Friday, June 18, 2010

There's just something about Shelby....

Yesterday was a normal summer day. It was 95 degrees hot. We had been in VBS all morning long so after lunch we headed over to the local pool....ok, who am I kidding...we went to my friend Shelly's house to swim in her super nice salt water pool! The kids had been doing cannonballs...dives...flips...they had even made a "slide" off the diving board with a float. You would think that with all of that you wouldn't need anything else to do! Nope, not these kids!

Three of the older kids, or as my kids call them..."the teenagers", decided to make a water slide out of two tarps that they found in the garage. They found the perfect spot....anchored the edges down with bricks(real safe) and got the hose out. We are talking high class slip and slide people. Claudia poured Dawn dish detergent all over it to make it extra slick. The first two kids that went flew down the slide to come out on the other end screaming "my eyes are killing me" and proceeded to wash their eyeballs with the hose..and yes one of those was my oldest son who still says his eyes are red from the soap...drama king!!

Shelby had been in line just watching the mayhem...taking it all in. After the first two kids had gone I saw her take off running toward the thought was she wasn't going to have anything to do with that "soapy slip and slide thing". Boy was I wrong....about a minute later she comes flying up the hill in all her glory with a hot pink pair of goggles on! She attempted to put them on straight and marched herself up to the line of children and simply stated...."I'm not getting any soap in my eyes!". I think I stood there with my mouth open and looked at my friend Jenny and was like.."where does she come up with this stuff...she is too smart!" We were dying laughing...and I just kept thinking in my mind....there's just something about Shelby!!!

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Anonymous said...

Too cute! Leave it to the one that is just taking it all in to out smart the rest of them. She is so cute love the pictures.