Thursday, March 3, 2011

Professional people and the BFRO...

Oh people, it seriously can't get any better than this...I mean really!  This past Sunday in the Times Georgian, here in my home town, was an article about a local family that are believing to have had an encounter with Big Foot.  There is evidence of it...they have seen it...smelt it...people they have even had the BFRO come out and investigate it.  What is the BFRO you's the Bigfoot Field Research Organization(go look at the site...they even sell t-shirts). Yeah...there is such thing, can you believe it!

 I am reading this article that two friends had sent me through Facebook and am literally dying from laughter...Ric was not so amused!  His response is "I don't know what is so funny".   Those who know my husband, know that he has a deep seeded belief that the Big Foot is real...that he is out there...and he's probably gonna be hunting him since he is in our neck of the woods and all.  You can read about the hoax we pulled on Ric here.  As I am reading this article out Ric...I get to this point and literally can't laughter is out of control folks....Ric's, not so much.  Read this excerpt below...reminder...this is in my local paper:

“I don’t care what people think,” Lori Chandler said. “I know what we’ve heard. I know what we’ve seen and I know that outside one of the most elaborate practical jokes ever played there is nothing else to explain all of this.”

For the record, the Chandlers are professional people, have lived in the area most of their lives and haven’t seen space ships, don’t have mushrooms boiling on the stove and there’s no green leafy substance growing anywhere in sight on the property. "

FOR THE RECORD!!!  Are ya kiddin' me????  I found it so completely humorous that they are throwing that line in there...because if we are keepin' it real...there is some validation needed so that we don't think these people are nut jobs, but the shrooms and pot is just too funny!

The next morning I am still just in stitches over this as we are getting ready for the day...he says to me very seriously "I think this one is a hoax...I really think someone is messing with these folks"...I respond..."really, who has time to do's been going on for months!"  He says in reply...still very seriously "well, you know unemployment is at an all time high...some people have a whole lot of time".  Ok??? 

Go read the article...I'm telling you it will make your day...but it will make you think.  For reals...there is  a lot of evidence pointing towards the Big Foot...and now our town could be famous.  When you come into Carroll County...the sign could read..."Welcome to Carrollton...the Home of Big Foot"!  We could start tours...Big Foot museums...sell memorabilia...oh my soul, this could really help the unemployment in Carrollton!!

All of this to husband makes me laugh more than anyone in this world.  I love that he stands by what he believes in....even if it is Big Foot!  I love that some "professional" person down the road from me has seen Big Foot...and don't be surprised if it turns out to be true!  I'm just saying....they are professionals people...why would professional people make something up like this???  I may surprise Ric and call the BFRO and see what he needs to do to join in on the would be pretty cool to run through the woods on a Big Foot hunt!

So here's to professional people...the BFRO...and my man!  Find that Big Foot...

Go read the full article'll bless you!

No names were changed in this article to protect the innocent...'cause they are professionals and all!

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Anonymous said...

OH.MY.GOODNESS! You are don't think you are! That article is hysterical!!! I can just see how this all went down with you reading the article to your hubs too. You stinker!!

Thanks for sharing! :) You were very professional about it. :) Pun intended.

P.S.- If you all start tours let me know...we may come down!