Thursday, May 1, 2008

Jesse's First Real Bath.....

Here are some shots from Jesse's first real bath. It took forever for his cord to fall off so he just now could take a bath. He loved being in the water. Now I know if he is really fussy...just give him a bath and he will be happy :). He is starting to get such a big boy look to him. I took him to the doctor yesterday and he weighed 11 lbs and 6 oz. Not bad for a 1 month old. He looks more like a 3 month old! Things are going good though and I can't wait for my kids to get out of school. 22 days and then freedom for them and probably mayhem for me:). Just kidding. I miss them when they are at school so I am looking forward to relaxing days of just hanging out.

Our church is doing awesome. So much is going on. We are building a new youth room, the sanctuary is getting a major overhaul, and most importantly people are growing and getting excited about what is going on at Pray's Mill. I have so missed not being in church since Jesse was born so I am looking forward to getting back there.
Charlie has three loose teeth but is too chicken to pull any of them. I have even tried to bribe him, you know with money :)! He is so not falling for that. Maybe if I told him he was going to get a Wii he would pull them out. Shoot, he would probably knock all of his teeth out for that. Addie is growing her bangs out because "I just don't like them anymore Mom" and they are driving me nuts. Needless to say we have invested in some headbands! Shelby woke up last night with an ear ache and fever so she is at the doctor. She is the most pitiful child when she is sick. She still smiles though, even through it all. I'm sure that smile is going to get her out of a lot of things as she grows up. She is so loving, but boy don't turn your back. She will be into something in a flash and it is usually something she is not supposed to do. Yesterday she tried to do spin art by herself. If you know anything about spin art it involves paint and so it wasn't a good thing. She just smiled and said that she was making me a picture!

The last picture looks just like my brother Paul to me. What up P-lover!!!!
Isn't he the cutest ever! Jesse, not you Paul!

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jared said...

hes cute after the bath love yall!!!! jared