Friday, May 16, 2008


MY BOYS!!!! How handsome are they? Charlie was laying in bed the other night and Ric had been talking to him while holding Jesse. They just looked too cute to not take a picture. I believe some of the best conversations we have with our kids are at bedtime and the dinner table. Two of the places that we, our society has come to abandon. Too many times we are too busy to sit down together and eat and talk about our days. Our society would also rather send their kids off to bed without taking the extra time to tuck them in and talk to them. I will always be thankful for bedtime talks, especially because that is when Charlie got saved. He was talking to his daddy at bedtime. I still love to read to my kids at night before bedtime. Charlie now likes to read to me:)! I love to lay next to them and pray with them and hear their sweet heartfelt prayers. The simple things they pray for and even the more complex. Shelby, my prayer warrior, still prays for Ric's cousin Teri's family. She passed away just after Jesse was born and the kids knew how sad we all were. They still pray about that. They pray for their grandparents, aunt's and uncles, cousins, friends, and for each other. God has broken my heart several times over the prayers of my children. I love for them to hear me pray for them. If they remember one thing from their childhood I hope they remember that their Mommy and Daddy prayed for them every night. I love to see my family together and it reminds me of what a blessing they are. Thank you Lord, how could I ask for more.

I do have the best looking husband ever and the two cutest boys in the whole world.
Check out Jesse's mowhawk. Charlie thought it was the coolest!

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Lula! said...

Looking at Charlie is like time travel for me...because that's how I remember Ric looking all those years ago! (I think we were 8 or so when we first met, but still...) I think he also looks a lot like his Aunt Kelly.

The Littons are one family that hasn't abandoned family supper & bedtime cuddles & conversation! Even Caroline, at only 2.5 will say, "Let's pray to Jesus" as soon as we finish her bedtime story. And just before we pray, we ask Libbey, "What was your favorite part about today?" and then we mention it in prayer. Good, good times...sweet, sweet stuff.