Wednesday, May 27, 2009

School's out for SUMMER

We had a great weekend!! Friday was the last day of school for the kids and boy were they excited. I think I was just as excited as they were. I love for my kids to be at home with me...even though the noise level is out of the's usually a good noise. A noise that says we are here...we are alive...we are having fun...and God is good!

Addie graduated from Kindergarten and was just the cutest little graduate ever. Her class sang songs and there was a slide show and then she received her diploma. It was in grand style and I relished in every second of it. No thanks to my crummy camera, but I did capture a few photos from the big day. I stayed up until about 1:30 making her a cake...I loved making it. It was a lot of fun to do it...almost therapeutic. She loved it and wanted to take it to school to share with all of her buddies. It was the first cake I made by myself like this so I was pretty stoked with the results. She has learned so much this year and has just taken everything in stride. She is a bright girl with a flair for anything artistic or crafty. She is a great artist and I believe one day she may have paintings being sold for bunches of money:) or teaching kids how to paint. Either one would be ok with me.

Charlie finished first grade and at his awards ceremony received one of the the awards for most improved reader. He went from let's just say struggling to reading at a 3rd grade level. He scored a perfect score of 920 on his CRCT ( a standardized test that kids here in Georgia have to take) and I about fell out in the floor the day I read that. He has learned so much this year and had an awesome teacher that I just adore. I am so proud of how far he has come! Not only is he a good student but a caring, sweet boy that looks out for his friends and stands for things that are right. I love that about him.

We got to spend time with family in Griffin on Saturday and had a blast down there. Charlie loved hanging with his cousin Jonathan and doing all things boy. The girls loved hanging with the other girls who are so cute and sweet. Addie loved her cousin Katie who is 11...going on 20. Very mature little young lady. SO sweet and good with the kids. Jesse just liked to swing on the swing with Nana and Punky Sue. Punky Sue made a strawberry salad that was to die for and I will definitely be getting that recipe.

My mom was here the whole time and we just had a great time with her. She is truly a blessing...I wish we lived closer to them. We enjoyed Nana being here and the kids hated for her to leave and go home. I think that every time she visits it gets harder when she leaves. I want my kids to be around my family all the time. The fact that we see them on a limited basis just plum stinks. In my perfect world we would live about 10 minutes from them and eat Sunday lunch together and I would be able to invite my mom over for coffee in the mornings and my dad could play catch with Charlie in the front yard in the evenings with the sun going down. Perfection!!

Another year has come and gone...way too fast. I realize that my kids won't be little forever and that they grow up faster than I would like. I am excited about the process of this, yet sad at the same time. I know that in a few years Charlie will be totally embarrassed if I try to kiss him when he gets out of the car at car rider line. That he would rather eat dirt than hear me yell "I love you" out of the window as he walks into school. I know that Addie will one day not care about pig tails and purple and reading Junie B. Jones books with me. As sad as those things are...I have lots to look forward to and I will try to hang onto the child in them as long as I can!!

God has truly been good to us this year at school. Not only did our kids learn, but we formed some life long relationships with people along the way. I can not say enough about their teachers. They were just wonderful, Godly ladies that I just adore. I praise Him for giving our little school, people who are not ashamed of their faith and allow my children to share their faith.
Charlie went with Ric to the Georgia Baptist Convention last fall and got an EvangeCube .
He wanted to take it to school the next day to share with his friends. Most teachers would not allow a student to stand up and give a complete gospel presentation....but Charlie's did. Praise God for teachers who don't stifle a child's passion.

Whew...that was a lot of info. Hopefully we will be headed to the pool this afternoon. Come on Summer!!!!!

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