Saturday, May 10, 2008

She's Some body's Hero

My Hero

Mother's Day! I thought about me being a mom and how awesome it is. How I never wanted to be anything other than a mom. I never dreamt of a successful career or climbing any corporate ladder. I am just happy to climb the ladder on our swing set. God has blessed me with four unbelievable children to love and nurture and to shape into Godly young men and young ladies. I praise God that He trusted me enough to give them to me. I pray that I will raise them in a way that would please Him. I am 32 years old and still look at my mom as the greatest woman ever. She was always such a great mom and mentor. She never missed a big event in my life...was at every basketball game and track meet where she loved to tell the refs and occasionally the coaches what she thought!:) She was at the plays that I preformed in and consoled me when I landed the role of a Lollipop Kid in the Wizard of Oz, because I had tried out for Dorothy. She was just part of everything. Someone I went to with everything...and still do. She has always been there for me, through good times and some bad. Never failing. I will always remember the night my brother Paul was in a horrific car accident, on Mother's Day 15 years ago, and she was a rock. A Steel Magnolia. She told me in that hospital to go sit with Paul that she didn't think she could do it. She couldn't look at his bruised and broken body....but she did. She gathered herself together and sat and held his hand through it all. She rarely left his side. That's just how Mom is. When my PaPa died she took care of my Mama and opened her home to her. When Mama was just too sick for us to care for she had to be put into a nursing home. Mom was there every day. Most days she went twice. She fed her her food, combed her hair, prayed with her, sang to her, and made sure that Mama knew that she was loved. I have seen her rock her grandkids and encourage us kids to be the best we can be. I am so grateful for the example she set for me and I pray that I can be half the woman she is. Thanks Mom for all you have done and continue to do. I love you so much.

Proverbs 31:28 - "He children rise up and call her blessed"

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