Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You wear doubt like a coat...

Last night my favorite show premiered for it's new season....The Biggest Loser.  I love this what it does for people's lives. 

I came into this new season...not quite sure what to think.  New trainers...Jillian was gone, and I wasn't sure how it would be.  I like them...ok...I love Dolvett Quince!  He is hard your face...but man, I think he is a motivator.  I watched him train his team...yelling at them...all up in their grill...and I look at Ric and said "I like him".   Anna is good...yeah, she's beautiful and size -4...but whatev!  She has a good heart...I cried when she ran to help her team in the challenge...I have a soft spot for her 'cause she is working with the "old people"....I may really like her!  Bob is Bob...there are no words for him.  I have loved him since the first season...he will always be my favorite (although he does need a haircut)!!

I cried several times through the show...yeah I'm a big baby.  I love seeing the contestants seeing them go through transformation...inside and out.  I cried when the NFL player layed on the floor in a blubbering mess...weeping because he was ashamed of who he had become.  I cried when Johnny wanted to quit...the 60something year old who was done...on the first day...but he didn't.  He thought of his grand kids and got back on that treadmill. My favorite moment from last night was when Patrick got on the scale...continued to hem and haw about how he beats himself up...that he wasn't going to lose a lot...that he doubted himself all the time...that he wasn't confident. He lost 20 pounds people... in a week. Dolvett looks at him and says "You wear doubt like a's time to take that coat off".  LOVE it!!!

Yes, I admit that seeing these peoples lives changed because of their weight loss tears me up and gets to me....but even more than that...seeing some one's life transformed by Christ.   Now that is what gets me! Just like those contestants that went on the show to change their life weight wise...Jesus Christ changes our lives in every way.  I have seen people changed by the power of Christ...even more dramatically than some one's weight loss. I serve a big God who can change anyone. So many of those contestants say they could never many sinners say that they can't change...that they are too far gone. Only God can make us new...only God can change our lives. Just like those trainers see something great in those players....even greater than that is a Holy God that wants to love us and change be unrecognizable!  When we see the players at the end of the season...we will hardly recognize them, they have been so transformed.  When Jesus invades our lives...we should be unrecognizable to those who knew us...we should be that different!

SO yes, I love the show...but I love seeing lives changed by Christ. Yes, I will still tear up watching the show.....but I will always be brought to tears when a life is changed forever. Yes...I love to see people lose weight and get healthy...but I love to see people's eternal destination changed more than anything! Yes, I love the Biggest Loser and seriously want Bob or Dolvett to be my trainer...but I love God and am thankful he is constantly working on me!!

Romans 12:2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God

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