Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tornadoes and Suitcases...

This morning came to quickly, for more reasons than one. We were up half the night watching the news on the coverage of the storms that were sweeping across our state. We had the kids sleeping in our playroom so that they were accessible if we needed to take shelter. We watched in horror as the footage showed town after town that had been devastated by the storms. We didn't go to sleep until we had been given the all clear. We quietly carried the sleeping kids up to their beds and we layed down to catch a few winks before we had to get up again.

My alarm went off at 4:30 and I looked to my right and Ric was not there. I quietly got up, because Little Booger #4 was slumbering beside me, and went to see where he was. He was up...moving around, so I got the last few things I needed for him as he got ready to go. He showered...zipped his suitcase up and laid down the letters that he had spent time writing that morning in the wee hours. Letters to his four kids. All of them encouraged us to not trust the be good for Mom(except mine didn't say that:) watch the ball when they are hitting in their next know that Daddy loves them...and that Daddy is gone doing work for Jesus.  Letters that encouraged them through scripture...and letters they will never forget!

I hugged him...for not near long enough...and away he drove. My heart fell...the tears came...and I knew our lives would never be the same. Where is he going you ask? Ric left for Ecuador this morning with a team of three other men to plant a church in the mountains. He will spend the next 8 days getting to know the people there...talking to our perspective pastor...preaching...spreading the Gospel...probably getting far too many bug bites...learning...growing...being the hands and feet. I am so excited for him to get this grow in his faith as he experiences new things. I know there will be lots of stories...lots of pictures...lots of excitement, and I can't wait to experience it with him when he comes home!

I miss him already. My little girls eyes brimmed with tears as I read her her daddy's letter this morning...they are scared...nervous...and don't want daddy gone. I know that 8 days is nothing compared to some of the military wives whose husbands are gone for a I will try to take these next 8 days in stride...bathe this plant in my man from afar...and I will pray for the people of Ecuador!

I love you Ric...thank you for being willing to go to all the nations...praying for souls to be saved...for you to be strengthened. I can't wait to see it all God be the Glory!!


godzgaljen said...

BIG hugs. Praying for you all as daddy is gone. I've cried a lot today reading and watching the storm devistation. I am thankful that you all are okay.

Love you, Jen

Michelle said...

That's awesome.

No matter how long they have to be gone, it's hard. Does make you appreciate them in a new way though.

And really makes you feel for those military families.