Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tiny Truth's Thursday....Boo get's Baptized...

My sweet Addie Mae got baptized on Sunday night. Back in January she had sat down with a great friend of mine after a children's revival service and asked Jesus to be the Lord of her Life. We took some time to talk things through with Addie and answer questions...and we wanted to watch her. We wanted to see if she meant business...if she understood fully what this all meant...we sat back and watched.
About 2 weeks ago on a Sunday morning, I was home with Jesse and his snotty nose...the phone rang. It was my precious friend Becci who told me that Addie had just started balling and crying in the middle of kid's worship and she wanted to talk to me. Addie got on the phone and she told me this..."I just want to know for sure that I'm saved Mom...I just started crying because of the song and me not knowing for sure". I talked to her for a few minutes...told her how much I loved and her and that we would settle things that afternoon over lunch.
Ric and I sat and talked to her and she was so intent on our Ric explained salvation...repentance...why we need to be saved. The other three kids were running around like a bunch of whacko's.....and she never got distracted. Ric asked her several times..."do you wanna go play?" (this is a little test we do to see if our kids mean business) and she didn't budge. Her little eyes were so grasping at His Grace. She told her Dad that she knew she had been saved that night at church...she had no doubt...and she wanted to live for Him. It wasn't about not going to hell...not getting saved because a friend did....she was a broken little girl...desperate to be made whole by Jesus! Ric reminded Addie as we finished talking about what salvation is about....he said "Addie...I want you to know that it's not about what you did .." and before he could finish Addie said "no's about what He did". She got it! I was in tears over seeing my 6 year old grasp the truth of God's Grace!
She got baptized by her Dad and it was so super special. She was so excited and her best friend Maddie stood by her side as she waited to outwardly show our church what God did in her heart....Praise God that He is still in the business of changing lives....transforming hearts....gifting us with His grace. Here are pictures from her special night.....I know I will never forget it!

At the foot of the cross

where I am made complete
You have given me life

Through the death You bore for me

And you've won my heart

Yes, you've won my heart

Now I can

Trade these ashes in for beauty

Wear forgiveness like a crown

Come and kiss the feet of mercy

I lay every burden down

At the foot of the Cross

When Ric baptizes he says this "Buried in the likeness of His death....Raised to walk in the Newness of LIFE"....does this face scream newness of life or what!!!!!

I love you my sweet Addie Boo...may God use you in a Mighty way!!!


Lisa Doe said...

Oh, beautiful Addie...this is just wonderful!!! Praise Him!

brooke lynn said...

adorable! we have a boo too!!!

Sailor and Co said...

okay, I'm crying.