One of the most rewarding years of my life. She taught me so much in that short time. I believe to this day that she had a huge part in my Christian Life. She was always praying for me and asking me to go to church...I miss her so much. She went to be with Jesus almost 8 years ago on Valentine's Day.

14. 25. My husband bought me golf clubs for Christmas years ago and I secretly want to get really good at golf and go on the TV show "Big Break". I would love to get really good...hey, I just like spending the time with my man on the course. Seriously the best date ever:)

15. I met my husband on a blind date and pretty much knew that night that I was going to marry him. 3 dates later we talked about "being the one" and how we knew we were going to get married. We were engaged in 5 weeks and married by 6 months. He is the love of my life and the One God chose for me. He is my best friend....and yes I still think he is "Hot Lovin"!

16. I didn't kiss my husband until our Wedding Day! SO glad I waited....but boy it was hard:) Thank God we weren't engaged very long!

17. I am a Pastor's wife and in all of it's craziness...I love it! I love ministering to people, seeing people saved, seeing people grow...just seeing lives transformed by a Holy God! I love teenagers(use to hate them when I first got out of school...hence the old folks) but I love being around them. There is really no place I'd rather be!!

18. I teach Purity to teenage girls and it is truly a passion of mine. I have had the opportunity to teach it in several different places and would love to eventually write a book. God has truly laid this on my heart and I desire to see young girls stay Pure...not just physically, but emotionally!

19. I am a stay at home mom and love it ...LOVE it! I have 4 precious children and would have more if my sanity would allow it...okay who am I kidding....if Ric would allow it. I have no sanity left. I do love my babies and can't believe my oldest is 7!

20. I had to have 4 C-sections and, they will not accidentally let the laser slip and HAVE to preform a tummy tuck during the C-section...I tried to get my Dr's to do it the last 2 times and they laughed at me! How Rude!

21. My kids all have an "e" sound at the end of their names....I know corny right....but it just flows and that is important when you have to yell all their names in order when they are trying to kill one another!

22. My daughter Shelby is not named after a family member or dear friend...Nope, it is from the greatest movie ever..Steel Magnolias! I wanted Truvey and Jackson too but Ric had to draw the line.

23. My MaMa called Ric..."Rex" while we were dating. She had dementia and couldn't always get his name and my family still call him that to this day! The dog in Steel Magnolias was Rex...I'm just saying people!

24. I am truly blessed to be a wife to the greatest man ever and mother to the four greatest kids ever. My family is wonderful and I have the most supportive mom and dad any girl could ever ask for. I love my sister and brother and their families...there are nine grand kids in all. My in-laws are awesome and I love Ric's family...They are such a blessing as well! I have the greatest friends in the world and count it an honor to be able to call them every day numerous times to bug them for no reason at all. Thankfully they answer and if they don't I just leave really long messages:)

25. I love to sing...would seriously trade my van(that is broke down in my driveway) for the ability to sing really good. No really, I would love to be able to REALLY sing!!

I'm crazy blessed...I can't explain it!

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