Monday, March 28, 2011

2 Birthdays...

Three years ago on the 26th I gave birth to my sweet baby boy Jesse.  I remember when they set my c-section date...and I politely told the doctor..."oh, that day doesn't work for daughters birthday is the 28th and I just don't want his to be that close to hers...and I don't want to be in the hospital on her birthday".  The Doctor then proceeded to look at me like I was a lunatic...and she politely told me..."uhm...that is the only day you can do it so it's gonna have to work".  I remember crying...I was pregnant and all...and telling Ric that I didn't want to have it that day...that I didn't want Addie's birthday to be overlooked...that I couldn't have two birthday's that close together.  Well...I did...and it's been just fine!

Jesse is my sweet little ball of energy that loves life.  He is passionate...funny...loves to my little spit fire...all boy...and a smile that can melt your heart.  He loves his cars, dinosaurs, Handy Manny, and his tools.  He is a fixer...if something is broke he runs to get his tool box to fix it.  He loves to be outside and could literally swing for hours on end...or jump on the trampoline.  He loves his brother and sisters.  He misses them every day they leave to go to school...he loves to have them home with him.  I love this little boy that came into my life 3 years ago.  He is a blessing for sure.  My prayer for him is that he loves Christ...and that he is burdened for lost people all over the world!  I love you Jesse Man...JB...little man...Jess!  Three is gonna be grand for sure!

Addie is 8 years old today!  I can't believe that it's been that long.  I will never forget the day I had her and just basking in the glow of having a daughter.  She was so pretty as a baby...and even more beautiful now.  I can't tell you how many times I hear..."she is just so beautiful"...and she is(she looks just like her daddy and aunt)...but what is even more beautiful is her sweet spirit.  She is a little momma.  Always playing with the little kids at church...always taking care of my friends little ones.  I listened to her last night reading her bible to her little sister as they lay in bed.  She was reading about Abraham and Issac...and my heart just got all welled up...I pray that she would always have a passion for the Word of God...for the Gospel!!! She is such a big helper...always ready to step in and do something for someone.  She is crazy talented at unbelievable as a whip...and just a great kid  with a great big heart.  I love you Addie Boo...Boo Bear...Boo Girl.  Eight is gonna be great!!!

March is a great month for me...two blessings came in this great month...two lives changed mine in this month...two children stole my heart in this month.  This month I am grateful for life...grateful for my children...grateful for the chaos that goes around celebrating two birthdays...even though it didn't work for me:)!! God is so good!

That picture at the top...yeah, it's at Disney World.  We just got back on Saturday and we had the time of our lives...can't wait to share some pictures and memories with you.  I told you March was a good month!

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