Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My birthday....what'll ya have....

Yesterday was my birthday....I am 35. It seems odd to write that...say that. No longer am I in my early 30's. What do you call 35? Mid thirty's....late thirty's??? I don't know, but so far, I am liking 35!!

Monday and Tuesday I got to spend both day's with my husband in Chattanooga and had the best time. We walked around the downtown area...which is awesome!! We ate at great restaurants....talked and just hung out together! I loved every second of it. I came back to find that my kids had each painted me a beautiful picture. I am transforming my upstairs landing in our hallway into their "art wall" and I just can't wait to frame and hang each picture. They are precious and truly show each child's personality!

Yesterday I got to go with two of my greatest friends to the zoo with our 9 children. It was a great morning...filled with stinky animals and sweltering heat...but on the brighter side, I loved watching the kids get so excited about each animal. Charlie would tell us all about certain animals and why they did the things they do(have I told you he is an animal planet and science channel junkie??) and all he wanted to do was see the reptiles and the alligators. Jesse loved the Panda's because he could get super close to the glass wall where they were playing. Shelby just liked riding in the stroller and drinking drinks....well, she did like the first couple of animals she saw, but after that...stick a fork in her, she's done! Addie loved helping the little kids get a better look at the lifting them up...pushing them closer. She is such a good "little" Momma, which makes me very proud of her. The zoo was great and it is so amazing to watch the animals...especially the gorilla's. There was one that had a tiny little baby and it was so neat to watch her love on it and stroke it's little head...and then you could totally tell when she had had enough and she throws her head back as if to say..."can a girl ever get a break"?? I feel ya gorilla!
Jesse loved this bird...he was in the same pen as the zebras and giraffee's...he was enthralled with him and didn't want to leave the exhibit! He had all these massive animals to watch, but he chose to watch this little guy, so I named him Jesse's bird!!!
Ty was loving the turtle in this picture...he was so excited!
Guess who's kid didn't want to sit in the nest...uh yeah....mine!!

After the zoo we headed to the Varsity, which is a landmark in Atlanta. I have never been so my friends felt today would be a great day to go. It was charraazzyy!!!! I have never in my life seen that many people in an eating establishment in my entire life!! We walked in to a sea of people and I was like..."what the mess...this place is nuts"! After counting heads 213 times....ordering our naked dogs(hot dog)...hearing "What'll ya have" 1204 times...and counting heads again, we got to sit down and enjoy the varsity. We had such a good time and it will truly be a birthday I will never forget.

Last night at church in the youth room I found that all my girl's(fellow lady youth teachers) had made cupcakes to celebrate! My hubby certainly spoiled me with my favorite cream cake from Dairy Queen! He also gave me an arm band to hold my phone while I run, which is my next step in this crazy life I live. I am running a 5k in I ran 7 years ago and I am determined to beat my time! I am also trying to convince everyone I know to run with know pain is always better when your friends are in pain too!!

35 feels far...and I can't thank the Lord enough for the blessings in my life...there are far too many to count!!

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Mama said...

YES! The Varsity is a great birthday lunch...I have already decided it's my birthday lunch as well! All 35 year olds should digest pure grease on their birthday! Did you get an FO? If not, you need to go back. :)