Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jesse's room

So I love to read blogs and I found Kelly's site about 3 months ago and I love to read it. Every Friday she does "Show us where you live"! It's basically a tour of different rooms in your home. Well this Friday was nurseries or kid's rooms. I wanted to do this one because I love my son Jesse's room. He is my fourth...and last...sniff, sniff... and I really wanted to do a fun room. My other nurseries always had a theme, but I never actually painted their walls. We have always kinda been in transition so I wasn't comfortable painting. Well, I know we are not going anywhere for a while so I jumped on the chance to pick up a paintbrush. With the help of Ric, my best buddy Steph, and mother-in-law(have I mentioned she is a fabulous artist)...we tackled the project about a month before my little man came home....and I love the result! Enjoy the tour:)

This is a view from the door...his room was supposed to be a storage room...the reason there is no closet...but we made it his room after we found out we were pregnant. We do have a double bed in here for guests to sleep in and it will soon be Jesse's big boy bed!

Future big boy bed with pictures hanging above it that I made!! The quilt is from Pottery Barn Kids(love that store) but I don't put it on his bed because it is a pain to have to wash!!

This is his bed with his name above it...I painted wood letters and stuck them to the wall...the bedding is Pottery Barn Kids...and the bed...just plain old. All four of my babies slept in it and needless to say it is falling apart. It is broken in two places...thank goodness he only has a few more months in it!!

I love the writing on his walls. My husband helped paint the yellow border then my friend Stephanie and I hand painted the wording...with a little help from an overhead projector! It was a long process...but we had fun doing it.

Pull toy my mom bought about 14 years ago in hopes that one of her grand kids would have a George room! Thanks Mom!!!

Shelf above his dresser that holds some old shoes, his bible from my mom and his dedication, and that is my hand print from when I was a baby!

His mom made the sweet little blue bear..she is so crafty!

George flying mother-in-law painted this for me! I love it and spent many a hour sitting in the rocking chair(that has been in all four nurseries) looking at it. Jesse loves it!!

This was the inspiration for the room...a music "box" that my mom also bought about 14 years ago...she really wanted grand kids and now she has 9!!!

One of the pictures I made. I bought cheap wal mart frames and spray painted them...I hand painted the mats in the frame and then framed a picture from an old book. Super easy and super cheap and I love the way they all look!

Why do I love this room so much you ask??? Because of this little buddy right here. Even when he cries!!!

Because I know there will also be smiles!!!


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

OK, first of all, Jesse is ADORABLE. So is his room! I love the words going across the top. What a wonderful room!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Our happy zoo! said...

His room is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Wow, you are so talented!!! You have such a beautiful family and a beautiful home to match- So wonderful to see, thanks for sharing =)

Creekmore's said...

Cute! Love the painting around the room!